Loong Online Mentor and Apprentice Guide

Loong Online Mentor and Apprentice Guide by Lews




II. a. Getting your mentor licence
II. b. Why would you do it ?
II. c. Techniques for fast runs
II. d. Rewards in detail





The Mentor Quest, commonly abbreviated to MQ, is a repeatable quest that can be carried out once a day (reset at 00:00 CET) by the apprentice if in a team with his or her Mentor AND the Mentor is with them throughout the quest. The MQ can be carried out once per day,

The MQ actually consists of 5 sub-quests that start in Heavenly Dragon Castle (HDC), working through surrounding areas of Dragon Castle and into Zhuolu, finally ending up in Yellow Emperor Castle (YEC).

Each quest is very similar, and asks the Mentor and Apprentice to kill a named spirit ranging from level 30 to 50 (increasing in difficulty as the MQ progresses).

A detailed map of the route can be seen below:


II. a. Getting your mentor licence

As soon as you graduate (reach level 50) you can receive your mentor licence by talking to Guo Chen. This licence will cost you 10g and won’t expire over time.

It might not be a wise thing to start being a mentor at level 50 since you’ll struggle with the last two Spirit monsters. And be reasonable, it’s a sad thing for your apprentice if his/her master can’t complete the quest.

At level 60 with Litian gear and a new weapon, it should definitely become doable, with the help of some pills perhaps.

II. b. Why would you do it ?


  • You’ll be a HELPFUL player
  • There are (good) rewards you can claim from doing this quest.
  • You will get a fair amount of exp when an apprentices reaches level 50.
  • You will receive a blood-crystal essence after completing each quest.


  • It can take 10 minutes (or 10 hours) to complete this quest depending on the ability of your apprentice.
  • A good mentor does more than just the mentor quest, this takes time.
  • You never know who your apprentice is, and it’s (often) hard to kick one out.


It might take time and effort to complete all mentor quests daily, but it’s definitely worth doing.

II. c. Techniques for fast runs

Avoid common mistakes

Autopath bug

The second autopath (see yellow route on the above map) is bugged, and often new apprentices will fall into the trap of going the wrong way if not warned previously.

My Apprentice died

Very low level apprentices can die in one hit from the spirits, ensure you tell them not to attack or kill them fast enough to avoid this.

“My Spirit!” “No.. MY SPIRIT”

At certain times of the day the quest gets quite busy, with other Mentor and Apprentices running the quest at the same time. If you have to do the quests at this time take your time, and avoid hitting another pairs spirit, or indeed losing your spirit to another ambitious pair or even enemy.

NOTE: If this happens ensure your Apprentice does not abandon the quest, instead ask them to relog, they can then spawn the Spirit again. Abandoning the quest will result in not being able to complete the quest that day.

Vast ground paper (image)

A nice trick is to tell the apprentice to use his vast ground paper (received from either the tutorial quest or the fairy treasure box) and save the location of the ‘Complete’ npc in YEC.
If you set your samsara flag in YEC yourself, you can both travel to the last step without much of a struggle.

Double ride

If you happen to have double ride on one of your mounts, you can invite the apprentice to ride with you. This is useful if you do a single apprentice a time, but useless if you do multiples at once.
Remember to guide your apprentice back to Dragon Castle after you completed the quest !

Stay in sight

Keep in mind that the world is very big for a new player, and easy to get lost in. As long as you stay in sight, the apprentice should be able to follow you with ease, rather then having to look on the map and get lost.

Transportation flag (image)

Before you start doing the quest, tell your apprentice to set his samsara point in Dragon Castle.
Ideally your apprentice will have done the new-player quests and have done this already.

Map system

Try to explain how to use the map, and how to use the quest dialog to get to the different npcs.
It helps if you tell the apprentice to look on the map when you reach a certain npc, so he/she can remember this location for the next day.

II. d. Rewards in detail

Blood crystal essence

Perhaps the main reason why high levels make the effort to complete the Mentor Quest every day. The Blood crystal essence has two benefits, when used it provides a buff that increases the characters Physique by 20, and can stack 5 times, making a total of 100 extra Physique, adding 1000 extra hp and 500 more External Defence – Not too shabby!

The second benefit is that once used the Blood Crystal Essence, as well as providing the buff also produce Stone Fragments:

These Stone fragments, after collecting 36 of them, can be exchanged for a +20 “Perfect” gem in YEC, 2174 2370:

Kindness & Ethic points exchange

Kindness and Ethic points can be exchanged for a reward at the Dragon Scholar in HDC (behind the first quest NPC).

Kindness Points can be handed in, by clicking “Get Apprentice Upgrade rewards”, for a random reward of:

  • Qinglong Spirit Paper (4)
  • Ancestral Spirit Paper (3)
  • Temple Spirit Paper (2)
  • Divine Spirit paper (1)
    AND Artisan’s Hand Book (2)

Ethic Points can be handed in, by clicking “Mentor’s Kindness Gift”, for a reward of:

  • Attribute resetting pill (no level cap) and common combination paper (5)

Mentor points exchange

Using a combination of Mentor Points and Mentor’s Secret Books an apprentice can level if they have the correct amounts of each. To distribute points a mentor should follow these steps:

  1. Open the Friends window (press F)
  2. Click View Master
  3. Click the Apprentices Tab
  4. Select the correct Apprentice from the list
  5. Click “Distribute Mentor’s Point”
  6. Enter ONE MORE point than what is shown.
  7. “Okay”

With this done, the apprentice can try and use the points, by following these steps:

  1. Open the Friends window (press F)
  2. Click View Master
  3. Click “Use Mentor Point(???)”

If successful the Apprentice will level to exactly 0% of the next level, the points will be consumed, as well as the Mentor books. As a result, it may be worth while for the apprentice to have a low percentage of the current level before completing these steps.

Mentors will also gain Kindness and Ethic points as a result.

Graduated apprentice

If you have a graduated apprentice (level 50 or above) you can go to the Dragon Scholar and receive a 200k experience bonus.


There are a lot of benefits to doing MQ as an apprentice, below is a summary of the rewards:

  • Experience
    • Numbers wise, experience from the quests increases per level, however the percentage gained decreases as you approach level 50.
    • A low level player (less than 15) can expect to gain at least 1 level from the quest chain each day.
    • Higher levels will still receive a worth while boost to their percentage.
  • Rewards for each sub-quest completed:
    • Production skill books
    • Lucky (level 30)/Ancient Pet (level 50) soul (depending on your level)
    • Basic Spirit Rations
    • Clan Reputation/Contribution (Green item) –
    • Mentor’s Secret Book (see “Mentor Points exchange” for details.)


  • Graduation Reward:
    • 2million Exp – That’s instant leveling to 52.
    • 10 Seven Kills drawings


General advice for the apprentice is to listen to your mentor, if you’re not sure where to go, check the maps [See above] or follow your mentor. If you lose the mob you needed to complete the quest, do NOT abandon the quest, simply return to character screen and enter in-game again, this way you can spawn the spirit again.

When at the NPCs for each quest you will need to talk to them several times.

  • First time: Hands in the previous quest (excluding the first NPC)
  • Second time: Accepts the next quest
  • Third time: Summons the Spirit

This is all explained in the Interaction window – If you can spare the time to read it!


List of Mentor Secret Books and Mentor Points needed to exchange for instant levelup.

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