Battle Pirates Bonus Stacking Guide

Battle Pirates Bonus Stacking Guide by Dean Harvey

The calculation starts with the special first then it calculates armor bonuses then weapon bonuses other than siege weapons then it calculates the siege weapons bonuses (this does mean that the very high bonuses they give actually have a small effect so no one can have a +100% defense) so the calculation works like this:

With RA3 and 2 drac weapons with 10% defense bonus each works out like this 100-66%-(34-10%=3.4)-(30.6-10%=3.06)=27.54X100%=27.54% dmg that affects ship health so to work out defense of the ship u need to do 100-27.54X100%=72.46% Defense.

Now the sum above works by using 100 as base dmg done value which means 100% dmg of weapon affecting the ship health then taking away 66% for armor special turns the 100 into 34 which replaces the 100 as base dmg for the next bonus so now u take away 10% from 34 which turns base dmg into 30.6 for next bonus then u take away 10% from 30.6 that turns base dmg into 26.34 then it multiplies by 100% to turn the sum into a percentage which is 26.34% this works out how much of the weapon dmg affects the ships health.

So to work out how much defense that gives u in a percentage all you need to do is 100 minus 26.34 multiply by 100% (100-26.34X100%) to give u the defense percentage against that weapon type.

This is how the game stacks the bonuses which means that it does not add them(66%+10%+10%=86%), when it comes to weapon dmg it just adds the percentage on top of the weapon dmg. it does this for bonus stats like explosive dmg +35 as well (so it does 150dmg + 25explosive dmg +25% for example)
the stat it increases is the type or specific stat that the tech states for example high explosive shells increases splash dmg and advanced warhead increases missile dmg only.

The speed bonuses just add on to each other(map speed 15+66% for example) which is the same for reload speed bonuses, range increase bonuses but stuff like wall and flak evasion uses the sum above because they reduce the stats that the opponents tech or buildings have so it must take away the bonuses from a base value of 100 (two lots of wall evasion for example 100-34%-(66-34%=43.36)X100%=43.36%).

now this is a added on bit. Now the big debate about overpowering bonuses is not simple coz most people didnt know that the stacking system does not add them together (for example 66%+20%=86%) but if done correctly is works like this 66%+6%=73% it works out like this if u work out the stacking math the game uses so the so called indestructible FF with RA3 and 2 Siege Rockets which had +20% bonuses to each weapon type defense works out like this 66%+6%+6%=78% (decimal points not included, the other 2 weapon types have 36%) and there current stats(+5% each type) work out like this 66%+1%+1%=68% now can someone explain how that cant be sunk and how it will never be beaten by a base defense please.

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3 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    What about evasion because none of your formulas work for this. If you simply add on you could get that ship that can’t be hit and if you have 2 specials that increase evasion (such as GS2 and thrusters 2) the game gives you an evasion % of 38 but your math formulas would either give it a 41% or a 35.64%

  2. Anonymous says:

    Or Armor Points, do those stack?

    tks again

  3. Anonymous says:

    What about other bonuses like Turn Speed from Siege Mortar? Do those stack? Or am I better off using 1 V and 1 D type so I get BOTH bonuses?


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