Lime Odyssey Gameplay FAQ

Lime Odyssey Gameplay FAQ by iamshuu

All of this info is from the Korean wiki and my game play experience in the KR OBT as well as the English Alpha test, with some input some other players. Some of it can/will change in the English version. But hey, it’s always nice to get an idea of the game~! If you have any ideas, please let me know. =]]

Q: Can stat points be distributed?
A: Your battle class does not have points that can be distributed, however your life class does. These stats don’t have an effect on your ability to fight. Rather, they effect your crafting and success rates regarding your life class.

Q: Can skill points be reset?
A: Yes! They can be reset an UNLIMITED number of times, each time costing 5 gold until level 20.

Q: How do you get a mount?
A: A mount can be acquired through questing around level 10, or you can buy a mount for 5 gold from the potion dealer.

Q: Is there auto-routing/quest helper for quests?
A: No. The game doesn’t do any quest stuff automatically aside from designating the area where you should find the items/monsters on the navigator.

Q: What size is the bag?
A: The main bag is 30 slots, 2 side bags are 20 slots each, and 2 other premium bags (opened using Cash Shop) have another 20 each. I haven’t personally had space issues. You are also given a warehouse and can unlock more slots.

Q: Are mobs aggro?
A: Pretty much every monster is aggro after level 10.

Q: How does the card system work?
A: If you’ve played Ragnarok, it is very similar. Monsters drop cards and you can put them into weapons or armor if a slot is available to get stat bonuses. They also have cute pictures if you just want to collect. Cards can also be found while harvesting.

Q: Are there pets?
A: Yes. On rare occasions, a monster can drop an egg. At level 20 you can complete a quest that allows you to use pets and hatch eggs. The merchant/potion seller sells incubators, which are used to hatch eggs. There is a wait time for the egg to catch. Pets typically come with a buff.

Q: Do you lose exp when you die?
A: Yes, 3% which can be partially regained by talking to the Leaf NPC.

Q: Can you delevel?
A: No.

Q: Are there dungeons?
A: Yes, there are solo dungeons and party dungeons.

Q: What is a solo dungeon?
A: Solo dungeons are marked by a red skull. It is an open field map and monsters regenerate more quickly and have better item drop rates.

Q: What is a party dungeon?
A: A party dungeon is an instanced dungeon. They are marked by a purple skull. You must pay Clover Tickets to get in (not CS, they seem like fatigue). They are nonrefundable. At the dungeon entrance NPC (marked by a purple bullhead), you can choose a difficulty level and to enter.

Q: Are there racial stats or any benefit to choosing one race over another?
A: NO. Differences are purely aesthetic with different mounts and starting areas.

Q: Can I play as a crafter instead of fighting?
A: Yes, no, maybe. According to documentation given to the GMs and some accounts of this, your life class level should not exceed your battle class level. However, people are currently able to level their craft higher than their battle class. No idea what the end result will be, but right now you CAN solely craft if you want.

Q: What types of quests are there?
A: So far quests have asked me to harvest items, kill a boss/elite, or kill x amount of monsters (usually between 4-10). There may be more variety as levels go on.

Q: How does PVP work?
A: As of OBT, competitive PVP hasn’t been set up. I’m not aware of any arenas or guild vs guild things being implemented yet.

Q: What about PK?
A: There is no PVP/PVE only server. Every server has open world PK with some area restrictions, and I’m not sure of where these restrictions are yet. Probably towns. You hold CTRL+Target to attack, and your name will turn red. Also currently unsure of the penalties. Will update ASAP.

Q: What is the weapon system like?
A: It’s AWESOME, that’s what. It has the typical color system (Normal -> Green -> Blue -> Purple -> Orange, I think?). However, there are tons of different weapons. Seriously, like 8 different level 50 weapons. View them and their stats here. Run it through Google Translate if you’d like, and you can see the stats and upgraded power by clicking each item.

Q: What are the requirements to make a guild?
A: Level 20 with 30 Gold.

Q: Is there a difference in the mount speeds between different races?
A: No. Only aesthetic differences.

Q: Is there a ration system for the mount or does it have permanent stamina?
A: Mounts don’t need to be fed or tended to. They just sit in your inventory and can be used whenever needed except inside buildings.

Q: Do weapons glow?
A: Yes, they begin to glow at +7.

Q: Which game settings can be changed/configured?
A: You can turn name displays on/off, sound on/off and change volume, accept or reject various types of invites, scale the UI, change resolution, toggle fullscreen and windowed mode, and change graphical settings from low/medium/high.

Q: What resolutions are supported?
A: The list seems to be different for each person. I only have several resolutions to choose from, while this list belongs to another player:

Q: Can you resize the UI?
A: Yes. You can use a slider to make it really huge, really small or anywhere in between.

Q: How does auto-looting work?
A: You can turn auto-looting on in the game settings. You still need to select the dead monster, but are no longer required to click “take all”.

Q: When is Lime Odyssey to be released?
A: There is no release date currently. My best guess would be spring or summer 2012.

Q: How does the party system work?
A: The party can have a maximum of 5 members. They are very general right now, no sort of party buffs or levels or anything. There isn’t quest sharing within parties, either. (That is, if you have a quest in your log and another person doesn’t, you can’t give them the quest.)

Q: Can spells and/or heals crit?
A: Yes! Both can! Pump that crit stat.

Q: Do the cards have special skills or attributes like Ragnarok?
A: Right now, the cards only add stats. You’ll find cards for things like INT+21, MP+90, Dodge+30, but nothing more innovative than that.

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