Red Stone Power Witch Build Guide

Red Stone Power Witch Build Guide by willyb19

This build is for those who wish to make a Power Witch. There are no tsets for this build so you will have to gather your gear the old fashion-fun-way. You could use the Princess tsets but you won’t get the full bonus of it as you can’t use the slings as a Little Witch.

First thing you need to know is the weapons you should use.
For weapons, the Little Witch can use the basic Hall, Monarch, Emperor, Combat halls and their DX/LX/GDX forms. Basically any hall as long as it doesn’t have a religious reference in it’s name.

For your first Halls, be sure they have Attack Speed % (you can buy these and Damage % Halls in Strasserad and Vaultish). I recommend you don’t use a Damage % hall until you get Battle March to around level 15~20 as it provides you and your party with a constant speed buff.

If your taking the Luck/Power Witch route, I suggest status effect rings (Blind, Berserk, Chaos etc…)

For your stats, you need most are Power, Alacrity and (if you want) Luck.
If your being power leveled:
boost your Charisma stat to 100~150 (you will need it for your attacks and Sing Along)
then proceed with thet stat build
If your not being power leveled then:
add 2 Power, 1 Alacrity and 1 Charisma
until Charisma is 100~150
then proceed with 2 Power and 2 Alacrity
(2 Power, 1 Alacrity, 1 Luck if you chose)
You won’t really need to add anything to Health as Princesses and Little Witches got 1 Health/level automatically.
As you progress in levels reduce the Alacrity use/level
(i.e 2 Power, 2 Alacrity>3 Power, 1 alacrity>4 Power)
(i.e 2 Power, 2 Alacrity>2 Power, 1 Alacrity, 1 Luck>2 Power, 2 Luck)

The skills for Power Witches are as follows.
Comet Shooting
Quasar Scattering (if your adding to Luck)
Battle March
Star Release
Sing Along
Ultra Nova
Rose Garden

Step 1: Max Comet Shooting (CP gainer)
Luck Step: Max Quasar Scattering (Area of Effect)
Step 2: Get Battle March to level 20
Step 3: Max Star Release (secondary CP gainer, useful if Comet Shooting misses)
Step 4: Finish maxing Battle March(should be using Damage % hall now)
Step 5: Max Sing Along
Step 6: Get Ultra Nova to level 10 (used for Area of Effect debuffs)
Step 7: Get Rose Garden to level 10 (max if you wish)
Step 8 (optional): Finish maxing Ultra Nova (longer debuff duration and wider range)

This build is great for soloing, with your buffs (Battle March and Sing Along) constantly active and providing offensive/defensive buffs and CP as well as allowing your other skills to gain more CP with each use, there’s no going wrong. Pairing those with Ultra Nova, which debuffs within a range weakening the enemies caught in it and making them more susceptible to taking damage. Using Rose Garden on yourself will make any enemies attacking you take damage in return. The Power Witch’s main attack is Comet Shooting since it will gain CP with each successful hit, Quasar Scattering should be you secondary skill, if you chose to max it, as it will drain your CP substantially.

If however your more of a party player, the strategy is practically the same as if you were soloing with no real big differences. The biggest problem you will have is getting your party members staying on the Rose Garden you ‘planted’.

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