TERA Online Stamina Heart Meter Guide

TERA Online Stamina Heart Meter Guide by bygeorge

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The only thing matching the prowess of my paint skill are my translating skills.

As you fight in Tera, your physical condition(stamina) decreases over time. Your physical condition is represented by your stamina meter. In order to replenish your stamina, you need to rest beside a fire. As of CBT3 you can also pay to recover your stamina.

Campfires can be found in villages, and are marked on your map by a small fire symbol. When near a campfire, a window opens up displaying how much stamina you currently have, with the most being 100%.

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Campfires can be found in main hubs.

Fire symbols are displayed on your minimap to show the location of fires.

If you are not near a campfire you can create your own. You can receive portable campfires from quests or by purchasing them from stores.

You are limited to carrying 10 campfires at a time. Also, you are only allowed to have one fire up at a time.

With 100% stamina, you can see that the player receives a 30% increase in hp and mp. From videos I have seen http://www.youtube.c…h?v=SQ5PvjIDoBU, it seems that the strength of the buff is proportional to how much stamina you have. So as your stamina goes down, your hp/mp buff becomes less effective.

  • 0%-19% Stamina – Poor Condition – HP and MP debuff, also decreased damage.
  • 20-39% Stamina – Average Condition – No stat penalties or bonuses.
  • 40-79% Stamina – Good Condition – Increased HP and MP
  • 80-100% Stamina – Maximum Condition – Further increased HP and MP

When you have 100% stamina and are next to a campfire you have the ability to use Talismans. These are items which can grant very large buffs to your hp, mp, or attack. They also effect nearby party members, and last for 15 minutes.
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“Weird Talisman”. Is purchasable from stores.

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Here are 3 possible effects from talismans. They increase attack, HP regen, and MP regen.

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Shows the talisman affecting the entire group.

Buying Back Stamina

In CBT3 the ability to use money to fill your stamina meter was added. This option is available from NPCs in towns, which can give two different buffs.

  • Rest of the Priests – Restores your stamina to full
  • Blessing of the Gods – Gives the player a buff based on their class.

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