Zorg Empire Moons Guide

Zorg Empire Moons Guide by comettail27

I wrote this up for a friend of mine when i realized that there was nothing like it in the forums…
i hope it helps people

Moon Creation:

Moons are created when a large Debris Field (DF) is made outside your planet… each time you are attacked there is a 1 – 19% chance that you will get a moon. The chance of getting a moon is raised with every 100k resources in the DF. For example if there was 400k metal and 100k crystal in a DF than there would be a 5% chance of getting a moon. If there was 1 million metal and 800k crystal in a DF there would be a 18% chance of obtaining the moon. Any DF larger that 1.9 million resources still has only an 19% chance.

Uses of the moon:

One the moon you can build two special buildings which are VERY useful, a phalanx sensor and jumpgate. A phalanx sensor lets you see click on somebodies planets and see any fleet movement that might be happening. A jumpgate makes it possible to Jump your fleet from your moon to another moon of yours with a jumpgate. Also on a moon you must build a lunar base BEFORE you build anything else. A lunar base supplies your planet with a few extra field so that you can build new buildings on your moon.

Moons and Deathstars

Moons can be destroyed (also know as popping a moon) by deathstars. The diameter of your moon determains how hard it is to destroy to destroy your moon. The larger the diameter the harder to pop and the more deathstars it will take. To pop a moon the deathstar(s) must first last through 6 rounds of combat against and defense or fleet that may be on the moon. To view the diameter of a moon mouse over it in the galaxy view.


Sometimes players purposely send a fleet towards their friend knowing that it will be destroyed, the reason for this is they are attempting to give their friend a moon.

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