TERA Online Slayer Class FAQ

TERA Online Slayer Class FAQ

Q: How many greatswords will be offered at launch?
A: Each class will have scores of weapon designs and hundreds of versions of their class weapon to choose from.

Q: Do different greatswords offer different ranges?
A: No, all greatswords are uniform in range: 3m.

Q: How does the Backstab skill work?
A: Upon executing this skill at a target within range, you swiftly close the distance to your target and strike from behind. You can then use this new vantage point to unleash more skills while your target tries to recover.

Q: How is a slayer different from a warrior? What is its weakness?
A: One very significant difference is that when warriors use Dodge, they are invulnerable during the skill’s duration. The same is not true for a slayer’s Dodge. This means that slayers are more damage-prone while attempting to escape from harm. It also has implications about the two classes’ roles in a party.

Q: Do slayers’ greatswords slow their movement?
A: No. In fact, it can be said that the greatsword’s combo attacks can allow for tactical, reactive movement to enemies’ movement during combat.

Q: Combo attacks? How does that work?
A: The slayer’s basic attack skill rewards additional damage for multiple successive uses. Also, some skills are cheaper to use immediately after others.

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    Q: How is a slayer different from a warrior? What is its weakness?

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    I really enjoy alot of your guides and was wondering if you would write a slayer guide as well?

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