Seven Souls Online Classes List

Seven Souls Online Classes List by SevenSouls

Imperial Guard:

The deliverer of pain for the Wan Empire, the Imperial Guard roams the land investigating recent development in Akkadia and protects the seal of 7 Souls from falling into the hands of evil. The Imperial Guard is a master of several martial arts which allowed him to develop different fighting styles with multiple weapons; he can wield the Great Axe, Broadsword and the Polearm.

Great Axe

The Great Axe can turn your foes into bloody jigsaw pieces with ease. Besides its obvious destructive capabilities it can also pull nearby enemies closer to you. When it comes to the Great Axe there’s no escape, no surrender!


It slices, it dices, it turns your enemies into Juliennes fries. The Broadsword’s maneuverability allows the Imperial Guard to charge his foes and steamroll them to the ground. You’ll cut through those that stand in your way so quickly that they won’t even realize they’re already dead.


When the Imperial Guard needs that extra length he reaches for his mighty Polearm. That additional reach allows the Imperial Guard to strike surrounding rivals and stun them.

As you level up you’ll gain skill points that you can use to unlock unique and devastating combo attacks. You can focus all your skill points on one weapon type and become a “Master of the Pole…arm” for example or spread your skill points around and be a Jack of all Trades.

Exiled Avenger:

A beautiful masterpiece of bloody vengeful death, the Exiled Avenger is as proficient in delivering merciless annihilation as she is breathtakingly alluring.

Blamed for the attack on her village and the loss of the Emperor’s treasure the Exiled Avenger now roams the lands of Akkadia seeking vengeance on those who destroyed her life. This is one chick you don’t want to mess with!

Years of martial arts training allows the Exiled Avenger to expertly wield Daggers, Claws and the Bow.


The archetypical weapon of any true assassin, the Daggers allow the Exiled Avenger to strike with stealth and speed. Sneak up on an opponent with Shroud and cut their throat, poison them with Toxic Strike or simply shred them to pieces with amazing speed.


Make Wolverine proud and slice and dice the opposition. Chain up your and enemies and stab them until it feels good. Like the Daggers you can deal poison or bleeding damage with the Claws so death is not only certain but painful. And if you want to toy with them a little you can also Paralyze them first, so they’re helpless when you start to cut parts off.


MAKE IT RAIN!!! The Exiled Avenger can darken the sky with her arrows. Release the Piercing Shot and hit all foes in a straight line, it’s the 50 caliber shot of ancient time. Whether you like turning up the heat or staying frosty the Exiled Avenger has an arrow for you. Someone’s in your face? Knock’em back with the Explosive Shot.

Manatech Rebel:

The man from the moon has brought his epic blend of tech and magic to protect the seal of the 7 Souls. Sickened by the atrocities committed on Akkadia by his power hungry guild, the Manatech Rebel has come to set things right and destroy those who stand in his way.

The Manatech Rebel’s combination of cybernetics and sorcery allowed him to master the Scythe, Chakram and Sword.


Truly Death’s weapon, the Manatech Rebel doesn’t disappoint with his astonishing ability for gruesome eradication. His vampiric skills allow him to feed off the damage he inflicts on his enemies to heal himself. The scythe can also repeatedly attack wide areas in short bursts and offers self-buff skills to temporarily increase his stats and abilities.


Spinning blades of destruction are so much fun, who wouldn’t want to wield Chakrams? The Chakram’s light weight gives the Manatech Rebel great maneuverability which allows him to Teleport and Flee from combat when needed. The Manatech Rebel can also reduce an enemy’s Stamina and Defense with attacks like Crescent Fury and Strategic Assault.


A true blade master, the Manatech Rebel can increase his Crit rate with multiple attacks making him even deadlier. He can also blast the hell out of surrounding opponents with Explosion, blinding them in the process. When things are looking grim and it looks like its curtains for the Manatech Rebel use Survival Instinct and become INVINCIBLE for 10 seconds, plenty of time to turn everyone into meat pies.

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