TERA Online Dreadspire Guide

TERA Online Dreadspire Guide by Soleria

This is a guide to the dungeon Dreadspire. If you see something that is wrong, needs to be added/removed, let me know in the comments below and I’ll add to this guide. :D

Special thanks to Christinna67 for adding more useful information to this guide.

“I would honestly never pug this dungeon.” -christinna67

*Note any of these floors could spawn a special mob instead of the mobs/BAM. It looks like a little Jester mob. If this mob appears congratulations you just got a free pass on this floor. Kill the mini-mob to clear the floor. The special mob that grants you a free pass actually DESPAWNS after a certain amount of time ( I’d say it is like 20 secs ) and you will have to do the floor normally, so don’t fuck around. I don’t think there is one that spawns for Kelsaik, I could be wrong.

Floor 1: Triple Kuma’s

Kuma’s will spawn every 60 seconds for 3 minutes. For a total of 3 Kuma’s. Just back crit dps, if you can’t clear this floor you’re either way to undergeared for this dungeon or you need to uninstall the game.

Floor 2: Basilisk

A basilisk will spawn immediately, Simply back crit dps and avoid his attacks. Fairly simple BAM mechanics. Again, if you can’t clear this floor you’re either way to undergeared for this dungeon or you need to uninstall the game.

Floor 3: Teralith/Mobs

A teralith will spawn in the middle of the room. The Teralith is immune to damage until you kill the 4 mobs that spawn shortly after the BAM. Now I will warn you: these mobs actually hit pretty damn hard, so stun or kd them to avoid being hit by them. When the Teralith is about to spin, gtfo or you will most likely die. Once all 4 of the mobs are dead the teralith will be knocked down, dps it immediately. Usually one or two phases of this will kill the Teralith.

Floor 4: Mini-Game Ghosts

Can we ask for anything easier, simple start the floor, a red ring will appear undearneath you. Ghosts will randomly spawn around the room. Just stand by them and a periodic damage effect will slowly kill the ghosts as long as they are in the red circle around you.. This effect does not stack so don’t stand on top of each other, it’s pointless. Just keep doing this until yu have killed 50 ghosts, The ghosts can be leashed and stunned. Warrior’s mangle is actually useful for once. (P.S. You cant fail this floor, even if the timer runs out. The drops get nerfed if you run out of time.)

LOOT Tier 6 Feedstock, Masterwork Alkahest, Gold, Noctenium Infusion Chests, Crystal Boxes, and Blue Dyads.

Floor 5: Akasha

This floor doesn’t require a tank but I highly recommend it if you are new to this floor/dungeon. The mechanics are simply tank and spank for a bit. Eventually the BAM will just walk away from the tank and spawn a ton of little mobs that need to be wrangled up by the healer, or someone brave. Simple gather these mobs up away from the BAM/Tank and get the mobs to the barrels that have spawned, make sure the mobs are within a close proximity of the barrel and destroy the barrel, this will kill the mobs in one-shot it also deals a lot of dmg to the player that destroyed the barrel, hence why the healer takes the mobs. (Glitch: Sometimes the barrels dont kill a mob or two or nine, whatever. Its annoying and just know it can happen.) This phase of mobs/barrels will happen periodically until the BAM is dead. After the message “X is going blind” one of you gotta run to the mirror (there are 2 on each side and u have to alternate between them ) and use it. Please note that the message sometimes lies or doesn’t appear at all, so communicate with your team. If your tank can’t see anything, it is quite a problem. The big mobs that Akasha spawns will keep casting sleep, so be careful there too.

Note for the next 3 floors: BAM Spawn sub-types.

This goes for floors 6, 7,and 8 sometimes the bams will spawn differently from 3 different sub-types:

(1)- Sometimes it will spawn a weaker BAM then usual, then every 60 seconds a new BAM will spawn and be slightly stronger and a larger version of itself. If you don’t manage to kill the first spawn before the 60 seconds you will be stuck fighting a newer stronger bam along with the one you haven’t defeated yet. Kind of similar to floor 1 mechanics.

(2)- Sometimes it will be one single stronger BAM you have to fight. After a certain amount of time is passed, two more bams will spawn that are RED, they are immune to dmg. These bams can and will hurt like the normal one. They will eventually go away but can be very botherrsome while they are active. Kind of similar to floor 2 mechanics.

(3)- Or it will be a single BAM immune to damage until you kill the mobs like Floor 3 mechanics fighting the Teralith. Remeber when you are killing the mobs, the bam is mobile and will attack whoever has aggro, usually whoever has aggro it’s best to kite away from others while they dps the mobs. Kind of similar to floor 3 mechanics.

Floor 6: Mobs/Argon Starship (1st boss of LOT)This BAM falls into the 3 sub-types for spawning

Mobs will spawn. These mobs are stupidly easy and are affected by crowd-control effects. So stun/leash/kd/dps your ass off until they are all dead. After the mobs have been defeated the Argon BAM will appear. . The BAM mechanics are typical Argon Starship mechanics, pretty easily avoidable attacks. The only attack I’d really watch out for is when he kind of stands up and 3 red rings are around him, he will walk around a bit and fire off shots into the rings this will one shot most players if you’re not careful. Sometimes he will cast a close ranged/long ranged attack (you can see 2 rings around him). For the close range attack get out of the inner circle, for the long ranged get inside of the inner circle or outside of the outer circle.

Floor 7: Argon Raptor (Roly poly BAM 2nd boss of LOT) This BAM falls into the 3 sub-types for spawning

This bam is incredibly easy. There is just one thing you need to watch out for that could wipe even the most experienced Tera players. Sometimes this bam will roll into a roly-poly wheel spin and move forward 30m. This will almost certainly one shot you if you are caught in the attack. I have had a party who wasn’t careful wipe to this mechanic. Now it’s unlikely everyone will die at once from this attack but it can happen. Just always be mindful he could go into roly poly attack at any time. Whats makes it so challenging is that there is really no indicator to tell when he’s about to do this. Sometimes he doesn’t do it at all, other times it’s all he will do.

Floor 8: Killian (Last boss of LOT) This BAM falls into the 3 sub-types for spawning

This BAM hits pretty hard, has a low-crit resist but high amount of HP. Try to avoid all of Killians attacks as they hit pretty hard. The number one thing to watch out for is the stupid ass gorilla thing in the distance on the wall. This gorilla will periodically flash red and move into a direction. Get out of the way of which the gorilla is facing immediately, he will then cast a spell that causes lava/fire to go across the room and will most certainly one shot you, this attack is non-i-frameable. This will happen periodically so keep an eye on the Gorilla at all times and dps Killian as much as you can.

Floor 9: Mini-game Urns

Uhhhh to easy. Kill the urns that spawn. When they die a red ring will appear around them that causes a push effect. Simply destroy 50 urns before the timer runs out avoid getting pushed. (P.S. You cant fail this floor, even if the timer runs out. The drops get nerfed if you run out of time.)

LOOT Tier 6 Feedstock, Masterwork Alkahest, Gold, Noctenium Infusion Chests, Crystal Boxes, Blue Dyads, and a Tantibus Scale or a Nimisitrix Plume.

Floor 10: Thulsa. (Ebon Tower Final Boss.)

Simply tank and spank this boss, the BAMs attack mechanics are very similar to floor 5, so keep that in mind. Instead of barrels this time we have two different waves of plasma balls that shoot out of the walls. A message will appear confirming the balls are being released simple move out of the way, they do moderate damage, and if you are in the wrong spot you will certainly die if you don’t move. Don’t under estimate these phase’s the balls are incredibly annoying and can make tanking/dpsing Thulsa properly a nightmare. The message also sometimes lies so even if it says it is locking onto person X, be careful. The best way is to hug the wall and wait until it’s over.

Floor 11: Mobs/Lizard –(Firs boss of Argon Corpus)

After killing the mobs (Easy part) the lizard will spawn, make sure you have a tank for this part it will make things easier, Let the tank grab aggro, hold off on dps for a few seconds, let the tank drag him to the wall away from where the wraiths will eventually spawn. The hardest part of this floor is avoiding the wraiths and watching for the lizards tail stun. There is a way to determine if he’s going to slam his tail down and cause silence, he will quickly look behind him kind of like 2nd boss in Ravenous Gorge and then attack with his tail, it’s the same mechanic. Also watch when he charges up he will roar, half-ass stand up, drop down and lift his face, if you don’t avoid the circle electricity attack after he lifts his face it will stun you for like 8 seconds. The wraiths always spawn at the same spot. It is a line from one door to another if I’m not mistaken. If you get the fire debuff, don’t panic. You won’t die if you renew it (by getting hit by the wraiths) before the time runs out. So just keep renewing it until you kill the boss. It is same thing like in KN except it is always the same debuff you get. Also nothing is clean-sable on this boss. Don’t get hit by the poison puddle, it fears you. If for some reason you do die in the wraiths, always have a Goddess’s blessing on you, so you can ress with immunity for 10 seconds or else you’ll never get up and probably cause your party to wipe, especially if you’re the tank or healer.

Floor 12: Naga — (Saravash using the mechanics of Suryati)

This Naga… Isn’t that bad, until he enrages. The big thing to watch for when battling the Naga is to ask yourself, “Is he enraged?”, if you have answered yes to this, it is best to kite or avoid him if your in-experienced battling the BAM mechanics of a Naga. His attack speed and dmg increase significantly when he’s pissed. The enraged Naga will step over you like its nothing and you’ll wipe before you know it if you are not careful. The wall’s aren’t an issue if you have a priest, they can just pull you out, if you have a mystic with you, you will need to dps the walls to save your party and/or yourself. Another annoying thing about the Naga is his tail, he will quickly look behind himself and flick his tail, if he’s not enraged it does moderate damage. But boy oh boy, if he is enraged that tail will end you quickly. It’s best to avoid the tail flick altogether(It can be challenging). Another thing to watch out for the Naga will do is his triple jump attack. This is semi-avoidable when is he not enraged, but if the Naga is Enraged and starts doing his triple jump, gtfo of the way/block/i-frame immediately or you’re dead. Especially if you’re the tank if he is triple jumping at you and you’re against the wall, I recommend you I–frame his last jump it always seems to get in behind you no matter how close to the wall you think you’re (Warrior/Slayers backstab is great to avoid this attack). Finally if this floor wasn’t annoying enough they toss this random wraith in that throws blue plasma balls at you periodically that do a fixed 50k dmg (can’t I-frame it either , I tried T_T ). So it’s best to avoid this, and they always seem to be coming right at you when you’re about dead or about to get stomped on by Naga. Also note: If you see a big red circle around you, get away from the party asap or you will kill them. Healers can still heal while being in a safe distance from everyone else.

Floor 13: Dracolith (Last boss of Sigil Adstringo (Skulregnath))

This floor is actually in my opinion, stupidly easy. When the Dracolith first spawns, dps him cautiously as his AOE attacks are deadly and linger on the floor for a bit. When the totem spawns dps it down to like 5% and wait until a notice appears that the dracolith is gathering energy. Break the totem and you have immunity to dmg for like 20 seconds or so, use this time to dps the dracolith make sure to take care of the mobs first. Repeat these steps until he’s dead. Have someone kite him during the waiting phase for the totems and him gathering energy if you need to. The mobs that spawn can one shot you when they spin. So be extra careful when dealing with them. Tank can leash them to the boss while you have the buff and u can easily kill them.

Floor 14: Mini-Game Tanks

Simply get in a tank when they spawn, shoot the mobs that appear… WIN! If you fail this floor, uninstall. (P.S. You cant fail this floor, even if the timer runs out. The drops get nerfed if you run out of time.)

LOOT Tier 6 Feedstock, Masterwork Alkahest, Gold, Noctenium Infusion Chests, Crystal Boxes, Blue Dyads, and a chance at Timeworn Weaponry, chest, hands, or gloves. I’ve had all four drop at once, it is possible.

Floor 15: Kelsaik by christinna67

New Kelsaik vs old Kelsaiks

New Kelsaik doesn’t do the targeted jumps with a stun like in KNNM and he doesn’t do the big fire wave either. There are no circles placed on a player like in KN10/20, he rarely roars and I am quite sure it is only when you fail the shield. One important change you need to know about: the debuffs STACK and it hurts if you get 3 stacks or more. Be extra careful and switch your debuff so you always have 1-2 stacks max. Use reju pots if needed. Each hit of the ice/fire aoe/puddle will give you one stack. Swap the debuffs only when he is doing the double paw attack or just walk into the fire/aoe puddle, the single paw attack will kill you.

Beginning of the fight

After breaking the crystal, group up. He does a random attack right after he spawns – it might be a tail swing so watch out for the bleed (cleansable) or it can be a random AOE. Kaia shield is highly recommended since it is hard to dodge it right at the beginning (the boss can be invisible for the first few seconds for some players). He will most probably jump in the first 30 seconds too, so just iframe it, it hurts too.


The first shield comes up at around 8:55 and then it repeats every 2 mins. He says “Pathetic” before he does it and places a debuff on you that eats your hp. Healers should be ready to heal through it or you can iframe the debuff too. You have 35 seconds to break the shield and if you fail to do it so, Kelsaik will be on a rampage which is practically a wipe. The tricky thing here is to position him well before the shield, so watch the timer carefully. If he shields himself while standing in a pool, your dps will have to sacrifice themselves in order to break the shield. It is definitely worth trying tho, so don’t stand there not dpsing at all.


At around 45-40% a message will appear saying “Feel your own powerlessness!” and it repeats every 60-90s. It does quite a lot of dmg depending on your gear so it is best to iframe it because you might die if you’re low on hp (use your iframe right at the moment when he raises his head). This will also place a debuff on you reducing your dmg which will need to be cleansed from all the members.

Painful death debuff

At around 25% he will say “I look forward to your slow painful death” and place a non cleansable debuff on you which significantly reduces all the healing you receive and it can be again iframed. At this point you should try to kill him as soon as possible since it is extremely hard to heal with the debuff. There is no timer on the debuff like in the old raids, it will last until you kill him.

More general info

I strongly recommend to use every possible consumable you have and be ready to use goddess blessing, especially if you die during the shield. Try to iframe the shield/powerlessness/death and switch your debuffs to make it easier for your healer. Good priests can heal through it all but mystics will have a hard time in here, so be considerate.

Having generation weapon/armor significantly helps on this boss, but full +12 perfectly rolled discovery should be enough (if you use all the consumables).

You’re on 10 minutes timer for this fight. I don’t really know how much stronger he gets after you run out of time because we always killed him before that could happen and honestly I would rather not find out.

Kelsaik drops a ticket to the Upper levels, there is no other loot. Killing Kelsaik for 10 times grants you skilled in Dreadspire.

Here is my video from clearing the 15th floor https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jw1TpBFs1b0.

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