Super MNC Jungle Guide

Super MNC Jungle Guide by Rogueblades

The second floor of each arena is a special place. It’s dangerous, but rewarding. Ladies and gentlemen,

Welcome to the Jungle

The jungle is located on the second floor of each arena. While players are up there neutral bots will spawn and attack. Many people lately have been wondering if “jungling” is viable and I hope this guide answers any questions people might have.

Rules of the Jungle

1. The early bird catches the worm – know your bot timings.
2. One and done – there should only be ONE jungler for each team. What’s worse than fighting the enemy jungler for bot kills? Fighting a teammate for them….. On top of that, you are giving up much needed lane power by sending more than one into the jungle.
3. Death from above – Jungling naturally leads to easier gank setup. Be vigilant and prepared to initiate an early lane gank if the opportunity presents itself.
4. Know your enemy – Be prepared for the eventuality of an enemy jungle raid. Know the enemy team composition and what each pro can do. You are gonna be all alone up there. Get ready to defend yourself.
5. Touch all the things – Make an effort to “tag” every enemy bot (kill the slims flat out).
6. Finisher – As the jungler, you are charged with finishing weakened pros and turrets to the best of your ability.
7. Know when to give it up – Sometimes, jungling just isn’t in the cards. If a bot lane gets pushed too far, you need to come to its assistance. Likewise, If your team is making a strong push, watch over them and push when needed.
8. The Thing – It is your job to be watching the annihilator. You should be calling it out in advance so your team can prepare.

How to Jungle

Jungling in SMNC is considerably more easy than it is in other DotA games. Simply wait for a bot to spawn, kill it, and come back when the next one appears.

From the start of the game, the jungler should rush to take control of the top floor. Most likely, the first skirmish will take place between the two junglers. This will probably not result in a death, but it will establish dominance and help the dominant jungler secure the first bot kill. After the first Gremlin is dispatched, the junglers have three main options:

1. Continue the fight for dominance in the jungle. This is perhaps, the least effective use of time for the junglers, as focusing on each other will reduce the amount of time they spend killing bots. This will cause them to be underfed and weak as they enter the mid-game. A jungler should really only focus on another jungler if he can either kill him or force him to go back to base.

2. Stay in the jungle while killing bots in the bottom lanes. This is how you want to be spending your time in between jungle bot spawns. Likely, you will have to deal with the enemy jungler while trying to kill bots, but remaining in the jungle for as long as possible keeps you in close proximity to every bot on the field. This means more opportunities to farm bots from both lanes. Staying in the jungle also gives you considerably more map presence, and therefore, control. By being able to see every player on the field you can make more informed decisions about assisting lanes or scoring ganks.

3. Return to a lane. This is less optimal than choice number 2, but sometimes it is your best option. If you get overrun in the jungle or are simply being outplayed by the the other jungler, you might have to cut your loses and retreat to a lane. It still yields xp and keeps you in the fight.

In regards to the Gremlins, here’s some things that might help you out as a jungler in the early-game phase:

1. the first gremlin spawns one minute into the game.
2. The second spawns two minutes into the game and the third at 3 minutes. As a helpful timing tip, you should have just turned level two right before the second gremlin spawns and level three as the third is spawning.
3. the initial gremlin spawns are STATIC. They are not random. Assuming you are a Hotshots player, the first gremlin will ALWAYS spawn from the right bot spawner (left for Icemen). The second comes from the other side and the third come from the same side as the first.
4. Gremlins deal HUGE damage during the early levels. Handle them with great care. Losing hp as a jungler is very bad. It limits your (safe) options. It might even force you to buy a regenitol (less money for the annihilator) or return to base (big lose of potential xp).
5. The fourth jungle spawn will send TWO Gremlins your way. Be prepared.
6. Gremlins yield 75 money/exp. That is quite a lot during the first few levels.

At around level 6 we begin to enter the mid-game. The first Annihilator is activating about now (your job to buy it or atleast call it out) and we begin to see some different bots and mascots. At this point, “jungling” ceases to be. Now, its more about pushing the lanes and killing the jungle bots whenever you happen upon them. Yes, Jungling in SMNC is an early game style. After the first Annihilator has be activated multiple jump pads have probably been activated. Everyone can get up there and reap the rewards that come with killing the neutral bots. You, as the jungler, can still go up there and kill bots for big xp/money, but so can everyone else.

Yup, these bastards are back and tougher than ever. Their laser-cannon fires very fast and is capable of melting mid level pros who don’t treat the blackjack with caution. Going into melee combat against the blackjack is also a very, very, very bad idea. This bot strikes any pro who comes near with a massive punch dealing high damage and knockback. The best way to handle these guys is to kite with ranged weapons while staying out of their laser-cannon range (its very small).

Ugh… Where to even begin. You’re in the jungle, minding your own business, when this **** literally comes out of **** nowhere and slams your ass to the pavement. Why? Because Honey Bouncer don’t give a ****, thats why… Seriously, don’t underestimate them. They run faster than you, hit harder than you, and have way more hp. Kite them, lunge away if they get too close (assuming you can), and jump to avoid their grapple.

For an added bit of fun: If you play a Pro with a grapple-throw, toss those bouncers into the enemy base and see if they can start a (hilarious) gank.

Chickey Cantor
Chickey is the robot chicken that occasionally causes havoc in the jungle. The player who lands the killing blow on Chickey gains a buff for his entire team for the duration of a players life. Think of Chickey like Baron from League of Legends. When engaging the bird, attack him while avoiding his attacks until he jumps in the air and uses his Slam ability. After this, Chickey will stun himself and allow anyone who grapples him to ride him and deal massive damage to him. A word of caution. If you decide to engage Chickey, MAKE SURE YOU FINISH HIM. Don’t grab him once and then leave him alone at 20% hp. This just begs the enemy team to do the easy work and get the buff. Also, if there is a fight over chickey and you are concerned about landing the killing blow, don’t be afraid to use your juice on him. That spike in damage might be what you need to get that last hit.

Worthless….. Ignore

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