Zorg Empire Galaxy Screen Arrows Guide

Zorg Empire Galaxy Screen Arrows Guide by Zorg

You can navigate the galaxy screen with arrows.

How to navigate:

Right arrow -> : Increases System by 1
Left Arrow Up arrow ^ : Increases galaxy by 1
Down arrow : Decreses galaxy by 1

Firefox Users:

1.  Go to  Tools -> Options -> Content
2.  Make sure “Enable JavaScript” is turned on.
3.  Next to “Enable JavaScript”, click the “Advanced” button.
4.  Make sure that there is a check-mark in the box
[x]  Raise or lower windows


Use a tab to navigate galaxy each time


A single click around the new opened page will do right after clicking Galaxy Tab

OR (unconfirmed)

add zorgempire.org and zorgempire.net and zorgempire.com to your trusted sites.

There is no known work around dev side to get it work in FF (let us know if you are aware), so follow the instructions above.

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