Seven Souls Online Aging and Enhancing Your Gear Guide

Seven Souls Online Aging and Enhancing Your Gear Guide by Chicago

You are able to enhance/Age or +++ your gear to make it stronger.

When you find gear found in the field while fighting mobs it is never aged (Makes Sense – Mobs can’t age our gear for us).
You can craft gear, and with crafting, you almost always craft an item that has all ready some age to it. I have seen as high as +7 being Crafted.

You can gain the following from Mobs;
Poor Gear (Worn Gear) (Grey in Color)- This is pretty much useless. You can sell it to NPC, however it is never worth much.
– What I liked to do with it is combine it with other poor gears to gain Terre (An Item needed in Crafting)

Normal Gear (White in color)
– This gear is very common. Almost too common that no one uses it. I do with it pretty much the same as Poor Gear, however, you get a lot more gold for it than Poor Gear if you sell it to the NPC.
– Normal Gear has one built in (Non-Changeable) Ability built into the armor.

Rare Gear (Green in Color) – This gear in Martial Empires was the most common worn by the players. If the Drop Rate in 7Souls is similar to Martial Empires, this is the gear you will want to look out for.
– Rare Gear will have one added Ability built into the armor that is fixed.
– Rare gear will also have one open Ability Slot. You can use an Inscription (Ability) Stone to add an extra inscription on to your gear.
– See the thread on adding Ability Stones to your gear.
Once you found the Rare Gear that has the hard set Ability that suits your Char (HP for Warriors, Dex for Mages, and whatever for Rangers (Not overly familiar with the Ranger Class), then take either a Poor, Medium or Superior Ability Stone and Apply it to your gear. Please note that there is a chance the stone may fail.
– Hopefully you will get a nice Stat added to your Gear that will help your char in the long run. If you get a poor stat like SP 1, you may want to consider buying ACID from the Cash Shop to wipe the added stat and trying over again.
– If your Gear is not that Rare, I would consider leaving it with what you have and possibly farming for another Rare piece. Keep in mind, you will be leveling rather fast from level 1 to 20+. You will be going through Gear too fast to worry about investing Gold on it.

However, lets say you get a Unique Item – This has one Built in Ability with 2 Extra Free Slots.
– Unique Gear is not overly common and worth investing some gold into.
– The only advice I am going to give here is when you get your first inscription done and lets say it is a PRO Inscription, the second inscription has a chance of Fail and erasing your first inscription as well. Good Luck! This game is based a lot on Luck!!!!

Now, to get to the aging part. You have the Gear you like, you got the Inscription you want! You want to make this Armor/Weapon/Accessory stronger (Higher Stats with each Age).

As you are battling Monsters, they will drop Weapons and Armor (Accessories do not start dropping until 35+). This is a real Pain in the butt and hopefully Neowiz will look at changing this.

Anyway, you can dismantle the gear in the “CUBE” to make Blood Stones (Not sure what they will be called in 7 Souls.
Once you have sufficient Bloodstones, you right click the bloodstone, it will open the enchant window. You then Right click the item you wish to enchant and it will go into the Enchant window, as well it will automatically add the necessary amount of Bloodstones and Gold.

Press Enchant and CROSS YOUR FINGERS!

Up to +5, you do not have to worry about your item being destroyed.
However, it is possible for Enchant to Fail…and what’s worse, is there is a chance the Enchant can de-age. (Lose an Enchantment level).

Good Luck with Aging!!!!
Ambrose! (MORBID Guild)

I should also add…

0 to +5 aging is safe besides it can fail and degrade, but you will never lose (Break) your gear.
+6 to +10 (+10 is the highest enchant possible – +11 is coming soon in Martial Empires).
+6 to +10 there is a chance of breaking your item.

In Martial Empires there is a Cash Shop additive you can put in the enchant window that keeps the item safe from breaking if it fails.

Keep in mind I have seen some people get +7 with-out the cash shop additive. I however have never even been successful getting +6 with-out the cash shop additive. If you have a good (Rare/Unique Item) I strongly recommend not trying +6 or higher with-out the cash shop additive.

Also, 0 to +4 your gear looks normal.
+5 to +6 your gear has a silver type glow to it.
+7 to +10 your gear has an Awesome Gold Glow to it.

Also know this, to make your gear look Silver/Gold, you don’t need to age your Pants, boots, gauntlets, shoulders…just your Body Armor. Have all your gear +0 abut your Body Armor is +7 and your entire character will have the Gold Glow.

Same glow applies to weapons as well.

In Martial Empires +11 will have a Blue Glow to it.

Also know the rarer the item the more difficult it is to age. Normal is pretty easy. Rare is also pretty easy. Unique I have experienced many fails and de-ages. Epic gear is really tough to age and costs way more per try. Legendary, well there was only one on the Martial Empires server that I crafted for a friend. He managed to get it to +7 (Earings) and it was a painful process.

Typically I like to get my weapon and Body Armor to +7 at least as I love to see the gold glow on my character!!!

Good Luck to everyone! Enchanting is a game of Chance!!! One thing I really love about the game!


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