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Zorg Empire Frequently Asked Questions by decadence

Q: Does this game ever reset?
A: No. Not in the foreseeable future.

Q:How can I build Lunar Base ; Sensor Phalanx ; Jump Gate?
A:You need a moon.

Q:How can I get a moon?
A:You need a battle to take place on your planet. After the battle there is chance of getting a moon. 19% is the highest possible chance.
Debris field generated is one way of calculating the moon chance. 19% moon chance needs almost 2m debris. (metal+crystal)
Zorg Empire Moons Guide

Q:How do I get a new planet. How can I get a colony ship?
A:Zorg Empire Getting Your Colony Ship and New Planet Guide
For the extreme server you can have a total of 21 planets. 20 colonies + 1 homeplanet.
For the standard and speed servers you can have a total of 10 planets. 9 colonies + 1 homeplanet. You can have an extra planet slot with “Superior Explorers” from the Zorg Empire Plus.

Q:How do I use Inter-Planetary Missiles (IPM)?
A:Go to the galaxy page and look at the icons on the right. Beside the PM, espionage, buddy request. If they are in range of your IPM then there will be a launch missile button.

Q:What is a fleet save? How can I fleet save?


Slash wrote:
Fleet saving is putting your resources on a fleet mission so they are relatively safe from attack until you can be online to use them.

There are several ways to perform a fleet save. You can send your resources towards another player’s planet and then recall it before it gets there. You can send your resources to one of your colonies. Or, you can send your resources on a recycler mission to a debris field- effectively doubling your mission time.

Squirrel wrote:
There are various FS’s.
Planet – DF – Harvest mission. Ok for a small fleet but others can see with a Phalanx.
Planet – Planet – Transport mission. Same as above, dont rely on it. Also, if you are carrying res it will be dumped on the planet while you are offline.
Planet – Planet – Deploy mission. Best option for those moonless players. Be online for when deploy lands, should someone try attack, you can recall.
Moon – Moon / Moon – DF – Safest fleetsave by far. Invisible to lanx.

You can also fleet save by attacking the moon of inactive players. It is also invisible to the lanx. Just make sure it has no defense that can dent your fleet.
You can change the speed of your fleet to adjust the time on when they will land.

Q:How does the player protection work.
A:You can’t attack (a)anyone who has 5x your points or (b)anyone with 1/5 your points. They can’t attack you either
Ex: If you have 6k points, you can’t attack anyone with more than 30k points and anyone with less than 1.2k points..
Note: The player protection only applies if you have less than 100k points.
Which means when you reach 100k points, (a) is disabled. Even someone with 900k points can now attack you.
(b) still applies. You sill cannot attack someone with who has less than 1/5 your points. Until they reach 100k.

Q:Someone attacked me and I can’t attack him back.
A: It is possible the loss of your ships from the attack reduced your points pushing you back into player protection.
Or maybe you tried to attack during the score update. Try again later.
Note: The fleets on a mission are not included in points during the score update. Beware of players taking advantage of this.

Q:In the Galaxy screen, what does the signs beside the names mean?

* = There was a recent activity on that planet.
# min = # of mins from last activity. It starts at 10 mins. It disappears at 60 mins.
You can view the legend on the lower right of the galaxy screen by placing your mouse over the word “LEGEND” but some may have problems because the pop-up extends beyond the bottom of the screen.

Q:Can I send resources to my friends?
A:Yes you can. But there are limits.
No player may knowingly send resources to a higher ranking player unless it is done during a trade (in accordance with the Trade Ratios posted on the forums). Once within a 24 hour period a higher ranking player may send the equivalent of 1 hour of production to a lower ranking player (pulling).

Q:24 hr production from the entire empire or from a single planet?

Administrator wrote:
1hr production of each planet/per planet.


Planet A 500 per hour
Planet B 100 per hour
Planet C 50 per hour

Planet A can send send 500 but not 550 even if total hour production is 650.

Note that even this is not making much sense, it is the only way as our algorith works in this way.

You can send 500 from Planet A, 100 from Planet B and 50 from Planet C. If you have 21 planets then you can send 1 hr production from each planet.
More details Zorg Empire Pulling Rules

Q:How do I join an alliance?
A:Click on the Alliance button on the Left Menu. If you are not in an alliance it will ask you to either create one or search for one. Search for the alliance you want, click on the alliance tag and submit your application. Zorg Empire Alliances Guide

Q:When I raid, my cargo space does not completely fill up.
-You can only raid 50% of the defenders’ resources for every attack. That is 50% metal , 50% crystal and 50% deut. Not the 50% of the combined resources.
-1/3 of your cargo space will be used for metal, another 1/3 for crystal, and 1/3 for deuterium.
-Crystal can can take up the cargo space for metal if there is not enough metal filling up to 1/2 the cargo space.
-Deuterium can take up the cargo space for metal and crystal if there is not enough metal or crystal filling up to 100% the cargo space.

The Bashing Rule
It is not allowed to attack any given planet or moon owned by a player over 5 times in a single 24 hours period.

Bashing is only allowed when your Alliance is at war with another Alliance.
The War must be announced on the official Zorg Empire Forums, under Alliances thread.

Note: Attacking fleets that are completely destroyed and Interplanetary missile attacks do not count towards the bashing rule. Moon destruction missions do count towards the bashing rules.

Q: Someone has attacked several of my planets more than 5 times! Is this bashing?
A: This depends if the 5 attack limit was broken on any given planet or not. The bashing rule allows a player to attack a SINGLE planet/moon no more than five times in 24 hours. The count is per planet/moon not your entire empire.

Q: A player sent more than five attacks at one of my planets, but the attacks were sent from more than one of HIS planet.. Does this still count as bashing?
A: Yes, definitely. The bashing rule is per attacking PLAYER – irregardless of planet – to defending planet. Defending planet matters, attacking planet doesn’t.

Q: Are we allowed to bash players who are inactive or banned?
A: Yes. The bashing rule does not apply to inactives and banned players.


Cold planets produce more deuterium but less energy from solar sats.
Hot planets produce less deuterium but more energy from solar sats.
Planets closer to the sun (slot 0 imaginary) are generally hotter.
Planet slots 4-7 generally have more fields (building space).

MORE FAQ by greed

Q: Can any planet slot have a max size planet if I colonize it?
A: Yes. Your chance to get ’em in certain slots (depending on server??) are pathetic in some slots.

Q: Is fusion power kinda useless?
A: No, it scales up logarithmically (and the deuterium cost doesn’t!) if you level energy technology enough. Once you hit size limits and have to terraform fusion is DEFINITELY better as the only source of power as it saves slots. Fusion-minded planets should be the lowest planet slots or the one above it (between those 2 the difference is minimal, but DOES mean approx 2% more deuterium in the last slot AND pathetic chances of a max size planet in that slot – statistically anyhow your mileage may vary as this depends on the planet being cold). This holds true on speed server, I hear on extreme server people don’t always fill all their plots (could not verify with really high level players there)…

Q: fusion power formula
Deut cost = 1.10 factor
enegy production = 1.05 + energy tech level * 0.01 (aka at energy level 15, it totals 1.20)

at fusion plant level 20, energy tech 15, your deut cost would be 180*20*(1.2)^20 = 138015
and deut cost 60*20*(1.1)^20 = 8073 making the deut cost 5.797% of your energy production.

Keep in mind the power plant is nice at lower level since it costs less to level and you can decide to have both for a while.

Q: are solar satellites really the way to power? They take no place…
A: They are truly convenient short-term, then okay, after that they attract people seeking to make them a debris field to recycle. After a time you’ll find your shipyard queue cluttered with solar sats 24/7 and the defenses/fleet to protect them and solar sats DON’T FLEET SAVE so they make you a juicy profitable target. Having all that said, if you’re the most powerful player on the server maybe THEN they’re the best thing to produce energy. Except for one thing — death stars can shoot them up to 250 times! (it almost never gets to 250 statistically, but you know what I mean…)

Q: How can I know if my espionnage report found no fleet/defense,
A1: Empty defense/fleet section header = it could check and found none.
A2: No header = go in and perhaps become a huge debris field.

Q: is this game all about fleet saving?
A: yes, it’s like not keeping savegames in a difficult game if you don’t.

Q: what’s the best ship?
A: there is some rock-paper-scissorsness to the game. Check your enemy and don’t send ship types he’s specialized againsts (i.e. if he makes tons of lunar guardians don’t send in your death stars).

Q: what’s a moonshot?
A: someone making a 100k debris field on purpose (and sometimes NOT on purpose… see my espionnage question) gives you 1% change of a moon. Up to 19% for 1.9m debris (which must all be created at once, so recycle don’t let it hang). I couldn’t find if larger debris field makes larger moons, perhaps someone else will anwser that one…

Q: what’s lanxing?
A: with a moon you can track the movement of enemy fleets if they’re not going to/from a moon. This is how you know to strike 10 seconds after his fleet comes back from fleetsafe (optionally send recyclers to mop up 10 seconds later). Most players can’t put their fleet back into fleetsave in less than 10 seconds, and people with long fleetsaves are more vulnerable to this as you can take your sweet time to time it.

Timing math is essential, it blows to miss ’em by a minute.

Q: what’s the best noob strategy?A1: get into an alliance they’ll give you starter ressources to get you up to the point of colonization.
A2: espionnage on the inactive players (names in black) and if they don’t have defenses or fleet (fleet and defense header VISIBLE, otherwise espionnage report is incomplete). Then you loot ’em over and over and over and over. A single fighter with tons of transports (and recyclers + 1 fighter with another wave since they’re so slow…) works nicely, keeping your true warfleet ready to do something else at a moment notice.

Q: Is there a wiki somewhere for zorgempire
A: Not a decent one anywhere I could find, some experienced players said the same and are just as frustrated.

Q: Against turtles… missiles or bombers?
A: Do the math! Also missile-destroyed stuff doesn’t 70% recover on next attack.

Q: why don’t I see so many death stars (also known as RIPs)
A: they’re pathetically slow. If you send ’em against a noob with tons of solar sats, the sats may be destroyed and rebuilt and re-destroyed before it gets there. If it’s a really hot planet tho send a well timed fleet of recyclers you’ll probably get lucky.

Q: should I colonize early?
A: if you can make 2 colony ships a day, colonize early colonize often. Abandon planets that aren’t maxplots (at least on most servers). You can buy an extra planet slot with zorg rubies, so feel free to get some in echange for a series of moonshots or something else dreadfully expensive and save up — but the usual way to get that many rubies is paypal.

Q: What are expeditions for?
A: Don’t bother with them, unless actively trying to get rid of some ships you no longer need (especially when you get rid of all your non-elite transports). Otherwise expeditions are kinda not worth it.

Q: why shouldn’t I send recyclers along my main fleet?
A: they’re slow, and you need ’em around to clean up after extremely costly mistakes. Pure fleeters with no mining to speak of, I’m speaking to you!!! Plus they don’t recycle after a battle if not send on a recycling mission…

Q: How can I fleet save enough and still ‘have a life’?
A: Pick one or the other, LOL

Q: what’s a nasty trick you can pull on someone who fleetsaves with perfect timing like it’s a reflex, and has an overall fleet power total the same as yours?
A: If they stop thinking and do it automatically each time, make him use a lot of fleet slot for whatever sounds profitable (several medium sized debris fields near one of his planet, have someone tell him in chat) — with a timing such that he will use all his fleet slots and will be unable to fleetsave one certain fleet who just arrived!!! Then rip that fleet to pieces with your own — and have 4 attacks in 2 minutes in the approx timing his recyclers come back for when he reads the battle report (you can also pick up the debris you left for maximum insult…)

Q: scary… how do I defend against that??
A: get that computer tech UP just to prevent ‘all fleet slots used’ type problems. It’s a good tech.

Q: what about picking on powerful older players who play like noobs?
A: they park their fleet on a moon somewhere, and go to sleep/work at predictable times. Also the gaps in fleetsaving due to not being able to send a fleet up that long without thinking. It’s scary how some apparently all powerful players leave the key to their treasury under the welcome rug for anyone to find if they bother to check…

Q: why does sometimes shields go UP during battle?
A: seems there is a +5% / -5% amplification or penalty being applied randomly to shields and weapons and so on.

Q: why am I not getting the rapidfire I expect? How can rapidfire be diluted?
A: 2 scenarios

Deathstar VS tons of light fighters — they’re all wiped out by the death star shooting 19 times in round 1. Deathstar wins.

Deathstar VS tons of light fighters, but also a heavy fighter, a cruiser, a battleship, a small transport, a large transport, a battlecruiser, thousands of solar satellites, a destroyers, and an espionnage ship. Deathstar 2 times and wipes all solar sattellites in round 1 and then from that 2nd shot leftover damage half the target types are eleminated but there are tons of light fighters left because THE DEATHSTAR NEVER GOT TO DO RAPIDFIRE SHOT 3 TO 19 because it ran out of that target type! Next round it fires once and destroys the destroyer and wipes out all target types except the light fighters who take some splash damage. 3rd round the light fighters win and have a pityful amound left but THEY TOOK OUT A RIP that normally wiped ’em in one round!

rapidfire dilution is awesome and both attackers and defenders can do it. OF COURSE the defenders can do with with defenses of each type…

No matter how you dilute, it comes down to at least one shot wiping at least one target type entirely (otherwise no dilution) followed by the leftover damage from that 1 shot hitting the other target types. Make sure they aren’t fully wiped next round leaving only your main unit types as you need as much dilution as you can get on round 2 too (especially against death stars… geez I’ve seen one fire 43 times once)!

Of course this doesn’t matter if you have overwhelming numbers — then your shields soak up the damage before even one of your units is destroyed and you lose nothing!

P.S.: the game would be more balanced if another target type was choosen randomly and the rapidfire be allowed to continue if the new rapidfire numbers permit (aka, shot 1 was shot and a % of the extra shot was used already) then the game would make more sense. Don’t hold your breath, tho. I hear massacre server runs this differently but i couldn’t find any data.

Q: how can I transfer a ruby for trading?
A: I’ve been looking for that info for over 20 hours, and have never found it. This was a great part in making me quit the game today — any sane game of this size has a wiki where info like this, once found by anyone not too selfish, becomes public and easily accessible. I am sad I couldn’t give my rubies 1 per non-noob alliance member and 1 extra to a complete stranger.

Zorg Empire Plus FAQ by Zorg

Here are some Questions & Answers regarding Zorg Empire Plus.
USAGE: Hold Ctrl + F in your keyboard. Then type for keywords to quickly find what you look for.

Q: What is the purpose of Plus ?
A: Plus is vital for game development and maintenance. We need cash to pay for the game servers, the game stuff and for game advertisement campaigns, which bring more players in Zorg Empire.

Q: The richest person wins ?
A: Plus is designed very carefully so it will provide balance. Ultimately, as most of the veteran players would say, you need real skill to find yourself in the top. Plus alone, is not enough.

Q: What is your policy regarding plus marketing ?
A:Our effort is to have as many players possible buying plus packages regularly. The base cost per month is very low and comparable to a cup of coffee. If one would compare time enjoyed with this game, he would discover that the cost of Plus is low.

Q: Why prices are in Euros ?
A: We are based in Europe, so we prefer euros.

Q: Can I pay with dollars ?
A:You can pay in ANY currency you like. Conversion is automatic by PayPal.

Q: Is it safe ?
A:It is as safe as it can be. We have no access to your private data, we never get to see your credit card or bank account info. There are no hidden fees, no recurring payments. You have total control of what you pay.

Q: Which are the ways to get rubies ?
1.Pay for them
2.Receive it from another player
3.By referring new players

Q: Which are the payment options ?
1.Credit Card through PayPal (PayPal account is not mandatory)
3.SMS through your mobile phone for the supported countries.
4.Prepaid card through PayPal (PayPal account is not mandatory)
5.Bank account through PayPal (PayPal account is mandatory)

Q: A good way to pay without using a credit card ?
A: SMS are an easy choice but it costs more. The best way is to use a prepaid card. Such cards are easy to get and are just like a credit card.
Here is how VISA describes them:

VISA wrote:
Depending on which particular option you choose, a Visa Prepaid card may be:

* A disposable prepaid card, which is much like an electronic gift voucher – you use it until all the funds are spent (and you’re happy with your purchase) then throw it away.
* or A re-loadable prepaid card, which acts like a prepaid mobile phone account – when the value is running low, you can top-it up and use it again.

Q: My country is not listed in SMS options ?
A: We are constantly trying to extend our supported countries list with our partners. If your country is not there, it is probably not supported right now so you will have to use another way to get rubies.

Q: How much time it takes to get my rubies ?
A: Normally, immediately after you make a payment. There are some cases though, for example when you pay with an eCheck, where it can take up to 7 days (3-5 normally).

Q: Is there any way that I will lose the rubies by mistake ?
A: Absolutely no way. You will get the rubies you paid for, no matter what. You can always contact us for any problems.

Q: How can I contact you ?
A: Send us an email to webmaster@zorgempire.com
We will reply within 24h max.

Q: Why Imperial support values change ?
A: Imperial support automatically adjust the values offered in order to be balanced and fair to you and everyone.

Q: How many rubies I need in order to prevent automatic deletion after 45 days of inactivity ?
-You need 50 Zorg Rubies or more.

Q: Can I transfer rubies from one universe to another ?
A: No you cannot and the administration cannot do it either.

Q: I referred new players, where are my rubies ?
A:Click on Refer & Earn link at the left hand menu. Read the specifications there to understand how it works.

Q: How can I send rubies to other players?
A: Click on Seach at the top menu, then input the player name. Then click on the Z icon to send rubies.

Q: How can I remove the in-game ad about rubies ?
A:You need to have 11 rubies or more in your account.

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