TERA Online Warrior Guide

TERA Online Warrior Guide by Nalfen

This is a rewrite of my original 2 guides with the latest changes that were put in K-Tera. The next version of this guide will include the changes brought at lvl 60 with TERA 3.0 The Argon Queen , Crystal set-ups and some sample Glyph set-ups for PvE, Tanking, PvP and BAM Soloing.

This guide is meant as a way to shed some light into Warrior mechanics, skills, party roles as well as to give some tips and advice on how to be a better Warrior overall. For those new to my guide, I am Nalfen and this is a collection of knowledge I gathered as a lvl 58 Warrior on the Korean retail version of TERA, giving me a little over a year of experience playing the class.

Table of Contents
1 – News and Videos

2 – Warrior Description
3 – Ability and Glyph Guide

Warrior future patch news :

Korean Patch 3.0 The Argon queen part 1 will bring 2 MAJOR changes to the Warrior:

First they are adding a WoW like rogue combo system on some warrior skills; From what I have learned it has 10 combo points and the following skills generate combo points: Death from Above, Rain of Blows, Rising Fury, Poison Blade and Charging Slash

You can spend your combo points in 2 ways; Battle Cry for a longer stun/more threat or Whirlwind Slash(new 60 skill) for AoE damage.

We will also gain a new lvl 60 skill; Whirlwind Slash: This is an AoE attack that deals light to heavy damage based on combo points.

Warrior tanking is not being revised at the moment but it will in part 2 of the patch (due sometime later this year). They will bring changes to Warrior tanking and Lancer tanking. From the info given; they will add more ways to protect the party and more synergy with the party.

That’s it for the news, I will update with actual information when the patch lands at the end of February.

Warrior Videos:

I will try to post some more Warrior videos when I get the time.

Dungeons & Tanking Videos:
20 Basilisk – http://youtu.be/JEesUK8BSX4?hd=1
20 Dungeon Part 1 – http://youtu.be/9a8hzy6kS68?hd=1
20 Dungeon Part 2 – http://youtu.be/Et0zXV1eK5s?hd=1
38 Tail – http://youtu.be/gVb5JmybKvY?hd=1
50 Medusa – http://youtu.be/0hOgb2GDCj8?hd=1
50 Solo Crab – http://youtu.be/IwclAXymaEQ?hd=1
56 Drake – http://youtu.be/RRrHzNumN-s?hd=1
56 Frost Giant – http://youtu.be/X3sEkva5scI?hd=1
55 Eyeball – http://youtu.be/GyoKszDl5R8?hd=1
52 Demon Beast of Destruction – http://youtu.be/MzgVSBdIXfs?hd=1
56 Dark Reaper – http://youtu.be/MkY_llcNdkw?hd=1
59 Dungeon Terror Laboratory Boss 2 – http://youtu.be/NQ0Z6Vha51o?hd=1
59 Dungeon Terror Laboratory Boss 3 – http://youtu.be/4MO_poRTfAA?hd=1
59 Dungeon Terror Laboratory End Boss – http://youtu.be/KT1CJUKHHAE?hd=1
60 Dragon – http://youtu.be/qJHlioqPzls?hd=1
60 Argon Naga – http://youtu.be/wE_nJ9ntZY8?hd=1

DPS & Levelling Videos:
54 Dog Grinding Closeup – http://youtu.be/79O-xwXssJw?hd=1
57 Drake [url]http://youtu.be/PRXo0iF_RYo?hd=1
59 Black Tower DPS Warrior Boss 2 – http://youtu.be/zRiU3s55i70?hd=1
59 Black Tower DPS Warrior Boss 3 – http://youtu.be/stlCWiykOWw?hd=1
59 Black Tower DPS Warrior End Boss – http://youtu.be/byPPlSKlSFM?hd=1
57 Golem Grinding DPS Tanking – http://youtu.be/WbmExntZoFg?hd=1
58 New DPS Skills Grinding – http://youtu.be/UVdUqL7Kqow?hd=1
58 Terror Lab Last boss DPS – http://youtu.be/VKHSEgk2F2I?hd=1 [NEW]
58 Max damage setup vs Giant – http://youtu.be/29HrYQY3R68?hd=1 [NEW]

The solo BAM series:
1 – Basilisk – http://youtu.be/fGBVG8xF-0s?hd=1
2 – Giants – http://youtu.be/uHxuoTqCr9w?hd=1
3 – Minotaurs – http://youtu.be/CAYgIEs5TnU?hd=1
4 – Tailzards – http://youtu.be/K9Dg7Gkp0d0?hd=1
5 – Ants – http://youtu.be/n2UwRpFdDFM?hd=1
6 – Eyeballs – http://youtu.be/cMNw0z3NWvc?hd=1
7 – Balrogs – http://youtu.be/CaFNZOaS6dQ?hd=1
8 – Golems – http://youtu.be/I2DGezTmcik?hd=1 [NEW]
9 – Kumas – http://youtu.be/ykuhMAgb56s?hd=1 [NEW]
10 – Mystery Video (comming soon)

BAM Bonus Series:
1 – Slug – http://youtu.be/IMuEZd_5swM?hd=1 [NEW]

Warrior Description:

Is the Warrior the class for you? :
Before you pick a Warrior as the class you want to play, you should ask yourself the following question: Can you handle not having the best class and fighting an uphill battle as the hardest class in TERA?

This is not a joke, the revised difficulty chart for TERA has Warriors listed at 5 stars, the only class in the game to be listed that high.
The description is also spot-on when it mention that you can tank but that is hard to do so; a lot of the Warrior’s current reputation as a sucky class comes from players that did not heed that warning and failed at playing a Warrior properly.

If this does not steer you away from the class, then feel free to read on, you are putting your reputation as a good player on the line with this class but should you succeed you will be amongst the few that can be called the “good” warriors and the pride from achieving what others thought hard or impossible should be reward enough.

If you are looking for an easy and rewarding class… go elsewhere.

Warrior: Tank or DPS? :
This is a question that’s asked around on this forum more than anything: We are a hybrid class, our DPS is around 75% of a true DPS class; it is however above any non DPS class while our tanking abilities are not as good as a Lancer.

We are given the basic tools to do both jobs but lack the extra stuff that makes the pure class great. For DPS we lack the massive 1 hit damage that some classes can produce and for tanking we lack the stability of a Lancer tank, making the fight a lot more mobile than it has to be.

The damage gap with other DPS classes is practically inexistent in the sub 20 lvls but as you gain more levels you will start to see other classes pull ahead in damage. This is due in part by Warrior weapons having less power than DPS class weapons and further exaggerated due to the Crystal system allowing Critical hit multiplications (up to ~10x times with the proper conditions) this makes a 80k damage base hits into 800k crit!

While we have skills that can deal high damage they do so with multiple quick hits meaning that only a small portion of the damage that gets multiplied every time we crit.

Should critical hit multiplication ever be capped to like 3 or 4x then Warrior DPS will be almost equal to a DPS class.

So Lancers are the better tank?

While I have yet to fail at tanking any content the game has to offer, Lancers can do it all and make it a lot easier on them and their party. Given a choice of a Warrior or Lancer of equal skill a party will almost always choose the Lancer. Lancers are also a lot easier to play well so finding a lancer usually means that it will do its job properly, something that is not always the case with warriors.

Are Warriors bad tanks? Not entirely, but they have some flaws in the tanking department:

1 – Because we have to dodge in order to survive instead of blocking so we keep the monsters moving all the time, this makes the DPS have to work harder to get their good back hits and makes it a lot riskier for everyone else too. Healers also have to work their *** off to keep up with your location to heal you. Some bosses also have attacks that a warrior cannot fully dodge due to their size, reach or repeated hits; a lancer can hold his block through the entire attack while the warrior has to run out pre-emptively or get hit.

2 – Lancers can hit their block and maintain it for as long as they want (yes, I know they would lose aggro if they did it all the time but at least you can play it safe). For a Warrior you have to time your avoidance perfectly so when the timing of attacks shifts on a boss (let say enraged) you have to account for that on the fly; you cannot play it safe and react, you have to predict attacks in a split second all the time. This can be fairly easy for a short period of time but try remaining super focused for a 15 minute boss fight. You also get a 5 sec cool down on your dodge compare to their 1 sec block cool down so you can’t recover from a failed dodge.

3 – Lastly in the interrupt department we are completely outmatched, Lancers get 2 ranged ones and 3 melee ones Vs our 2 melee interrupts.

Those 3 key differences are the main reason why Lancers are the preferred tank. A positive side effect is that Warrior tanking gear is cheap because of the lack of competition!

Last thing; at 58, Warriors have around the same HP as Lancers and a little less Defence, if you use Defensive stance you will have the same or more def if you glyphed the stance. This means that as far as getting hit you take around the same amount of damage as a Lancer.

What about PvP?

So we are a sub-par tank, we do average DPS; you’d think we are bad at PvP… WRONG!

Warriors are walking nightmare for casters of all sorts, we bring 5 stuns to the table, a super fast attack rate, high mobility and a snare. Simply put if we drop on anything but a Lancer he is locked down completely.

While we might not be enough on our own to fully finish a class, with proper assisting a warrior can keep a target stationary long enough for any DPS class to line up devastating attacks. Also since we are a tank by design we are pretty hard to take down; this means most groups never go for the warrior first.

One vs One we do ok, you will usually lose to Slayers and sometimes Archers (most classes do) but all other classes are fair game. Slayers are probably our hardest “fair” fight, they have almost as much mobility and stuns as we do but they hit a lot harder than we do.

Conclusion: we are a proper PvE class, great PvP class and sub-par tank.


We start the game with 2 skills and will gain an additional 22 skills over 58 levels. This is a bit on the low side for an MMO but on par with most classes in Tera (Most skills is Mystic with 26). We also get 51 Glyphs spread over all skills and 43 glyph points at lvl 58

Our skill distribution is as follow:
11 Damage Skills – Combo Attack, Rain of Blows, Poison Blade, Combative Strike, Rising Fury, Vortex Slash, Pounce, Traverse Cut, Blade Draw, Leaping Strike and Cascade of Stuns
2 Taunts – Torrent of Blows and Battle Cry
4 Avoidance Skills – Retaliate, Death from Above, Evasive Roll and Staggering Counter
2 Movement Skills – Charging Slash and Back-stab
2 Stances – Assault Stance and Defensive Stance
3 Utility skills – Smoke Aggressor, Deadly Gamble and Mangle

Colour Codes:
Green – Awesome Ability/Glyph
Dark Blue – Good Ability/Glyph
Black – Average Ability/Glyph
Yellow – Poor Ability/Glyph
Red – Terrible Ability/Glyph

(x) Level – Skill Name – Description
[x] Glyph Cost – Effect – Description
* Indicates that this is a Master Glyph. Its effects are acquired from the Training Camp dungeon; it is not available on the basic trainer.

Skills and Glyphs:

(1) Combo Attack Instant | MP N/A (generates MP) |Cool-down None | Power 190 209 229 391

This is your basic attack: On par with most melee classes, it deals low damage slightly increasing over 4 swings (7 hits in total). It gives you MP back so you will be using this quite often. Our version of the basic attack also has the advantage of a lot of hits so weapons with on hit effects get a higher chance of going off.

[5] Glyph of Threat – 5% more threat per hit – Useless! Especially for 5 points
[3 or 2*] Glyph of Spirit – 35% more MP back per hit – Unless you are always in a party running some sort of MP regen this is pretty much a mandatory Glyph.
[5] Glyph of Fainting – 5% chance per hit to stun for 2 sec – While the chances might seem low on paper, we attack very fast so this goes off a lot

(1) Evasive Roll Instant | MP 70 | Cool-down 5 sec

Your main survival skill, this is a directional dodge, allowing you to avoid attacks in any direction you chose and be invulnerable for ~.5sec every 5 sec. Main issues with the skill is it doesn’t dodge far, so vs very large bosses you have to time the .5 sec invulnerability with the attack or get hit anyway. It will also do nothing vs multiple attacks if you are still within the attack’s range.

[4 or 3*] Glyph of Persistence – 25% change to reset cool down – Having a 1 in 4 chance is just not good enough; no serious tank wants unreliable skills.
[4] Glyph of Dexterity – 30% chance to increase Atk speed by 15% for 10 sec – This is an ok glyph the chances are low but 15% is noticeable especially if you already are over 20%.
[4] Glyph of Inspiration [Poison Blade] – Regain 3% of max HP if you use Poison Blade in the next 8 secs – Poison Blade sucks by itself so I would usually never recommend that Glyph; however, it is useful when soloing BAMs as a extra recovery method.

(2) Rain of Blows Instant | MP 350 | Cool-down 7 sec | Power 1736 (divided in 7 hits)

This is one of our best damage move; a 7 hit attack combo with decent damage. The mana cost is high so keep that in mind while tanking; nothing worse than missing a dodge because you were out of MP. As a bonus you take 30% less damage while performing this skill. Note: Using Combative Strike prior to this skill will cause Rain of Blows to go deliver its 7 hits 50% faster.

[6 or 5*] Glyph of Power – 25% Additional Damage – This is one of our highest damage move so if you’re going to glyph for damage you cannot go wrong here.
[5] Glyph of the Sanative – Restores 0.5 life per hit – This gives you 3.5% of your max hp back when you connect with all 7 hits of this skill; at max level this is around 2k HP. It will fail to keep you alive while tanking and is all but useless if you group with healers but does wonders when soloing.

(4) Vortex Slash Instant | MP 230 | Cool-down 7 sec | Power 1139

Usable only after Evasive Roll, this skill does decent damage all around you. It’s a proper damage skill when used in the right circumstances but a newbie trap while tanking because it stops you in your tracks for a good 1.5 sec while you spin; usually a really bad idea after evading a hit.

[5]Glyph of Power – 25% Additional Damage – Adds a decent chunk of damage but for 5 point on a trigger skill it’s hard to justify the 5 point cost.
[4]Glyph of Persistence – 30% Chance to reset cool down – If you’re going for a max DPS set-up you can grab this along with the extra damage glyph otherwise don’t bother.

(6) Combative Strike Instant | MP 0 Cost 2731 HP instead | Cool-down 3 sec | Power 639

A forward stab that cost you HP instead of MP to deal damage. It also adds a 15 sec 4.5% endurance(defence) reduction to the target. This is one of those skills that you get too early in the game to really appreciate. Under lvl 20 you will not really have the HP regen nor will a 4.5% endurance debuff be noticeable. At high level this skill gets used all the time because it speeds up Rain of Blows, cost no MP and makes all attacks do more damage to the target. Note: Lancers get an equivalent skill; 3% stacks 3 times for 9% max, if you are grouped with one, you will not be able to overwrite even if it is only a single stack. (Theirs is better after 2 stacks anyway).

[3 or 2*]Glyph of the Sanative – Cost 50% less HP – This should be one your first Glyph and be included in any setup where you are not always grouped with a healer.
[3] Glyph of Powerlink [Rising Fury] – 20% more damage to Rising Fury for 8 sec – Gives your Rising Fury a little more Oomph; ok while grinding in the 30-50’s but kind of useless otherwise.
[2] Glyph of Lingering – Makes the endurance debuff last an extra 7.5 secs – This is not that great; you use Courageous Strike so often that you do not need this. It can be useful in certain situations where you have to spend extended periods away from the enemy.
[3 or 2*] Glyph of Powerlink [Leaping Strike] – 35% or 45%* more damage to the next Leaping Strike within 8 sec – If you group mainly with berserkers and slayers then this can be a nice DPS boost, otherwise you, on your own, will almost never knock-down targets.

(8) Rising Fury Instant | MP 100 + 100 | Cool-down 4.5 sec | Power 474 680

This quick 2 hit with an optional third hit ability (press a second time) deals damage and adds a little extra damage based on how much HP we are missing. This skill also makes you move around forward with every hit; so with a little practice you can side step with the 1-2 and then 3rd hit at the back of the target. As a bonus you take 20% less damage while performing this move.

[5]Glyph of Persistence – 25% chance to reset cool down – Not worth it; You have other abilities that deal more damage to fill the gaps between each cool-down.
[5]Glyph of Numbing – 10% chance to reduce attack speed by 30% for 7 sec – If this was a 25% chance or higher then this would be a great tanking ability but at 10% this is just too low and the duration is too short. Something to get only if you have a tanking build with leftover points

(10) Defensive Stance TOGGLE | MP 400 + 15 every 2 sec | Duration TOGGLE

When you first get this skill it will be weak. It starts as a toggle on/off 10% extra endurance and 45% more threat that cost 15 MP per 2 sec. The problem lies with the fact that at low level 10% of your low endurance is nothing. However, once you hit lvl 30 you get the 2nd rank of this skill giving 20% of your now considerable endurance. Add in the 20% glyph and you now have more def than a Lancer!

[6 or 5*]Glyph of Grounding – Adds an extra 20% endurance(40% total) – If you are going to tank real content this should always be included. Quick warning; it also increases MP cost per 2 sec to 18

(10) Assault Stance TOGGLE | MP 500 + 15 every 2 sec | Duration TOGGLE

A toggle skill that cost 15 MP/2 that initially gives 15% more attack power and 30 Critical rating at the cost of and 15% less endurance. Values at rank 2 are 20% pwr -20% end and 40 crit. This skill is the single highest damage boost they have given Warriors. If you want to DPS always toggle that skill on.

[x] No Glyphs

(12) Retaliate Instant | MP 0 | Cool-down 15 sec | Power 775

A Skill that everyone gets; this props you back up instantly when knocked down and deals some AoE damage with a good knock-down chance.

[2] Glyph of Influence [Leaping Strike] – Reduce Leaping Strike MP cost by 75 for 8 sec – This skill has our highest knock-down potential so it makes sense to link it with Leaping Strike but 75 MP reduction is a serious waste of Glyph points.
[4] Glyph of Energy – 20% cool down reduction – If you are serious about tanking then use this; knock downs are the number one way you will die vs bosses so being able to get up more often might just save your life.
[3] Glyph of Power – 25% more damage – This is not a high damage skill; making this a waste of points

(14) Battle Cry Cast 1.1 sec | MP 0 | Cool-down 30 sec | Duration 3 sec

This skill is an AoE 7m large 3 sec Stun and Taunt on a 30 sec cool down; the 1.1 sec cast time can be a ***** but this is great for pvp and pve.

[4]Glyph of Energy – 20% cool down reduction – For PvP this is gold and for PvE tanking if you have leftover points I would go for it.
[2] Glyph of Penetration – 10% more chances of stun – This is not a great glyph but at 2 points its priced right; I use it often as a leftover point glyph on tanking builds.
[6] Glyph of Blaze – 50% faster cast speed – 0.55 sec instead of 1.1 makes a difference; for PvP it’s a necessary evil but for PvE you cannot really justify the massive 6 point cost.
[3] Glyph of Threat – 20% more threat – This skill’s threat is fine as is so you do not really need this.

(18) Smoke Aggressor Cast 1.4 sec | MP 200 + 20% HP | Cool-down 50 sec | Duration 20 sec

One of our utility skills; this eats up some MP and 20% of your current HP to spawn a shadow of you with 7.5 times the HP you had at the time of casting. It will agro everything around and tank it for up to 20 sec (does almost no dmg). If you are doing mass AoE pulls this can really grab a lot of mobs in a pinch. Other uses are getting a boss of you long enough for a rez or to drop combat and bandage. Certain bosses will rip it apart in seconds so do use with caution.
***We also get 2 new skills along with the Smoke Aggressor, one is an Attack command the other is a Disengage command. Those 2 skills let you direct the clone to attack specific targets or stop attacking, giving you a measure of control on what your Smoke Aggressor can do.

[4] Glyph of Energy – 20% or 25%* cool down reduction – When this was on a 2 min CD this was decent but on a 50 sec CD, this is really not needed.

(18) Torrent of Blows Instant | MP 300 | Cool-down 7 sec | Power 541

Your general purpose AoE taunt; this slashes everything around you for moderate damage twice and generates a lot of threat. MP cost is high so I would advise against spamming it unless needed. As a bonus you take 50% less damage while performing this move.

[6]Glyph of Threat – 20% more Threat – If your weapon lacks +threat modifiers it might be wise to get this with a high damage party. It also help to compensate a little if you try to maintain agro outside of Defensive Stance.
[3] Glyph of Influence [Rain of Blows] – 88 less MP on your next Rain of Blows – No synergy there, there is no reason to use rain of blows after Torrent of Blows.
[6] Glyph of Numbing – 25% chance to root for 4 sec – Great in PvP, ok as a Tanking add-on but not a priority

(22) Poison Blade Instant | MP 200 | Cool-down 7 sec | Power 181 (The hit not the DoT)

This skill is a frontal stab that adds a 10 sec damage over time effect every 2 sec for 5 ticks total to your target. If your gear is not great the dot damage will seems nice but since all DoT’s in the game do not scale at all this skill will get progressively worst as your gear improves. (max damage is 1428 a /tick)

[6]Glyph of Virulence – Adds 15% more DoT damage – Max DoT damage at 58 is ~1428×5.. 6 points to barely add 1000 damage is awful.

(22) Pounce Instant | MP 200 | Cool-down 10 sec | Power 999

New DPS move added on 8-10-2011: This is a short range leap attack with good damage and a 50% movement 4 sec speed reduction effect. The skill is good; it adds a little mobility because of the leap and it is one of the 2 primers to use before Traverse Cut. You also take 50% less damage while performing this leap making this an awesome skill.

[3]Glyph of Blaze – 30% faster execution – This makes the rather slow leap noticeably faster; awesome in PvP and not too bad in PvE.
[2]Glyph of Energy – 20% cool-down reduction – Brings the cool down from 10 sec to 8, not really great but at 2 points its priced right.

(24) Leaping Strike Instant | MP 300 | Cool-down 7 sec | Power 203 (1015 on knockdown)

This launches you in the air as you try to stab at your target. Damage is multiplied by 5 if the target is knocked down. Our version is hard to land because it has a smaller radius than classes with larger weapons like the Slayer and Berserker; you will have to account for this difficulty when trying to land this skill. This skill can become a good source of damage when grouped with Slayers and Berserker but on its own we rarely knock down opponents. Note: all melee DPS Classes get a skill like this one.

[5]Glyph of Power – 25% more damage – This, potentially, is a high damage skill but we hardly ever knock down so it is not good unless you are in a DPS role with a Slayer/Berserker.

(26) Death from Above Instant | MP 200 | Cool-down 10 sec | Power 517

Jump attack strait up in the air evading every hit for ~3 sec. This is our second dodge skill; although it comes in a bit late, it helps complete our evasion toolkit. This skill is all about timing since it will jump strait up and lands you right where you left, so time it right and you can avoid most multi attacks.

[3 or 2*]Glyph of Energy 30% cool down reduction – Must have Glyph for anything PvE and for 3 points this one is a steal. You can skip it for PvP.
[3] Glyph of Dexterity – 50% chance to increase attack speed by 15% for 10 sec – Great Glyph for both Tanking and DPS; the attack speed bonus is noticeable and if you work out Death from Above in your skill rotation you can expect a pretty good uptime.
[5*] Glyph of Protection* – Increase your Endurance by 25 for 8 sec – This along with defensive stance is a great mitigation boost and will prevent a lot of damage from a botched dodge. Get it for tanking, ignore for anything else.

(28) Traverse Cut Instant | MP 220 | Cool-down 11 sec | Power 284

New DPS move added on 8-10-2011: This low damage attack stabs 3 times and adds a .85% endurance debuff to the enemy for 11 sec(stacks with itself) However if you precede it with (22)Pounce or (6)Combative Strike it will stab a whooping 13 times! The debuff itself fully stacked (13 times) is a nice 11.05% endurance reduction and it stacks with The 4.5 from Combative Strike or the 9% from a Lancer’s Debilitate giving anyone that hits the target a nice 15.55% or 20.05% damage boost.

[2]Glyph of Lingering – 50% longer debuff- This allow for the debuff to overlap letting you keep the armour debuff much longer, Great for tanking as well since it lets you focus on other things than refreshing a debuff every 12 sec.
[2] Glyph of Brilliance – Reduce MP cost by 75 – Another worthless MP Glyph but at least this one is cheap.

(28) Blade Draw Instant | MP 320 | Cool-down 11 sec | Power 1978

New DPS move added on 8-10-2011: This is our highest damage attack. A forward 2 hit attack that deals heavy damage. This move is very slow but you can greatly speed up its execution by preceding it with any of the following skills: Traverse Cut, Vortex Slash, Charging Slash or the last hit of Rising Fury.

[4]Glyph of Power – 25% more damage – Do I really need to explain this?? High damage skill + More damage = Win.
[2] Glyph of Brilliance – Reduce MP cost by 80 – Another worthless MP Glyph but at least this one is cheap and the skill is expensive.
[4] Glyph of Persistence – 40% chance to reset skill cool-down – Normally I am not a fan of skill cool-down reset Glyph but on this one I make an exception. This does very high damage and they are multiple ways to prime it so not a bad choice for DPS

(30) Charging Slash Instant | MP 240 | Cool-down 12 sec | Power 543

Finally, a charge skill; this move couldn’t come sooner to help with mobility. This is a straight line dash followed by a single medium damage attack if you connect with a target. It’s a great way to get to or away from enemies. This ability generates Aggro.

[3]Glyph of Energy – 25% cool down reduction – Great for PvP to catch kiters, for pve this is not a priority
[3]Glyph of Influence [Poison Blade] 50 MP saved on Poison Blade – This is crap, lower MP on a bad skill that is not very expensive to begin with.
[4]Glyph of Powerlink [Combative Strike] 20% or 50%* damage bonus on your next Combative Strike within 8 sec – Helps when you are grinding trash, as a way to provide extra damage when starting the fight outside of that not really useful.

(32) Mangle TOGGLE | MP 10 every 2 sec | Duration TOGGLE

A Toggle skill that cost 10 MP/sec that gives a 25% movement snare to the 4th attack in your Combo Attack chain for 4 sec. This skill could use some improvement but if you have MP to spare activate it that for the odd snare here and there.

[x] No Glyphs

(42) Backstab Instant | MP 300 | Cool-down 30 sec | Power 199

A 30 sec cool down Teleport in the back of the target and attack + stun 4 sec; one of our best moves, too bad it comes this late in our carer. for PvE you can use it as a ghetto escape+stun. In PvP this is your opener of choice vs pretty much anything.

[3]Glyph of Lingering – 50% longer stun – Must have; gives an extra 2 sec of stun (6 sec total) vs just about everything but Bosses (very high stun resist) and PvP (half stun duration).
[5]Glyph of Energy – 25% cool down reduction – For PvE no; for PvP try to work it in your build it helps a lot.
[4]Glyph of Persistence* – 30% chance to reset cool-down – For PvE no; for PvP, with a few reset, this can change the course of a fight.

(48) Deadly Gamble Instant | MP 133 | Cool-down 180 sec (2 min) | Duration 20 sec

For 20 sec every 2 minutes you get 36 more critical rating at the cost of 30 less critical resistance. This is not too bad as it lets us get a decent chance of crit to help with DPS but the long cool down and relatively weak effect + drawback prevent this skill from shining.

[4] Glyph of Energy – 25% lower cool down – This skill is not good enough to waste Glyph points on it.

(54) Staggering Counter Instant | MP 250 | Cool-down 15 sec | Power 788

This skill is only triggered when we get hit; for 3 sec we can counter with an attack that does high damage, stuns for 3 sec and spins the target so his back is facing you. In short this is just plain awesome and helps stop boss attacks.

[5] Glyph of Lingering – 50% longer stun – A great glyph but costly for only 1.5 sec extra stun time.
[4] Glyph of Persistence – 20% or 35%* chance to reset cool down – Maybe it’s just me but I am not a fan of cool down resets, they are not reliable so you can’t prepare for them and put them in your normal rotations.
[3] Glyph of Power – 25% more damage – This skill does ok damage so if you are glyphing for damage this is not a bad choice.

(58) Cascade of Stuns Instant | MP 350 | Cool-down 30 sec | Power 1314

This skill slashes a large cone shaped area in front of you dealing high damage; if one of the target it hits was already stunned then every target hit will suffer a 4 sec stun. Overall a very good skill completing our stun arsenal; absolutely deadly in PvP

[3] Glyph of Influence [Rain of Blows] – 88 less MP on Rain of Blows – We do not need MP glyphs, plain and simple.
[4] Glyph of Powerlink [Rain of Blows] – 20% more damage to your next Rain of Blows within 8 sec – Well it adds damage to a high damage attack but only once every 30 sec so this is not great.
[4] Glyph of Brilliance – Skill cost 88 less MP – Sometimes I think the developers lack imagination, plain bad.
[4] Glyph of Persistence – 30% chance to reset cool down – Its unreliable and I do hate unreliable skills but in PvP a chance to re-stun everyone is golden (I have kept people stun-locked entire fights with this at times).
[4] Glyph of Power* – 25% more damage – This is not that great considering the long cool-down.
[3] Glyph of Lingering – 25% longer stun duration – While only 25% longer, this skill can hit a large area if you do it right and a longer AoE stun is really good.

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