Battle Pirates Beginner’s Guide

Battle Pirates Beginner’s Guide by cliftontd

My first installment of this guide will be directed at beginner players…the noobs as other players call them. So helpful advise that my wife and myself followed when we started playing this game. Hitting the old >> to make the story go faster. By the end of our 7 day noob bubble the wife and myself managed to be 21st level have OP4 and already have a nice base setup going. You are saying BS! well I’ll share with you how we did it.

First Rule of Thumb
Never let your base be idle, even while you are sleeping. Only one building can be upgrading at any one time but multiple researches can be going on. No matter how many fleets you have 1 or 10 your pier will always hold 60 ships.

A neat little thing about all of the structures.
The first 3 levels doesn’t take long to be upgraded. So, on the first day get warehouses and as many generators as you can build built. At the end of that day get your OP as far up in level as you can and have it up grading while you are sleeping. The next day focus on the warehouses again so they will be able to hold as much salvage as you can bring in. On the second day you also need to get the Academy, Naval Lab and Weapons Lab to a nice level (DO worry about the Advanced Lab, Intel Lab or Rocket Launching Pad yet). Remember most structures will be able to be advanced to 3rd or 4th level before it starts to take days to up grade them and this is the real key to 21st level before 7 days is over. Get those warehouses as high as you can get them so you can be upgrading your Outpost structure while you are sleeping. An OP3 by day 3 or 4 is possible. Don’t worry about defense platforms; Those are best left for day 6 and seven.

Targets for Structures
Naval Lab – The target for your Hull Lab is the level that you start to get Marauders, it is that ship that allows you to start raking in the resources.
Weapons Lab – Not really an important structure during the NOOB 7 day bubble period, but you might want to upgrade it anyway, at least to the point that it start to take days to up grade it to the next level.
Intel Lab – Not important right now.-
Advanced Lab – Not really important, but this is another building that you want to get to the level just before it starts taking days to advance.
Academy – Same rule of thumb. Advance it to the point that it starts to take days to advance it to the next level.
Pier – Same rule of thumb. Advance it to the point that it starts to take days to advance it to the next level.
Warehouses – This is the one that you really want to focus your time in. You must have these structures up to the level that you can pay for OP4, and get them there as quickly as possible.
Rocket Launching Platform – Don’t even worry about this stupid structure for now.
Resource Generators – Same rule of thumb. Advance it to the point that it starts to take days to advance it to the next level, at least 3rd or 4th level for each. Remember, having resource generators does one thing for you. They bring in the resources and if you are also hitting mines, they get bonuses.

By the end of the 6th day if you have managed your game play correctly, you should…
1. Have OP4 or be upgrading to OP4 and be salvaging to get the warehouses up to the level to pay for the OP5 upgrade.
2. Have a good number of reserve ships, preferably Marauders.
3. By the end of the bubble, have OP4 level platforms constructed and at least have half of them equipped with base weapons.
4. It is day seven before your bubble goes down that you want to focus with the laying out of your base. It is during this time that you want to be building walls and moving the platforms in to position.
5. All of your structure, except warehouses, should be at least 3rd or 4th level.

More Aids
Now for those who can swing it. Use the old CC to finish off construction and research. A little bit of FB credits goes a long way during these low levels. DOn’t worry about other players calling you CC is through the usage of Credit Cards and Gift Cards that Kixete obtains the funds to develop this game, but by all means don’t get yourself in debt because of this game. Keep copies of all Credit Card payments that is made to obtain FB credits.
FB Credit earning FB Games.
Here is some FB Games that will help you in getting FB Credits..
Crime City and Car Town.
Crime City has a small icon in the upper right hand corner that links in to short video clips. Watching these will earn you FB credits. Car Town has surveys that you can fill out and earn FB credits.
I’m sure there is more that can be added to this list (This is the type of information that I would like to see other experienced players add to this thread).
Watch for special adds for things like flowers and candies (Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day is big times for this.).

Tactics is something at each individual developed over time that matches their way of game play. I may attack each salvage depending of its level a different way than someone else; so me sitting here and telling you how to attack something is mute. Instead I will introduce to you different basic tactics and let you use them as a basis to develop your own style of play.

You will read several times that I will talk about combos with advanced tech. What I mean by this is this like: Thud4 with Harden Barrel1 and Autoloader1. It is just different ways of modifying a ships weapons to enhance its performance in some way.

The Kite Maneuver
This tactic is one that has been in the game since nearly its creation and is viewed by many players as a cowards tactic, but it is very effective when combined with combos. What the tactic basically is: When the screen goes to Fleet vs. Fleet map you target the lead ship of the enemy formation. As soon as you do this order you ships to make a 180 degree turn and head off in the opposite direction, but let the enemy force get within the tip of the maximum range of your weapons (Diplomat Mortars 40 – 76, so in this case 76 is the maximum range), but you want to keep the enemy formation from slipping in to your weapons minimum range (Diplomat Mortars 40 – 76, so in this case 40 is the minimum range). Keep the enemy at maximum range while you retreat from them. The lead ship will fall first and then the next two and then the remaining two. If executed properly, you shouldn’t take a lot of damage.
Weapons for Executing this tactic: Ones that has long range or has had its range modified by advance tech combos (Solid Fuel Booster for missiles).
Benefit of this tactic: Minimum damage done to your fleet, thus leading to lower repair cost.

The Death Fan
This tactic was developed by me to counter the Kite Maneuver and is also effective for hunting down submarines. As soon as the Fleet vs Fleet map opens you order your fleet to fan out, but keep it so each ships overlaps another ships effective weapon range. Then basically charge the enemy formation. This tactic works well with Pinch Rockets which will slow down the enemy and render them useless until the disruption effect is over. This tactic is best used with medium range fast firing weapons, but can be effective with long range sniping weapons.

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  1. scotty VWV secor 412 says:

    i am lvl 43 base deleated it twice for res, i have seawolves, and cant open 23 salves, i hit red salves only for the most part, and i am constantly bubbled, no refitsever ive never found that,
    intel lab blue prints dont do a damn thing,
    please help
    i been at this for 4 years
    and cant hit bases at all

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