Hunter Blade Newbie Tutorial Guide

Hunter Blade Newbie Tutorial Guide by Bush

Weapon Selection
When you first step into Hunter Blade world, the first thing you have to do is to select a suitable weapon. If you’ve already been an experienced hunter, or a hunting expert, sword may be your favorite one, or you even have your own style. But for newbie, one hand sword is a good choice.

Items in Instance
The best way to level fast in game is to do quests. Before you enter instances, remember to claim all the free items from Camp Supplier. Beside this, if you want to survive in the ancient forests full of giant brutal monsters, you have to take HP Elixir and Vigor Elixir with you. Hot Black Tea and Ice Grass Tea is also necessary.

Monsters Attacking Strategy
Each monster in game has its unique special features. Before you are trying to kill them, make sure you know these attributes better. Based on these features, you are supposed to choose the right weapon and the best attacking place of a monster, stand in a best position to kill it, when you find a perfect opportunity.

One more thing.

Observe Your Monster!

Before going in all “macho man randy savage” (wrestler), you should think things through. By this i of course mean, just like monster hunter, it’s nice to be cautious at the beginning, and learn the monster you are fighting. Learn the way it moves, learn the attacks it uses at certain times, distances, and in general. Do not forget to roll, or block, depending on your weapon types. After a while of observing your monster, and how the monster attacks, and moves, you should be able to dodge, or block just about everyone of the attacks it’ll do. While this takes a bit more time and patients, you’ll find observing your monster, is the best way, to avoid any un-needed damage, or casualties.

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