C&C Tiberium Alliances Alert Own Bases Strategy Guide

C&C Tiberium Alliances Alert Own Bases Strategy Guide by a1ph4riu5

If you attack your own alliance members, you can put your own alliance bases into “alert” state. The same state with the flashing red lights, that happens after you are attacked by the enemy. The base will remain alerted for 12 hours (a long time.)

This makes *all* support weapons in range start calibrating on *all* alerted bases. How long it takes them to calibrate on each base depends on how far they are from each base. But they will start to automatically calibrate on all bases at the same time.

If you expect to be attacked, alerting your own alliance bases means that the calibration will start immediately. So when somebody tries to attack you when your alliance is alerted, they will be fired upon by all support weapons, during the first attack. If you have enough support weapons of a high level, this will make you almost invincible to attack for 12 hours! The enemy may even find their units being completely destroyed by support weapons, as soon as they enter the defence field.

Because you only need to attack your alliance members, to set their base to “alert” state, you can send a dummy attack of a level 1 Rifle Squad if you want. This will stop you from accidentally causing damage to your allies, and it will stop you from needing to use repair time yourself.

All alliances should designate one or two members “alerters” during a war. Their job is to send dummy attacks against their own members, to trigger the alert state. And they should log on again in 12 hours, to alert everybody for another 12 hours of near-invincibility.

The best way to use this strategy is to plan to attack another alliance and steal all of their best points of interest. After you stole their points of interest, self-alert all of your bases, so that they have no chance to retaliate. The enemy alliance may also start self-alerting their own bases, but it doesn’t matter. You have stolen their points of interest and they will never get them back, as long as you keep refreshing your alert every 12 hours. So you have won the war already.

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