Brick Force Basic Guide

Brick Force Basic Guide by skelebrick

What is Brick Force?

Brick Force is the worlds first cross platform sandbox shooter which launched for closed beta on the 28th Febrary. The game has been noted as one of the best sandbox games at the moment.

How do i play?

1. Register at the official Brick-Force homepage.

2. Get a beta key from a giveaway.

3. Activate the key at the website.

4. You will get a link to download the game. (Note: You may need to wait a few weeks for this email)

5. Wait for your account to be unlocked (All accounts are now unlocked!)

6. Log in and you can play!

The Different game mode:

1. The ‘sandbox’ mode, in which players use simple building blocks to construct complex environments, can be played on social networks and mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. With a range of different brick styles to choose from, combined with the possibility to place key interactive elements such as turrets or bomb sites, players will find themselves challenged in numerous creative ways.

Players will find themselves stepping into the shoes of both map builder and game designer. They will have the opportunity to dazzle their team mates with creativity, and the most talented map designers will be rewarded handsomely for their efforts.

2. The ‘shooter’ mode is an action orientated platform with a range of different game types which will be familiar to fans of team-based shooters. Classic modes such as Team and Solo Deathmatch, Capture the Flag and Blast Mode are all in place.

Players can choose from a wide variety of different guns, weapons and armor with different stats and functions.

Challenges deployed by the map creators must be overcome using teamwork, skill and reactions to defeat opposing teams. Social features such as a clan system have been integrated, allowing gamers to team up with their friends and compete for fame and glory.

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