La Tale Perma Engineer Guide

La Tale Perma Engineer Guide by Saitei

Pro: It is hilarious to PVP and especially win as a permaengineer.

Cons: There are massive disadvantages working against you.

Step 1. Level a character to fund your permaengineer to lv 193. For example, a Ruin Walker or whatever favorite class as long as it’s capable of getting what your permaengineer needs later on.

Step 2: Level the peramengineer to 195. (Level 194 is acceptable if you complete dotnuri 3 20 times for the 1 level LDE that allows Lv 194 to wear lv 200 weapons that have been LDEd down to 195.

Step 3: Gear.

Get a LOT of super puzzles and enchant bonus items. You can expect to use stacks of super puzzles and masterhand title and advanced remedies and or mastercraft mask and normal enchant remedies.

Pick one primary stat out of str, luck, or stam.

You will mainly be enchanting this stat on single enchant gears and repuzzling with super puzzles on gears with dual stats. (A short explanation of repuzzling is for example lets say you have a ant queen bag with 29 min damage lv 10 and 50 max damage lv 10 with 103 dur left. You cube using a max damage level 9 puzzle and it adds 1-3 dur, lets say it adds 2 dur this time and takes off 6 max damage. You then eat enchant items until success of puzzling is 100% and you enchant with a Max Power Level 10 Super Puzzle and it adds more than the cube took off, for example lets say it added 8 max damage and takes off 8 dur, leaving you with a 40/52 bag with 97 dur left. So by repuzzling your bag went from 40/50 103 dur -> 40/44 105 dur -> 40/52 97 dur. This is the way the very rich people in this game make their seemingly impossible gears that end up having low durability left.

Obtain a Str Or Luck Or Stam Increase Powder and a Magic Decrease Powder and a Stat Reset Book. (Whenever you decide to stop leveling your engineer between 195-199, you eat a stat increase powder, a magic decrease powder, and then use at least one stat reset book to customize your stat ratio.)

Colli bag+9 repuzzled to 77 dur or less then Lv 11 12’d min and max damage
for example 22 dur Colli bag+9 Lv 12 Min+44%, Lv 12 Max+79% Expect to blow up a lot of Colli bags+9. (Colli bag +9 will be used to aid in PVE, collecting cards, farming reputation pts from sky kingdom, lv 190 TAID runs etc.)

Hell Set+9 (for 25% target defense decrease) (Hell Boss past Asgard drops these)

Captain Bong’s Glasses with LV 10 Physical Accuracy (and for 5% target defense decrease) Gandolfs and Large sets in Capt Bong’s Castle drop these.

LV 190 TAID Bindi (85 physical dam

At least 5-6 pieces LV 190 TAID set stacking str, luck, or stamina (pick one).
(If stacking str or luck, 5 pieces for the +300 luck bonus, if stacking stamina,
the set6 bonus adds physical damage decrease to aid in being KBed less.)

Tiger Sign+9(str or luck builds) or Guild Ring+4(stam builds) or GK Engineer Seal when they are craftable later (for stam builds but guild ring+4 might still be superior for anti-KB even when GK engineer seals are craftable).

Single or dual statted elemental stone that was crafted from a Lv 1 elemental stone matching your elemental magazine with 317 dur or close. (crafted by people that have afk crafted to lv 40 then resetted to dur accessory craft)

The most important piece of equipment for a pvping permaengineer is an ant queen bag+9 (adds a lot of target defense decrease) crafted by a lv 40 durability weapon crafter. If this piece of gear isn’t well enchanted enough, your permaengineer will have difficulty knockbacking your opponent and even more difficulty winning. The good news is ant queen soul urns are inexpensive due to lack of demand and are easy to find by stacking a lot of item droprate during 2x weekends hunting ant queens in the ant cave. The goal is to repuzzle max damage on an ant queen bag until 77-80 dur is left and then lv 11 the max and min damage. An example of a good bag would be something like a 28% min 73% max dmg ant queen bag+9.

Get Lucky Learn or Lucky Striker Title to add to max damage and critrate. Lucky Striker is better although considerably harder to obtain. If antiKB stam build, can use tough explorer title(lv 50+ tote in elfa tough life quest). There’s also the 1/10000 chance Octopus Salad Guidebook which adds 5% max dmg and 400 hp to yourself and additional 400 to yourself and party which drops from Webfoot Octopus Temple monsters (the rate is 3 out of 100 monsters before item droprate bonuses are applied per 1/10000 chance book).

Step 4: How

Skillbuild’ll look something like this at LV 190 after saving at Elias Savestone. (lv 191+ skillpts + dotnuri 1 skill pt unused yet)
Potential Energy 10
Strength Fuel 10
Body Upgrade 10
Machine Gun Upgrade 1
Mecha Summon Upgrade 1
Focus 10
Slow Turret 1
Push Turret 1
Toolbox Masteries I 5, II 10, III 10, IV 50
Machinegun 3, Mecha Summon 3, Thunder Trap 3, Hammer Fall 3

Attack uses:
Engineer attacks are mainly performed from a jumping normal/heavy attack cancelling into machinegun/mecha summon/thunder trap/hammer fall or to cover distance, executed immediately after a dashing normal/heavy attack. (Performing a dashing heavy attack off a cliff will make your character launch off really quickly.)

If an opponent is hiding in a corner, jump over them and drop a push turret on them and then you can immediately start performing attacks while they’re being pushed back.

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