La Tale Magic User PvP Guide

La Tale Magic User PvP Guide by Phenyl

La Index

Basics – The Basically Basics of the Basics
1A. First Things First
1B. PvP Skills
Weapons – The Basically Basics After the Basics of the Basics
2A. Quick Rundown of Weapons
2B. Elemental Stones
Armor – How to Make One Killer Fashion Statement
3A. Sets
3B. Cases
Skills – Conjure Up Some Win
4A. Bards/Minstrels
4B. Sorcerers/Elemental Masters
4C. Water
4D. Wind
4E. Earth
4F. Fire
Subclasses – The Fun Has Been Doubled!
5A. Maestros
5B. Phantom Mages

BASICS – The Basically Basics of the Basics

If you’re using any form of magic, you WILL be at a disadvantage compared to most physical classes when it comes to attacking. There is a tiny gap between most of your skills, even ones with multiple hits. Some players with better connections can easily duck between the gaps or escape and retaliate, which make things harder for a magic user such as yourself. You can only airskill every 7 or so seconds with the use of Magic Concentration (I’ll get to that later), while all other classes can airskill whenever they want – again, another disadvantage.

So if magic is at a slight disadvantage from the start, why use it? Simple! Magic is annoying. It hits hard and it can hit a whole group of people harder than any other class. When you throw in some 3rd job skills, you become even more annoying to deal with. However, I’ll get to those later. I’m going to assume you know where the PvP Arena is and so on. But just in case, Honor Points=PvP Points. And Everything Capitalized Like This is something important, a status-type-thing, skills, or equipment of some kind.

1A. First Things First
Let’s optimize your game’s overall performance, shall we? Some use iobit’s Game Booster, which will improve your game speed by a tiny bit. Another way to boost your game speed is by using VLOW – lowering the game’s resolution . If your connection is faster/better, your overall performance will be better as well. This is especially important for us East Coast players and European players, but is still something useful for players regardless of where they live.

1B. PvP Skills
PvP skills are obtained with Honor Points and 1,000,000 Ely. You buy skillbooks and other PvP goodies such as potions or Epic Armor from the NPC named Lemy. You know, the NPC you talk to in order to participate in 1v1 battles or 4/6/8 player free for all battles.

Magic Concentration:  this skill is vital to your survival. You use the skill midair and quickly cast a magic spell before hitting the ground. This is good for jumping over an opponent’s skill-range and smacking them with some heavy duty magic while they are preoccupied. It costs 3,000 Honor Points and is the only PvP skill that can be used outside of PvP.

Counter: if you are stunned (getting knocked back), you can become invincible for 1 second and slightly push back your opponent(s) from both sides. This skill is important if you want to avoid a barrage of attacks, such as a 5th tier skill. This skill costs 4,000 Honor Points.

Backdash: you perform a backflip which moves you backwards by quite a bit, you also become invincible for 1 second while doing the backflip. Very important if you lack movement speed, and it can help you get in a good position to attack your opponent if used correctly. This skill costs 4,000 Honor Points.

Uppercut: instantly stun an opponent and lift them up in the air, it’s good for stopping an opponent’s slower skill if your opponent is up close to you. It’s okay to have for rare occasions when your opponent is very close to you and you can’t get away, you can also cancel their skills while they are in midair if you time it correctly – it only works against certain airskilled attacks though(slower attacks/magic skills). This skill costs 4,000 Honor Points.

WEAPONS – The Basically Basics After the Basics of the Basics

You can generally use any weapon for PvP, since all weapons get scaled up to the level 200 range. However, special weapons are obviously better due to the additional effects. If you can’t get a special weapon, then that’s no biggie. As for Elemental Stones, they follow the same principal as weapons (getting scaled up), but you always want to have an up to date Elemental Stone since it’s basically your “other weapon”.

2A. Quick Rundown of Weapons
Your main focus should be on two stats at first. Max Magic Damage and Min Magic Damage are crucial for Staves, Orbs, Rods/Wands, and Guitars. In addition to that, Magical Accuracy might be a decent stat to tack on if you have room for it. The downfall of these weapon types, like most 2H weapons, is that you become easier to knockback, which in turn makes you easier to kill. I should also note that magic weapons don’t change your amount of damage you deal unless they have enchants or special features on them; unlike physical attackers’ weapons which DO increase the damage depending on the weapon’s initial attack range/special features.

Luckily! Wizards, Sorcerers, and Elemental Masters have the option to use a Shield and a Dagger. The Daggers can’t be enchanted with Max Magic Damage, Min Magic Damage, or Magic Accuracy.  However, you can simply enchant the Daggers with Stamina or Luck, and be sure to enchant your Shield for Physical Evasion and Stamina. The best Daggers to use are Privaring Dagger and Javawalk Magic Dagger, both of which give you some form of Min Magic Damage and Target Magic Defense Decrease.

And last but not least, it’s the Phantom Mage. . . Uh, you see, a Phantom Mage’s Battle Scythe requires both Physical and Magical Max/Min Damage Enchants. This is because Phantom Mage’s use both magic and physical attacks. If possible, just aim for having Max Magic and Physical Damage. If you have room, throw on some Min Physical and Magic Damage.

2B. Elemental Stones
Not much to say on these, just keep one that’s up to date! Currently, there are three special Elemental Stones that can be used in PvP(the coliseum ones do not work), all of which are for multi-element users and they also get a slight nerf for some reason. So you should really just stick to the normal stones you get from NPCs or by crafting. You want to have a stone with Min and Max (insert your element) on it. It’s important to have both stats on your stone. You want to aim for 30/30, but the higher it is, the stronger you are. As a side note, a stone with only two enchants (one initially before you enchanted) doesn’t require any special stones to upgrade sans the normal/easy to find/cheap ones.  It makes upgrading the same stone a cinch, and also makes it cheaper. Yay! Cheapness!

EQUIPS – How To Make One Killer Fashion Statement

Armor of any kind is decent, but special sets are obviously way better. For enchantments, you want Stamina and Luck on the Helmet, Top, and Bottom; movement speed and physical evasion on the Shoes; Magical Critical Damage on the Glove. If you’re a Phantom Mage, the same applies to everything except for the Gloves, which you need both Physical and Magical Critical Damage on them. For enchantments, you want to aim for level 10 at the least and level 12 if you’re feeling really lucky or you have the funds to back you up. Stamina is mostly important for survival and overall bulk. Luck helps improve your Critical Hit Rate while lessening the effect of your opponent’s Luck-based Critical Rate. Remember, a set is best when you have every piece!

3A. Sets

Magic Set: The Magic set is for level characters above level 80, and below level 130. In order to get +10 enchants on this set, you must have it upgraded to +1. However, upgrading this set any further isn’t all that helpful. It’s good for lower levels, but ditch it for an Xtatic set or Epic Magic set as soon as you can.

Xtatic Set: This set is for characters above level 130, and is the best set you can get without doing much since it can be easily crafted if your craft level is high enough. This set gives you additional stamina on each piece, which is very helpful. For each upgrade, the armor’s Stamina and Magic go up by 5 points each.

Epic Magic Set: This is the best set to get after you accumulated many PvP points or if you have tons of Epic Armor Coupons lying around (which you can have give to Ignate in Elias for one Epic Armor piece). Each piece adds +100 HP, and for each upgrade, you can +100 more HP per part. It starts at level 0 and goes up by 30 levels each upgrade, ending at +6/lvl 180 (with 3,000 HP extra). To upgrade a piece, all you need is another piece of the same kind that is +0/lvl 0. However, to fully enchant the set to level 10 enchants, it needs to be at +3/lvl 90. Each piece costs 1,500 points from Lemy. I suggest you get your initial set from Lemy, since it comes with two level 1~2 enchants. You can go to Tonio to re-option the pieces to get Luck and Stamina. Make sure your durability is above 230,

Vintor TAID: This set has some extremely unfair and crazy bonuses, I don’t even want to get in to it because it’s so ridiculous. Remember that saying though, “if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em!”  You don’t have to even enchant this set to be good, just get all 9 pieces (or heck, even 5 pieces) and you’ll be very hard to knock around. This set boasts its Stamina boosting prowess and has over 200% HP healing. In Layman’s terms, you kill someone and you have 50% HP left, you sit down for 5 seconds, you’re completely healed/almost fully healed. You will need this to play with the big boys.

Other Instance Dungeon Sets: There are other sets you can obtain from monsters in an Instanced Dungeon, which include sets of the Invoke, Hyumnu, Sphinx, or Vintor variety. They can all be found in their respective dungeons where the boss monsters of the same name are. They are all better than NPC armor. Also, it should be noted that the Sphinx set is possibly the best one to use out of all the Instanced Dungeon sets, followed by Hyumnu or Vintor.

3F. Cases
Cases come in six varieties, four of which are Elementals that work for one element type; the other two are for Scythe Masteries or Rod Masteries. A +4 Case raises the Basic/Skilled/Expert Mastery levels by 5, while a +5 Case raises them by 6. So if you maxed them all, it would be like having 10/15/15 as opposed to 5/10/10 for Basic/Skilled/Expert masteries.

There are other cloaks as well, such as a Rabana Mantle (AKA: only one worth mentioning) that raises your Max and Min Damage by 10% at +4, and it can also have an enchant on it, so you can have an additional supply of Stamina or Luck if you’re lucky.

SKILLS – Conjure Up Some Win

Each class differs in play style due to the element they use and their other various skills. Generally, it’s all about hitting hard and running fast for any class. Without further ado, here are the actual tips for actual fighting techniques that will actually score you an actual win. ACTUALLY, you’ll only win if you try your hardest and have the gear to back you up. Either way, just play for fun; don’t get down if you lose a lot at first. As for those who have not gotten to your 2nd class, just look at the sections with your corresponding element of choice.

4A. Bard/Minstrels
You are forced to use Water skills and Guitar skills, while running around with a Guitar that leaves you vulnerable. Okay. Talk about getting the cruddy end of the stick. . . Well, I suppose you can make the best of it. You get a few nice buffs that heighten Water Intensity (power) and your HP, along with some healing spells. A Minstrel gets a faster attacking/stronger Evil Sound upgrade, along with a skill that puts all opponents in range to sleep for 10 seconds. There’s also Megadeath which is a quick attack with some nice horizontal range. For this class, just refer to the Water section down below. Also, since you cannot airskill guitar skills, you should try to edge cast. Edge cast = running fast and casting the skill once you are the farthest point of the ledge. It’s a good way to surprise opponents and trap them.

4B. Sorcerers/Elemental Master
This is mostly for Elemental Masters, since a Sorcerer is just an upgraded Wizard with more boombooms. For starters, max Wind Walk. It gives you 50 more speed, which when combined with the speed on your shoes, will make you extremely fast – often faster than your opponents.  Yes I realize it gives 10 intensity to Wind while the others give 10 intensity to their own element, but trust me, Wind Walk is way worth it. Anyway, Elemental Masters get nice toys. There’s their lil BlackHole, which is an instant hold/stun skill that deals minor damage; just cast it at the right time when the person is running after you or jumping towards you. There’s Rain of Meteo, which is nice for scaring away those who like to do combos. And last but not least, there’s your “Pole”, otherwise known as a huge freaking meteor of some kind. This skill has a nice hit box and even hits as high as Water skills do, it also deals some nice damage, so lay one of these down whenever your opponent tries to run towards you from afar.

4C. Water
•  Second fastest magic
•  Quickest cool down rate
•  Weakest magic
•  Highest vertical range/terrible horizontal range
•  SP consumption is more than Wind, less than Fire/Earth

It’s  best used for tripping your opponents when they are above you. Your skills of choice should be Bubble Bubble 2, Hail Storm 1/2, and Ice Fear 2(and 1 if you need to for emergencies). So remember, your main motive here is to catch and trip. Once your opponent falls to the ground, they get up. . . And you send a not-so-intimidating-bubble straight towards their back. They try to escape by jumping away, but ouch, Bubble Bubble 2’s 2nd delayed hit takes effect and slows them down some more. Time to hit ‘em again! The low cool downs allow you to utilize Bubble II anytime you need to. You can also hit opponents above you on other platforms with Ice Fear or Hail Storm if they are above you on platforms. The 5th tier ultimate skill has amazing horizontal range and also fires forward and downward, so you can attack from above when they least expect it.

4D. Wind

•  Fastest magic overall
•  Second fastest cool down rate
•  Second weakest magic
•  Biggest horizontal range
•  SP consumption is less than all the other elements
•  Easiest element to use as it is best for speedy kiting

Wind users are very vulnerable to back attacks and rely on kiting to stay ahead of their opponents. Wind Cutter 1/2 are good for a speedy KB or midair hits. Tornado Swing 1/2 are good if your opponent is jumping towards you and are about to land, simply jump backwards (or behind them if you time it right) and cast towards them. Aero Swing 1/2 is best if used with airskilling or edgecasting and it’s the heaviest hitting skill, so use it for back attacks if you can for max damage. Last but not least is Cyclone Cutter II, don’t bother with 1 unless you’re really strong. . . If you hit someone from behind with it, it’s guaranteed it will trip them if they aren’t ducking and if you KB each time you hit them. It’s a great setup for your strongest attack, which would be going right towards their backside. The 5 tier hits on both sides, and has incredibly high vertical range, but it is easy to miss if your opponent is not preoccupied and is on the speedy side. Not to mention the skill pushes your opponents away from you most of the time; that sucks if they are at the edge of your spell’s range.

4E. Earth
•  Attack speeds are generally slower than Wind/faster than Fire
•  Extremely versatile attacking ranges (can go as far as Water~Wind)
•  Cool down rate is slower than wind/water, faster than fire
•  Good for crowd control
•  Stronger than Wind/Water, weaker than Fire
•  SP consumption is less than Fire, more than Wind/Water

Earth isn’t the fastest thing around, so you need to remain close to your opponent to score backattacks with your AoEs or try to make them run into your skills from afar. You’re going to need a lot of speed on your side. All of the skills are useful, but the best is obviously Gold Dragon and Sky Dragon since they hit on both sides, and 1/2 are good to use. The move Earth Dragon is good for ledge escapes (cast on a ledge when your opponent runs towards you, then you fly waaaaay backwards), and is the fastest move. The slowest move, Twin Dragon is extremely powerful, and is good for hitting people who like to cautiously chase you by sticking close, but not close enough to see you cast the skill. . . BAM. The 5tier is exactly like Wind’s 5th tier in terms of range; however, Earth’s 5th tier skill also launches the opponent(s) upward and pulls them towards the center. After that happens, you should usually lay down a black hole to stay safe or a Gold Dragon 1/2.

4F. Fire
•  Attack speed is generally the slowest
•  Horizontal attack range is lacking
•  Cool down rate is the slowest out of all the other elements
•  Strongest magic
•  SP consumption is the highest out of all the other elements
•  Very hard to use
To play efficiently, you need about 100 or more speed in total, and it’s heavily suggested that you have a great connection to the game. Why? Because you need to hit, trip, and run. All the skills are the same and have about the same range, except Fire Blaster which has the longest horizontal and vertical range as well as being the strongest skill in your arsenal sans the 5th tier. Your goal is to zoom in or catch your opponent off guard and let them have a taste of whatever strong skills you can throw out before running away. You normally would kill them quickly since fire is so strong and your critical hits scorch the skin off your opponent’s bones. Fire’s 5th tier has the largest area of coverage, and consists of two hits. The first hit locks the foe in place, and the final hit flings them far across the screen so you can have time to set up another barrage of fiery doom.

SUBCLASSES – The Fun Has Been Doubled!

These classes are crazy in terms of attack speed and damage. If you want to really “conjure up some win” then using these guys is your change to do so. I have spent very limited time playing as them, and of course, I have seen them in action during PvP. It seems a good connection speed is needed, but oddly enough, not as much as it’s needed for Elemental Masters or Minstrels. Okay, let’s get the very quick rundown started. It’s suggested to have tons of movement speed, so get a pair of M Shoes or some such and you’re good to go.

5A. Maestros

They are a one trick pony, mostly relying on stuns and their Evil Sound ripoff attack. It’s predictable, but very effective regardless. If your stuning attack misses, retreat and lay down a Crescendo of pain. If your opponent runs away, you simply have to chase them and hit them with your rod with a normal running attack. This is why your speed needs to be high. Luckily your cooldowns for your skills are decent, so you can keep on attacking and attacking and attacking aaaaaaaaand attacking until the person is dead. Which shouldn’t be hard, since Maestros have naturally high damage.

5B. Phantom Mages
Breathe Of Goddess is the one skill you absolutely need, while the others are just there for extreme damage. Think of yourself like a Meister/Engistar, you rely on combos to deal quick damage, but you use skills to really lay down a hurtin’ on your opponent. Your best bet is to stick close to your opponent, and figure out which combinations of skills and attacks work for you. They are highly versatile, and as such, aren’t all that predictable. You should be prepared for quick retreats though, since your cooldowns for major skills aren’t exactly fast.

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