SD Gundam Online Rank Up, Unit and Blueprint Guide

SD Gundam Online Rank Up, Unit and Blueprint Guide by wdcefv1000


-Unit Information
-> The Three Types of Mobile Suits
-> Special Variable Units
– Missions
-> Battleships on Gunfire
-> Destroy the Apsalus II
– PvP
-> Aiming
-> Normal Match
-> Death Match
– Blueprints
-> How do I get blueprints?
– F.A.Q
– Credits

There are many different types of Mobile Suits in SDGO and I will be explaining how these types differ from each other below. There are also many Mobile Suits that are not out and by many, I mean MANY.
IMPORTANT TIP: I suggest that you try to use one Mobile Suit of each type to figure out which type suits you best or you can choose to use all three types of Mobile suits for combating different players for an advantage.
There are three different types of Mobile Suits in SDGO and these are: Rock, Paper and Scissor Mobile Suits. Rocks do more damage to Scissors, Paper does more damage to Rock, and Scissors does more damage to Paper.
NOTE: It is possible to use a mobile suit and be able to kill a Mobile Suit that your Mobile Suit is weak against because this game is very skill orientated.
^ Examples of the three different types of Mobile Suits ^
IMPORTANT TIP: Special Variable Units are a lot quicker, use it to escape when in tight situations
Special variable units and units that have the ability to transform into a Mobile Armor Mode, this mode grants the Mobile Suit the ability to move around faster while most of the Mobile Suits weapons are unable to be used in Mobile Armor Mode. Special Variable Units can transform into their Mobile Armor Mode by pressing the R KEY.
^ Example of a Special Variable Unit Asshimer Gundam.  IT’S A DONUT! ^
There are two ways to rank up in SDGO; Missions and PvP (Player versus Player).
Missions are the faster way to level out of the two. There are a total of 9 missions that give EXP currently but you’ll mainly be doing only two out of all the missions. These two missions are “Battleships on Gunfire” and “Destroy the Apsalus II”.  You’ll only be doing these two missions because they are the easiest of the 9 and also takes one of the least amounts of time to complete.
IMPORTANT TIP: For Players who can’t access Expert Mission Channel (Under Rank PO1)  , only do the Easy difficulty of this mission and only do the Normal difficulty for the Psycho Gundam when you’re PFC rank because you will need it later on for missions on hard difficulty or higher. Don’t do the Expert difficulty rank because Destroy The Apsalus II is a better mission for ranking up once you are able to enter the Expert Mission Channel.

Battleships on Gunfire requires you to first shoot down a certain amount of enemies in Sector One to then progress to Sector Two. It is RECOMMENDED that if you are doing Battleships on Gunfire in either Hard or Expert mode that you use Psycho Gundam. The Psycho Gundam should be at least VETERAN rank or higher (This means that your Psycho Gundam should have Impenetrable Defense EX). All of the other difficulties are very easy to complete without the use of Psycho Gundam. Sector Two requires that you destroy three different Battleships: Attack Battleship, Defense Battleship and Support Battleship. For this sector, you should destroy ALL of the parts of the battleships before attempting to destroy the ships themselves as EACH ship has 4 missile pods and the Attack Battleship has additional weapons. After all of the parts of the battleship are destroyed, it is time to destroy it.
NOTE: Impenetrable Defense EX is VERY important as it increases survivability of your Psycho Gundam by a HUGE amount. Sector one of this mission varies depending on difficulty. Easy is 15 kills, Normal is 25 kills, Hard is 25 kills and Expert is also 25 kills.
^ Descending onto the Battleship ^
IMPORTANT TIP: If you’re using Psycho Gundam and are trying to get on top of the Battleships, Transform into MA mode (R button) and try to descend onto the battleship from the front. DO NOT CHASE IT FROM BEHIND. All three of the battleships do NOT take damage if shot or melee attacked from the back. From personal experience, Psycho Gundam is a very slow suit and has a very short boost so most of the time when you try to chase it from behind, the battleship will leave you in the dust.

After descending on top of the battleship, you no longer have to chase after the battleship as you are on top of it. You can then either melee the battleship to death OR use a weapon that has multiple shots/hits multiple times such as Psycho Gundam’s Beam Gun or its shotgun-like weapon in MA mode. After killing all three of the battleships, you will have finished the mission. As for why I mentioned for players who can’t access Expert Mission Channel to only do Easy difficulty for levelling up because Easy, Normal and Hard all give the SAME amount of EXP so you should always do Easy difficulty as it takes less time and there will be a better mission option once you can enter Expert Mission Channel.

^ A comparison between the first three Battleships on Gunfire Difficulty EXP gains. As you can see, all 3 difficulties give the same ^ amount of EXP
NOTE: I didn’t include Battleships on Gunfire Expert as most people do Destroy the Apsalus II once they are able to enter the Expert Mission Channel due to the small amount of time needed to complete it. People also do Rising Gundam but mostly only for coupon drops to get Chars Zaku Blueprint.
IMPORTANT TIP: It is recommended that you use four Psycho Gundams on this mission for the Impenetrable Defense EX skill for added survivability

There is only one goal in the mission Destroy the Apsalus II and that is to destroy the Apsalus. When you spawn, you will have to travel through a long ravine-like path. In order to advance deeper and deeper in this ravine you have to destroy two gates. These gates take about 40 melee hits to destroy but take considerably less if you’re using Psycho Gundam’s MA shotgun weapon. Destroy the Apsalus II is a very straightforward mission.

^ Big Gate, huh? ^

In Destroy the Apsalus II Expert Mode, you do not try and kill the enemies the moment they spawn. You first rush the first and second gate and then kill the enemies after arriving where the Apsalus spawns. When you first arrive (which should be around 3:30-4:00 minute mark), the Astray Gold Amatsu, Rising Gundam, Acguy, Ball and Apsalus II don’t spawn until after the 3 minute mark so you have a good amount of time  to kill all or most the enemies. Try to special as little as possible unless you are using it to kill the enemy mobs or if you’re tanking the Apsalus and have minimal HP left. Remember that if you use your Special, you LOSE your skills 1 and 2 so you will be vulnerable to high attack damage until you regain your Impenetrable Defense EX if you’re using Psycho Gundam.

IMPORTANT TIP: Don’t bother about killing any of the mini-bosses, only go after Apsalus II to kill it quick for faster rank EXP. Also, many people choose to do this Expert Mission as compared to other missions because of the amount of time it takes to complete. Destroy the Apsalus II is a good Expert Mission to do continuously for both Blueprints & EXP. What are Blueprints? Well read below.
^ EXP and POINT Gain from Destroy the Apsalus II Expert ^
PVP (Player versus Player)
PvP is the second way to rank up in SDGO. Although slower than Missions, it is also the more entertaining way of ranking up. There are 6 different game modes in PvP and these include: Normal, Single, Death match, Boss, Tag and Grid. I will be explaining only Normal and Death match as they are the most popular game modes. You also get 15 Faith that resets daily and this faith gives you 20% more Unit EXP and POINTS.
Aiming is very important in SDGO. Why you ask? Well it is because SDGO has a hit box system, depending on where you hit, you do more or less damage. There are 5 different hit texts that are displayed when you land a hit on them and these include: Hit, Smash, Guard, Crash and Critical.
Hits and Smashes happen when you hit someone anywhere on their body that isn’t near the shield that they are holding or their back. Smashes do more damage than Hits but they are both random. Sometimes you’ll get Hits and sometimes you’ll get Smashes. Guards happen when you shoot an enemies shield or anywhere on their side that has the shield equipped. Crash happens after you shoot their shield enough, Crash is the sound that it makes when it gets destroyed. The most important of all of these is CRITICAL
^Picture of Smash, Guarding and Critical ^
Normal Matches (A.K.A Point Matches) is when you get points for killing enemy Mobile Suits. When you start the match, the players are broken into teams of two. These matches are 5 minutes in length and whichever team has the most points at the end wins. Depending on the rank of the Mobile Suit you kill, you will get a different amount of points for it. You get 2 points for killing a C rank, 3 points for killing a B rank and 4 points for killing an A rank.
^ EXP and Points Gained from Winning a Normal Match
^ EXP and Points Gained from Losing a Normal Match
Death Matches is when you start off with a certain amount of lives that vary depending on what Rank Mobile Suit you use. The max amount of players in this mode is 8 so it is a 4 versus 4 match. C ranks in this mode get 4 lives, B ranks in this mode get 3 Lives and A ranks in this mode in 2 Lives so if you are good, you can either use an A rank and survive with just those two lives or use a lower rank Mobile Suit for more lives.
^ EXP and Points Gained from Winning a Death Match ^
^ EXP and Points Gained from Losing a Death Match ^
Blueprints are very important in SDGO as they allow you to create powerful and new Mobile Suits for you to use. There are even some Mobile Suits that can ONLY be made through Blueprints.

You can get blueprints by farming missions with the recommended missions being expert missions as the higher the difficulty of the mission, the better chance to get Blueprints. You can also buy Blueprints from the store for Points or Astros. There are some blueprints that are only available through quests and some are only available through mission drops so depending on what you want you will have to put in more effort to get the blueprint. Please note that some Blueprints are only available


Question: I have 100% Mastery! What do I do with it?

Answer: You can either get these Empty EXP packs (Do not have an F beside its name) from completing missions or if you want to use Astros to buy some from the shop.

Question: How do I get bots such as Exia, Dynames, and Kyrios RIGHT NOW?

Answer: Currently you can only get those Mobile Suits from the Gashapon that is on the website, although they are available starting from Capsule 39 for 14,800 POINTS so if you want it, better start saving up.


Thanks to WindHover and GoogleChrome for helping me gather information used in this guide.

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