Zorg Empire Growth Guide

Zorg Empire Growth Guide by Istalris

Hey guys, i gave this as help to my alliance for their growth. I think it would be useful to some others out there too so i’ll post it here for ya. Just my opinion on the most effective way to advance.

My philosophy on growth

I do not think it wise to build a massive fleet, unless you have the skill to maintain it, and never build one unless you have the infrastructure to support it.

I believe that to get to the top in this game, you need a healthy balance of fleet and mines. I am top 20 with bugger all fleet but ignore that. :P Anyway, you shouldn’t strive to hard to get an impressive fleet in the early stages, mostly just cargoes and some battleships for raiding.

Best strategy for growth, in my opinion, is to set up a cluster of planets in one galaxy (9-15 would be great, make sure they are decent sizes, like 200-225+). Upgrade these planets until they are giving you a healthy income. Remember to keep your Metal Mines a few levels higher than your Crystal Mines, Deut Synths a little lower than Crystal, or equal. Even if you are not a fleeter, Deut can be traded in for a lot of that delicious metal and crystal.

For power, use Solar Plants ONLY at this stage.

In my empire, none of my Solar Plants exceed level 28, at this point, i believe the energy they give does not justify the cost. When they reach level 28, use Solar Satellites for the rest of your energy. Also, remember to build a little defense on each of your planets in the cluster you set up, just enough to protect your sats and overnight resource production from raiders. I have on average, Solar Plant 28 and about 2k sats on each colony, which is enough to sustain M33/C28/D28 with a little to spare. Oh, and don’t forget to leave a few cargos on each of the feeder planets in your cluster lol, wouldn’t want a lot of res and no way of getting it out. :P

Each night, transport the resources from your feeders to the main planet in your cluster, then re-distribute that res accordingly to upgrade your mines or research. Or even a bit of fleet if you’re feeling adventurous. ;)

Any spare res you should put on your fleetsave and keep it until it’s needed, don’t just spend it because it’s there.

Remember to keep raiding those inactives and newbs to increase your income. ;)

When you have the cluster at a reasonable level, you can start to expand, putting a planet in each of the other galaxies and getting a moon on them (and in your cluster) so you can build Jump Gates and start raiding in fresh meadows.

When you have a decent spread of planets, you should start building some fleet and looking for other little fleets that you can crash and recycle for profit. Unless you are a real fleeter, the only ships worth building are Battleships, Destroyers and Recyclers for your fighting fleet. Destroyers are nice because they are beasts to take down and hit like trucks, but Battleships have a fantastic power to cost ratio and in numbers can bring out the same effect as Destroyers in battle. I am experimenting with the Battleship only fleet build, i’ve seen another use it and it works very well.

Whilst you are building some fighting fleet, don’t go overboard, only make as much as your mines can sustain. Don’t bring attention to yourself with a gigantic fleet for your points.

As you grow, remember to upgrade your mines on your separate planets and continue to upgrade your cluster.

For later game, head for a mine ration of something like this and build on it: M31/C27/D25

Ideally your advanced game build should look something like this: M33/C28/D28

When Metal Mine hits 32 onwards, you will really start noticing the difference in income, it pumps out huge amounts. Also, you can go for higher Deut mines depending on your fleet size or trading preferences. But never upgrade your deut mines past 28 on planets that are NOT in the minuses on both temperature brackets. It’s not worth the resources. But if you get an exceptionally cold planet, you can head on up to something like D32 and watch the massive amounts of deut pouring in.

Anyway, that’s my wall of text for ya. ;)

There are many more strategies for game play, pure fleeting, mining or turtling for example. But i believe this one is the most effective and will guarantee you a top spot in the game and a brilliant resource income. You will find that people who play as a pure fleeter, will eventually run out of targets and become bored because they are not bringing anything in, whilst fleeting may be a fast way to the top, it is a highly unstable build and eventually, will become stagnant. Hence why i like this growth tactic more.

Hope this helps a few people. Please feel free to give me some input on this.

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