EpicDuel Creating a Build Guide

EpicDuel Creating a Build Guide by The ND Mallet Guy

Build making is really quite simple but you just need some patience. It also helps to have some paper and this.

1. Get inspired. Perhaps you saw a new weapon with some weird stats on it and you decided to make a build for it. Or perhaps you saw a noob running around with a weird build and you think you can make it pro. Either way, the build won’t get made unless you have the idea to make it.

2. Decide on your gear. Do you need pure raw damage from your weapons, enough stats to satisfy King Kong or do you want easy stat reqs so you aren’t pinned in a corner with only one build for your gear? No matter what you do, you will most likely need some weapons at some point.

3. Acquire prices. You want to be able to buy your weapons and retrain to use them as well. My recommended credit amount is (Total Weapons Cost+2,500 for retraining). This way you can buy the weapons and have some fall back so you’re broke if you mess up once. I’ve spent at least 1,500 credits retraining for a new build.

4. You have your gear plans, the money for and an idea. Where do you go next? It’s now time to determine your stats and skills. This part is one of the toughest parts of the process. You need to add up your total stats boosts, decide on skills to use and then make sure you don’t waste any points while you train. Wasted points are basically when someone goes over the required point to increase a field(primary damage, defenses, aux damage). Refer to the link at the beginning to find out how many stats you need to raise you damage or defenses. Don’t forget to double count your stat boosts and enhance your weapons before hand so as not to forget to add those points to your build. The trickiest part is just making the stats go together nicely. Other things you want to be thinking of here is how much energy and hp you need as well. Remember: Always meet your weapon’s stat requirements before training your other skills and remember to have the stats for your skills.

5.Test time. Don’t worry, there’s no pen or paper here. The only thing you need is your build, weapons and hopefully a decent strategy. This part is very important to the build maker because it allows you to decide if you need to tweak stats and skills or just trash the build and start over with different weapons(not suggested since many weapons can be used together and have at least one decent build)

6. Tweaking time. This part is difficult for the fact that you will have to do a lot of thinking here. Should you remove some health for more strength? Should you lower strength some to make a more defensive build? What ever happens during this stage is most likely temporary and subject to change.

7. Re-test. Don’t worry. It’s not a nightmare where you failed the test in your underwear and have to retake it again. This part of the process isn’t necessary to follow if you didn’t have to change your stats or skills in step 6. Repeat step 6 and 7 over until you find the right stats to have.

8.Record your build’s stats and skills. I would suggest screenshotting the build and saving it in a safe spot that you won’t forget about. This is so that you will always have the build to look at in-case you change builds or a friend needs some help with a similar build.

9. Relax some and enjoy your new build. This step is self explanatory so I won’t go in to detail here.

This brought guide brought to you by ND Mallet, your local neighborhood loon.

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