Battle Pirates New Player’s Quick Guide

Battle Pirates New Player’s Quick Guide by Stephen

When you first start playing your going to see that you have a 7 day bubble, you’ll want to keep that for the full time. During this time for the first 5-6 days you will want to focus on mainly upgrading your defenses, Armor to get you platforms to lvl 2 will be in the naval lab which will be steel 2, it will be good to have 1 or 2 level 2 plats at the end of the 7 day bubble if you can. Then you’ll mainly want to focus on howitzer cannons but mainly Sential missiles for you base weapons then eventually work in some Bombards and Victory Mortars.for the last 1-2 days before your bubble pops you will want to work on you ships and ship weapons + ship armor. Your first 3 weapons that should be researched is Rapier rockets, thud cannons, and Diplomat mortars. Use your rockets and cannons for attacking fleets and mortars for base attacks, but the armor you will want to use when you have marauders is steel 2 or anything close to that, but the best advice i can give is focus more on ships armor then weapon attack but not too much.

Gathering Resources
How you ask will you get these resources, well the salvages (random floating platforms on sea with resource crates) will be your main way of getting resources. Then you will also be mining, the preferred level mine usage at low levels will be from level 1-4 mines. The 4 types of resources are Oil, Metal, Energy and Zynthium. They will all be useful in the beginning but as you progress through the game you will see that metal and energy or the most valuable resources. Another good way to get resources is from your producers, you should get them all up to level 3 after 14 days have past but don’t spend too much time on them since they don’t produce quickly. Another good thing to do is to start chatting on the comms and talk with some of the higher ranked players, and some will capture the higher level mines like level 10,9,8,7 and 6 for you to use. When you are done with a mine that is one of those levels, click it and press release it will keep it safe until you wish to use it again.

Base Attacking
Base attacking is not something you want to rush, it will rather make you a powerful player or tare you to pieces making you want to quit, which many players make the mistake of. I would not recommend attacking another player for the first 2 weeks unless they attack first. You will be able to attack bases +5 or -5 levels of your level, the smart thing to do is to attacker lower level players then higher level players, unless you want a challenge which you know you can succeed at then feel free to attack higher level players. As stated above you will find that mortars are the best weapon for attack, at low levels it will be easier to stop your ships and pick off towers one by one unless they are victory mortar towers. In that case you will want to charge the victory mortars. When you start building bigger ships the main special you should have is Reactive Armor. Base attacking is the quickest way to get resources but be careful on who you attack, you’ll want to ask on the comms the coords or location of your sector to not attack in, most sectors have alliance that don’t put up with in-sector attacking, and they will come for you if they find out you are doing that.

Fleet Attacking
For fleet attacking it all depends on your weapons on your ships, if you have rippers or thuds you will want to charge the enemy ships, with missiles or rockets you will want to circle ships with mortars, then just stay out of range of the ships with thuds and rippers.If you are using mortars on fleet attacking run like hell if the enemy ships have rockets, cuts, rippers, or thuds. If the enemy has mortars then just go around the side you will take damage but not as much as the enemy sitting still. Try not to let your fleets battle without being controlled by yourself unless you are attacking a mine or salvage that you know you can easily kill, but when you attack another online player you will want to manually control your fleet for sure.

The Draconian’s are a computer controlled pirate group, they are expose to be the main purpose of the game, if you look at the Battle Pirates FB page or adds you will see that the real purpose of the game is to stop the Dracs (Dracs is abbreviation for Draconian) from taking over, but that is never going to happen, Dracs control the salvages and mines, their symbol is a black colored background flag with a red dragon in the middle of it. Their ships are different then ours as you will see but that doesn’t mean they are better. Drac fleets level 16+ will give you a chance of receiving a blue print, which will let you unlock drac weapons. Your progress with blue prints will be able to be seen in the Intelligence lab. When Draconians launch from their base to recapture a mine, you can release it and they will not attack you when they arrive at the mine, especially do this if your on a lvl 9 since marauders and down don’t stand a chance, when they leave you can recapture it and you will be able to continue mining.

Base Building
Your base is what keeps you going, you will want to keep a square design at the beginning of you playing time but before your 7 days is up your going to want a gauntlet or 1 entrance type design. In your base you will want to keep your Warehouses, Outpost, and Dock safe, they are your 3 most important buildings. The Warehouses and Outpost hold your resources they hold:
10% resources each warehouse
20% resources for the Outpost
Your going to want all of your turrets all at the entrance of your gauntlet but don’t put them in 1 giant group, spread them out or they will be easily destroyed from the splash of mortars. Your mainly going to want Sents, then howitzers, victory mortars and possibly 1 or 2 bombards or flaks. If you don’t have any good ideas go to the war room on the forum it will have some really good designs, mainly op 4 and 5, rarely will you see a op 3 but there are good ones out there. Some of the best Op 4’s and 5’s i have seen are:
Assassins, Curtis Smales (all of his), snifnose, and myself, just search their names up in the search box and you should find them. For myself the only really good op 5 i think i have had is my most recent op 5 version 7 design. Snifnose’s designs are great for all level players and same with Curtis’s, Assassin doesn’t post his base much but he does have pics out there, he mainly use Victory mortars, one of the only designs i have seen that are great with only victory mortars, howitzers and bombards. Overall it’s great to have a mix of base weapons to make no particular fleet design good.…Snifnose-FINAL…rsion-7-LVL-30…se-by-Snifnose…ht=curtis+base
The first link is snifnoses’s op 4, second one is my most recent op 5, third one is snifnose’s op 5, the last one is Curtis Smales base which links to all his other versions and ops. I could not find a Pic of Assassin’s base.
Outpost level 3…t=Kevin+Austin

When you first see the forum and people chatting they will see people using abbreviations for battle pirates ships, weapons, etc.., here is just about all you will need to know:
GB- Gunboat
Skirm- Skirmisher
Longship- Longship (no well known abbreviation for it)
Marauder- Marauder ( no well known abbreviation) (aka Mara)
BB- Battle Barge
Sub/Pred- Predator Sub
Levi- Leviathan
SW/Wolf- Seawolf
FF- Floating Fortress
HH- HammerHead
HH B- HammerHead version B
BC- BattleCruiser
BS- BattleShip
Dread- Dreadnought
RA- Reactive Armor
AL- Auto Loader
EU- Engine upgrade
HB- Hardened Barrels
Thrusters- Thrusters ( no well known abbreviation)
AA- Ablative Armor
LA- Layered Armor
GS- Guidance Scrambler
Range Finder- Electronic Range Finder
EW- Enhanced Warhead
LT- Laser Targeting
HES- High Explosive Shell
SP- Sonar Pod
SFB- Solid Fuel Booster

If you play battle Pirates smartly and play for fun to enjoy the game you will have a life-time game and will become a very successful player. I have been enjoying Battle Pirates since May this year. You will go through bad times and good times, but all that will do is make you stronger. Battle Pirates/ kixeye will be happy to help you with any questions you have that you post on the forum here or just ask around in your sector most players are friendly and like to help out the new low levels. But something that you will need to know the most is watch out for Mr.CC (credit card users) they are unforgiving and do not care about you even if your in the same sector. do what ever it takes to keep them from attacking you unless you are confident you can’t go to war with them and not get demolished. Have Fun playing!!!!

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