Zone4 Skill Upgrading Guide

Zone4 Skill Upgrading Guide by domiluck

This guide will hopefully help you to get that +7 or +8 you’ve been trying to get. It basically works by taking advantage of probabilities and making the experience as enjoyable as possible.

– 10-20 skill coupons or more (recommended but not necessary)
– 3 or more skills around +3 (the main skill you want to upgrade and a few other skills which you wouldn’t mind upgrading but are not as important)
– Zen for the upgrades

Start by failing one of your lesser skills. Yes you read that correctly. The reason we want to fail skills is because the more times you fail to upgrade, the more likely it will be that the next upgrade succeeds. It’s up to you how many times you want to fail. What I usually follow is:

3->4 or 4->5 needs 1-2 fails
5->6 or 6->7 needs 2-3 fails
7->8 and up needs at least 3 fails (I actually haven’t tried upgrading from 7->8 too much so I’m not too sure of the failure rate but I know it’s very high so beware)

When failing, note that it is easier to fail higher level skills than lower level skills. By failing more lower level skills, it means that your success of upgrading will be higher than failing a bunch of +7s.

Once you have failed enough times, upgrade your main skill and cross your fingers. Remember that this will not guarantee the success but will make your odds much better.

I tend to like this method of upgrading because the outcome of upgrading a lesser skill is good no matter what. If you fail then your odds of success with you main skill will increase. If you succeed, then you now have a stronger skill.

In the case that your lesser skill is upgraded, you should probably attempt to upgrade it again instead of switching to the other lesser skill. You might as well try to get it to a higher level and might even end up making that your main skill.

I hope this guide helps.

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