C&C Tiberium Alliances Unit Battle Behaviour Guide

C&C; Tiberium Alliances Unit Battle Behaviour Guide by Rogueleader00

Hello. This is a small overview of how units work in battle, both in offense and defense. It could help a bit to organize your assault and your defence.


Attacking units can be Infantry, Vehicle or Aircraft
Flying units can bypass units on the ground
Movingspeed of attacking units varies and has to be calculated in, when planing your strike
Firehawks are the only unit that use ammunition when hitting units (structures) in the defense area, all other units don’t.
When presented equal choices in the same range, attacking units will engage units/structures on the right first. You can easily observe this in the base area, when a building is in each of the adjacent lanes your unit is moving in (on the same row).
Defending units can be Infantry, Vehicle or Structure
Additionally defending units can be stationary (e.g. MG Nest) or mobile (e.g. Missile Squad)
Everything in the base area is structure
Units are classified by their unit type and what unit type they are strong against


-Attacking units will engage defending units they are strong against at their maximum range and stop their movement as soon as they are in position(for example Pitbull vs Wall). They will continue their movement when their target is destroyed.

Exception: Firehawks drop their bomb on the fly, which means they don’t stop and they never use their bomb against non-structure units.

-Attacking units will engage defending units they are not strong against at their maximum range, but they will keep moving and try to reach the base area. When such a defending unit is standing in their lane different things can happen depending on the unit type of the attacker and defender:

1) Air units simply fly over defending units.
2) When vehicles encounter infantry, they will drive over them, which slows them down, but does extra damage to the infantry unit.
3) When vehicles encounter other vehicles and structures they will be blocked by it and fire at them until they or the enemy is destroyed. The same applies to your infantry, with the exception that it will also be blocked by defending infantry.

If in any of the above mentioned cases, a defending unit that the attacking is strong against enter theirs range, the attacking unit will redirect their fire to that unit.


-Mobile defensive units will move themselves to the closest lane of an attacking unit they are strong against, when such a unit is detected in a wave. They will keep their position until they or the target is destroyed or the target has passed by.

-Mobile defensive units won’t move, when there is no unit in the current wave that they are strong against. They will fire on units that enter their range and that’s it. However if in a later wave, a target they are strong against appears, they will try to move to that lane, even when unter fire. If their way is blocked by attacking forces on the left/right flank, they can’t move of course.

Miscellaneous: Guardians take high damage from barb wires, despite it being an anti infantry structure.

Tactics for Offense:

-When the range of stationary defense units can be dodged, while still hitting important buildings like the Defense Facility or Construction Yard go for it.

-You can use the placement of defensive units to your advantage.
One click on the screenshots brings you to the hoster’s size with a bigger version. You can click on it again there for the full size. Full size pictures directly posted in this forum get cut off at the right, hence no direct picture.

The first screenshot shows a tactic for an assault, where you avoid a certain type of unit because it is blocked by another unit.
The second screenshot shows the corresponding base area.

-Each unit in your army basically has one of these roles:

1) Clearing the way for your structure hitters
2) Causing damage in the base area

Always try to get your units that are strong vs structures to the base area at the best health condition possible. If your clearing force gets some damage it is not that bad, since their primary target is to clear the way and their not that effective vs buildings anyway, but if your structure busters suffer damage, you won’t get a good hit on the enemy base.

-When you know in advance that you can’t destroy a Forgotten location in one go, aim for the Defense Facility. This will stop defensive units from repairing and you will have a much easier time on your second assault. The same applies to the bases of other players, but they will most likely moved it to the back of their base behind other buildings

Tactics for Defence:

-On defence you want to cover as much room as possible, so units with 2,5 range are preferred.

-Most Infantry has 1,5 range. The basic rifleman can be countered easily by MG Nests. Then we have Zone Troopers and Commandos, who already have some rather high research costs and have argueably better alternatives with more range. The only really useful infantry seems to be the sniper, which has extremly high research costs, so chances are you won’t see them for a long time. So don’t expect infantry heavy assaults on your base.

-For a good defense you need strong Anti Air and Anti Vehicle setups.
Make sure that your units support each other and are not singled out.
MG Nests are pretty good allrounders, so you should have some of these, too

-The Conctruction Yard is the most important building. It is advised to focus the (stronger part of your) defence on the lane the CY is in. Right next to the CY comes the Defense Facility, as its destruction will prevent automatic defensive units repair.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    about the Defense Facility.

    I just build it, create my defense and then sell it to make another building.
    I am in a strong alliance and have only had 1 attack (in 4 waves) against me.
    It seems a waste to have the Defense Facility take up a spot in my base when i don't need it.

  2. Weak1ings says:

    Would it work to fill up your army with Pitbulls (Before researching anything else) Please tell me
    Often I find just a rush to the Construction Yard Works (Unless PVP cause it's often heavily defended) Also, What if I Concentrate as many Buildings and Defenses as Defense for my Construction Yard Would that work too?

  3. Anonymous says:

    good job. does MGs shoot trought walls ?
    can i put a MG behigd a wall and let enemy shoot at the wall as i shoot on him ?

  4. Anonymous says:

    this really helps thanks dude

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