TERA Online Berserker Guide

TERA Online Berserker Guide by BasedLord


Berserkers are “An offensive juggernaut…” PERIOD

If anyone is familiar with watching the Saturday morning cartoon show “The X-men” then you have a general idea as to the meaning behind the statement above. Those who didn’t have the opportunity to watch the show may still have understanding of the “general meaning” from watching the movies. In the film and cartoon a large muscular mutant (although he wasn’t truly a mutant according to comic) name “Juggernaut” was a sight to behold due to his strength. In addition to his strength he had crazy durability which almost made him a “true unstoppable force”.

In Tera the similarity between the Juggernaut and Berserker are definitely there. Both have mass strength and dominating power once unleashed. Although they both lack one true attribute “speed”, so if you were under the impression that this class (as of now Close Beta 1) will be a class that has the mobility (whether equal to or a bit short) of classes like Archer, Warrior, or even Slayer, then you will need to roll those classes. Berserkers do not (or will not for the time being) match in that department. This class is meant to be the class for “incredible burst damage” and to give the opposed the feeling of being caught on the railroad of a freight train.


Berserkers are truly for those who are patient and enjoy critical-thinking. Imagine if you will a scientist developing a formula (in a sensitive environment) only to make one minor mistake and cause the experiment to blow up. If you can accept this happening at any chance while battling then you can appreciate the class even more thus becoming better. Although most solo content in CB1 is fairly easy once you travel to the “Valley of Titans” things start to shift if you’re not careful.

In battling your mana and health is you’re the power source. Why? Because as you battle you use MP for majority of your attacks outside of your starter skill “Combo Attack”. You build your MP starting off with solely this skill until you learn “Triumphant Shout”. Your health allows you to endure punishment only to land the much needed attack. (to be continue..)

Here is a quick analysis…

Combo Attack 1 – Req Lvl 1 – Four attacks to the target(s) (hold left mouse button or click it up to you). Will gain MP from each attack repeating the attack immediately damage grows.

My Experience:

If you can position yourself while using this attack you can hit multiply targets. The second attack within the combo WILL I REPEAT WILL hit multiply targets.

[Quick View]

X – mob X X X As you can see in this rough sketch
B – you | / the second attack has this much arc
/ | – arc B to the front for targets diagonal to you.

Triumphant Shout 1 – Req Lvl 10 – Restores 100 MP and for 20 secs your MP don’t decay.

My Experience:

This buff skill does help a lot while just starting with this class. Learning mob attacks takes a bit time especially for soloing bosses or BAMs come later. Your mana constantly depletes when your not in battle so its a fight to build it up initial. This is where this skill truly shine when starting from scratch with no MP and no time to build it off the bat (PVP server/ganking anyone?).

Now some of you may feel puzzle with understanding this “power source” idea and may ask such questions.

1. ) Well if I’m allowing people to just hit me then whats the point to attacking?

The point is to endure punishment while setting up your attacks to secure your powerful blows/knockdowns. Trust me anyone allowing a berserker to attack them with no defensive plan is not thinking the fight through as it don’t take much to down majority of they other classes (and yes lancers too if they are not blocking).

2. ) Can I evade? And If not then why is there a way to stop from getting hit all the time if this class is not a mobile class?

NO, you can’t ever possibly evade. Want evasion roll slayer, warrior, archer, etc. Your job and purpose is to be on the front line attacking with all you got not hopping around the target. You CAN move around if you want (just will be a waste of time as you cant move fast in combat like other mobile classes). Your position is to stand and bring all the nonsense attacks from the mobs to a halt when you block and attack you must because you lose MP when you do other attacks outside of “Combo Attack” or waste too much time not attacking at all (don’t worry there another skill for mana I’ll explain later)

[Time to learn about block]

Axe Block – Req Lvl 1 – Block frontal attacks with your weapon. The better your axe, the more damage you can block. (GEAR DEPENDENCY AT ITS FINEST!)

3.) Will the plate help at all if my health is my so called “power source”? I mean if I’m attacked I’m losing my power (this guy here).

Yes, plate does make a difference mind you CB1 capped leveling at 22. So the differences to pain (tolerance) from other classes didn’t immediately show to some until later towards the cap as mobs became harder and skills became better and more powerful equipment became available. But this was only the beginning as the game begin to truly open up around that range in levels (20 and up). Your Axe even absorbs much more damage as you progress to the cap. I personally had an axe which allows you to absorb over a 1,000 hp of damage alone. Plate is the REASON why you able to absorb as many blows as you can without blocking and not being able to move like other classes and if your health bar was low it would allow you to last just a bit longer compare to another class (outside of lancer) with the same amount of HP (see: warrior). Plate and health truly go hand in hand as you need both in-order to survive. The mana only serves the purpose of allowing you deal damage AND rejuvenate a portion of both HP & MP.


Now within your arsenal of attacks just using “Combo Attack” is not going to burst down targets. If your outnumbered (which I love) with 10 or more mobs that skill will not cut it and you may end up dying very easy if not careful. Come lvl 2 you receive the key to your AoE damage for the rest of your Berserker life.

Cyclone 1 – Req Lvl 2 – Charge up your attack by holding down the skill button, then release it to spin your axe in a circle.

This skill will begin to give you your “juggernaut feeling” when battling multiply foes (and single targets when used at the right time). This will save you at times as well when you need to move while attacking while getting out a lousy position (blind spot) away from the target. Did you catch that? Let me explain majority of your attacks outside of AoE skills use linear motion which means someone whether mob or player can strafe to the side to get out of harms way (remember we have juggernaut movement). So when you swing and miss you leave yourself open for attacks while you recover by “trying” to reposition yourself to face the target again to “try” yet again to attack (knockdown if your fortunate to). Mobs later on as you level move a lot so readjusting happens a lot without proper timing since most of your attacks carry a short range (talking about 5mm at most I believe). “Cyclone” has a higher range which will allow for you to make a mistake and still attack while re-positioning yourself for your next attack.

This WILL save you in PVE when the situation calls for it and it hits hard. This will be the skill to look forward to on knockdowns as well because of its multiply strike even on single targets. As far how much it scales down the road verses single target attacks its up in the air for now. I will report when CB2 start as I have hit max in CB1. But as I did get better weapons and crystals I did notice a improvement on crit ratio and base attack power.

You’re a now a official juggernaut once you obtain this skills.

Flatten – Req Lvl 4 – Pound the ground, stunning those nearby.

My Experience:

This will be a favorite as well for the simple reason of being able to “stun those nearby”. I can recall using this skill and not being as close as 4mm on the targets and it still connected. How don’t ask its apart of our “unstoppable force”… But naw I wasn’t able to at that time to do further study into the actually arc of the attack whether linear or diagonal. BTW processing the next skill Im about to talk about “Thunder Strike” will automatically pop up a suggestion box for this skill if mana conditions are meet.

Thunder Strike – Req Lvl 8
– Charge your axe attack for one deadly stroke.

My Experience:

OMFG, does this skill yields nice *bleep* de *bleep* damage. If you are able to charge this attack in PVE you will see the stars and meaning to life (heh). But no seriously you will see incredible damage which makes you feel proud like “ya… ya that was me right there”. One thing about this skill is you have to time it and have good judgement on whether its best to charge all the way up or to immediately unleash the attack. Its one of those situations you will have to adjust to on the spot. Also as stated above this skill description “Flatten” will be available for process about 2 secs after if its not on cooldown and you have the mana req.

Retaliate – Req Lvl 12 – Leap to your feet while attacking your target if you’re knocked down.

My Experience:

I nice addition to the skill list cause just be knockdown makes us look bad ya know. This helps a lot in fighting boss with large AoEs which would knockdown all (melee) close by instead you jump back up and keep on striking away like nothing happen (because your the juggernaut *bleep*). Also it does have the possibility to process a knockdown of your own.

Vampiric Blow – Req Lvl 16
– Charge up a mighty swing that also steals health from your target for yourself.

My Experience:

This is such a good skill to have on stand by to replenish that lose HP you were complaining about earlier (or maybe not). Using this skill you are allowed to slip up in PVE situations with getting damaged bad and recovering while on the go as you await your POT cooldown. It has a charge meter just like alot of your attacks so far I was only able to witness one charge and the max amount of HP I can remember recovering from I forget if it was one mob or more but it was 246 HP (x2) in one swing not bad for a instant health while battling.

Tenacity – Req Lvl 20 – Call on inner reserves to instantly replenish mana.

My Experience:

Remember I mention eariler the other skill that would assist you in replenishing mana. Ya your looking at it. This can be a life saver as well when you need a much larger supply of mana unlike “Triumphant Shout” which gives you a little bit. Lets say I miss time an attack and got tagged pretty bad so I need health. I pop a HoT POT and now its on a 3 min cooldown but I’m still hurting for health then I need to stop attacking so much to risk getting K.O. I move around (what little I can) to buy so time pop this for well over 200 MP at one time (only thing it has a 30 sec cooldown) use “Vampiric Blow” get some health back while delivering a nice damaging blow, still keep moving a round until cooldown is up for both skills rinse and repeat until Im back in the game. Now mind you I’m using this strategy on a BAM (or more so PVE) situations not PVP. In that situation I would just ride it on out and hope the other player make a mistake as well.

Fiery Rage- Req Lvl 22 – Sacrifice endurance to boost your strength.

My Experience:

N/A, wasn’t able to test it in combat. Will inform once CB2 starts but for anyone else who may had the pleasure of testing it out to find how much improvement it gives to attacks. The floor is definitely open as I’m curious myself.

Moving on this class is by the MOST dependent on knockdowns then any other (including slayers) due our lack of efficient mobility. You will pray for knockdowns and rejoice when they process and laugh macho-style when you clean the floor with your target. Reason being before lvl 24 (I will explain in a bit) there aren’t that many gap closers IF any at all besides “Cyclone” (say what? this class sucks, nice try hold tight). This class do have options available for like “combat movement speed” crystals but its STILL not enough. Now mind you in most PVE situations you come across “good gear” is “good gear” so its not so much an issue of mobility. Those crystals I mention will provide a nice amount of mobility for those situations (we are not Slayers so dodging attacks is not our defense mechanic you are meant to block and return damage) but for some of us that like to dabble in duels or even roll on a pvp server come launch will be quite surprise. Are crushing power doesn’t work as good with a constant moving target (just doesn’t). You will hope the target stand still and rather move a little as most good players will not.

So what is a Berserker to do? Boo hoo! No engage the challenge and play smart to the best of your abilities. If you lose you lose but you will get respect if you didn’t make it easy for them.

Point blank!

Well, fortunately for us things are not all deem. Come lvl 24 (see I told you I wont forget) you get this skill which will lighten *some* of your PVP woes…

Leaping Strike 1 – Req Lvl 24 – Jump at your foe and smash downward. Knocked-downward foes take 5x damage once you learn Merciless Leap.

Merciless Leap – Req Lvl 24 – Your Leaping Strike deals 5x damage against knocked-down enemies.

[Not bad, not bad at all btw don’t know the cooldown yet will fine out next CB2]

Couple this move with say a weapon like…

Bomb Squad Ax – Req Lvl 19 – At +3 (meaning enchantment lvl) increases your attack speed by 8%

[side note – If you preorder you receive Velik’s Bloodstone Necklace Req Lvl 15 w/ +4% attack speed amongst other features of it]

A crystal like…

Cruel Cabochon – Req Lvl 11– Increases your attack power against knock-down opponents. Cannot be stacked with crystals with the same effect.

A Glyph like…

Glyph of the Swift – Req Lvl 20 – Skill: Flatten (req) – Increases attack speed by 24%

Not looking to bad as of now are we.

Things begin to open up for the class the more that is learn and become available. Plate armor is the top armor in the game. Axe blocking major attacks is a must as well. So taking a beating is apart of the strategy just to setup for that sweet chance to instantly end the fight. Most classes will have a hard time of recovering from the attacks of a beserker once we gain ground on them and opportunity presents itself.

This is class that isn’t hard to play at all point blank. The learning curve is only within the boundaries of understanding your position, charge times, and finally attack directions. Also this goes without saying but I will say it regardless you are “VERY GEAR DEPENDENT”. Those who have played similar MMOs along the same line as this (Aion folk) know this already. Learn your animations and cooldowns as well can’t stress the that enough. Your game style is based on timing and you must cherish it, learn from it, and master it (if you can) as this will set you apart from others.

Later I will further dive into strategies that are tricks of the trade from the class. Even help those understand there DPS roll in groups with a slayer as theoretically it would seem the same can be accomplish within the other class with no need for a Berserker. This guide is work-in-process all the way up until launch so I hope to continue the journey to becoming a great Berserker. All in all I hope this guide will allow you too as well.

Found a video of PVP between a Berserker & Ranger. Check it out!

I already seen a strategy for planning attack and maneuvering light attacks while blocking bursting “charged” attacks from the archer. Pay close attention to the zig-zag movements which will allow you to gain ground on the target. As far as snares and traps that the archer may use we might have to wait to Lvl 24 for “Leaping Strike”. BTW don’t know the Lvl of the Berserker or Archer. Also I don’t as of now know the exact reach of “Charging Strike”, “Flatten” or “Leaping Strike” but in close quarters without ample room from the Archer to kite we pose problems for them.


The person who was recording wasn’t as close as they should of been. There were several duels going on at the same time but look at the top of the video for “this particular duel”.


Next I have a video of a Berserker soloing a Basilisk (BAM) all by her little ol’ self. She is lvl 33 but just observe her strategy. At a later point I will figure how to post screenshots of moves so you can read them better when they are perform. As of now it may be kind of hard if you haven’t tired the class out.


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