Hunter Blade Comprehensive Guide

Hunter Blade Comprehensive Guide by Tnargraef

Table of Contents
Section 1: Getting Started
Section 2: Weapons & Armor
Section 3: Weapon Mastery
Section 4: Items
Section 5: Families and Clans
Section 6: Hunting
Section 7: Reputation
Section 8: Player vs Player
Section 9: Cool things you didn’t know

Section 1: Getting Started

Now if you’ve started up the game and logged in you’re at a screen with a few empty boxes. Clicking on one of these boxes will allow you to customize the looks of your character. Take the time to make them look like you want, as you’ll be stuck with that!

After you dress your character up how you like you can choose what sort of weapon you would like to start with. This choice is just what you start with, not what you will stuck with the whole game, but if you do want to keep using that weapon type then all the more to you. Your selection will be of two types of armor types and three weapons. You have the Wand with Light Armor or the Sword and Shield and Sword/Longsword/Katana with Heavy Armor. There are more weapons available, but in order to use them you have to get to higher levels as they are not unlocked to use until then.

Once you’ve chosen both of those you’re almost done. You select a line, which is a room in the server essentially, and you’ll be taken to the tutorial where you will be trained on weapon use. After completing the tutorial, which is pretty easy because you’re an awesome player, you’ll take your first steps into the hunter blade world. Congratulations and welcome to the new hunting world!

Section 2: Weapons & Armor

There are a variety of weapons in hunter blade made for different styles of play. As long as you posses the level you can wield any weapon. With that being said you won’t see some weapons until the level forties. It’s always good to try new things until you find the play style that fits you. Some days you might want to be the guy with the giant sword and other days you might want to be the guy with the gun. Play how you want and find what fits for you.

Eventually when you get to level twenty you will gain access to specializing in the weapon you enjoy using called Masteries. You can still use all weapon types, but Masteries provide you with bonuses to specific weapon types. I will cover Masteries in another section, but for now on to weapons!

Heavy Armor Weapon Types:


Available at level 1.

This is the long blade of the game. It is quicker than some of the other large weapons, but lacks in the same amount of raw power. It makes up for this by wide, fast swings and a focus bar of energy. The focus bar is filled with every hit that makes a connection to a beast and slowly degrades over time. When the focus bar is full, it increases the users attack power for a small duration. The other main purpose of the focus bar is to allow the user to perform powerful focus based attacks, although, these attacks deplete focus.. The Sword’s only defensive ability is like all other weapons the dodge roll.

Sword and Shield.

Available at level 1.

The sword is a weapon made for war and the shield is a weapon made for defense. When used together they create awesome synergy. SnS, the shorthand for sword and shield, is referred to as 1h sword in the game. One of the best things about the SnS is the ability to block and dodge. Blocking should be the last resort if you can’t get away as currently it takes a large amount of stamina, but another way around the problem is to drink Fit Potions to give yourself unlimited stamina or purchase the Luxurious Guan set from the cash shop. The SnS is a great starter weapon for everyone to use to get used to avoiding attacks and continues to be a great all around defensively built weapon type.

Dual Sabres

Available at level 30.

Dual Sabres DS or Dual Swords as they are, are a highly offensive weapon set. They combine a high speed attacks with reckless abandon. DS are a short range weapon with the ability to enter a state of wrath increasing the power and damage of their attacks. They lack defensive postures aside from the normal dodge roll like all weapons, but usually they deal enough damage to make quick work of any target.

Chain Hammer

Available at level 30.

Chain Hammers are an interesting weapon. They have the ability to be in melee, but also stay at a range. They allow the user to be quite versatile in comparison to many of the other weapon types. They do have the disadvantage of moving slower, but their raw power tends to make up for this. While spears are a large power house, they lack the ability to block and rely on dodging to avoid attacks. Their ability to perform a strong attack from a distance tends to fix this.


Available at level 40

The Claymore is the biggest, heaviest, cutting weapon in the game. It has a huge amount of raw power, but suffers from being the slowest weapon when not sheathed to your back. It makes up for this with wide swings to cover areas and the ability to block. The Claymore also has the ability to charge attacks making it great for taking advantage of vulnerable beasts.

Light Armor Weapon Types


Available at level 1.

Wands are unique weapon type. They provide buffs to other players in the party, but not the user themselves as well as have the versatility to cast spells as it were. Each Wand has different buffs with different levels of the buff. One of the more useful abilities of the Wand is to create a shield that blocks ranged attacks from hitting the user. The Mastery of Wands allows them to cast amazing abilities, but that will be detailed later. An interesting ability that some Wands have is to transfer health from the user to other party members. The ability to heal can sometimes be sought after as a great tool for any party. The Wand also suffers from having only the ability to dodge not block.


Available at level 40.

This is the ranged damage king currently. The Xbow, shorthand of Crossbow in game, has the longest distance of any weapon. You can rapidly fire bolts at any target and the distance makes the fact you’re wearing light armor a non-issue. Xbow users have to be careful with ammunition though. Each bow has a magazine and once that magazine is expended if the user fires again it will cause an animation where the character checks to find out they have no bolts. That animation is the bane of many gutsy Xbow users causing deaths many times over. If you remain stationary while firing your rate of fire will increase. Like many weapons the only defense that the Xbow has is dodging.

Weapon and Armor Refinement

Refinement is the process to improving your weapons and armor. To refine your equipment you talk to the Weapon forger for weapons and Armor forger for armor. You then select the refinement option under their choices. To refine armor you must unequip it first, but for weapons you can just refine the one you are wearing or place the weapon you want to refine in the box for refinement. For armor you will need an additional item known as Rockstone and for weapons you will require Bladestone. Both types of stone have a level range.

In the top right of the refinement window you will see the chance that the refinement will succeed. If the refinement succeeds then the item will increase in level. If the refinement fails it can do several things.
The first thing that could happen is nothing. The item would remain at its current value with no change of stats.
The second that could happen if the refinement fails is it could lower the level of the item, which could be anywhere from one to three.
The third and final thing that could happen is that the item could be dropped back down the the safe zone. This means it will lose all it’s bonus and drop to +0 or +6 if you reached that point.
To provide a better chance at success there is a third item called “Lucky Items”. Most Lucky Items are purchased through the cash shop, obtained from completing hunts on challenge difficulty or even just being really lucky opening a gold box in a hunt. Some will increase success and some will simply help prevent level loss.
As you increase the level of an item the success rate goes down. It is very important to note that you are not always guaranteed success and the only control that the player has themselves is using lucky items. If you are worried about having to spend hundreds of gold upgrading an item make sure to try and use lucky items. The forgers can be found in Village1 and Village2.

Quality Improvement.

By sheer luck you can get these items called Spars when finishing a hunt. There is a spar for each slot of equipment that a player has. Spars are used to increase equipment’s quality. Improving the quality of a piece of equipment improves its overall attributes. Spars are also like Blade/Rockstones as they also have a certain level range that they work on as well. Each spar has a different level in which it increases equipment. A 1 Star Spar increases the equipment to 1 step higher for its level range, but in order to reach step 2 and two stars you will have to find a 2 star spar for that level. As always talk to the Armor forger to improve armor and Weapon Forger to improve weapons.


Almost every piece of equipment has a energy value. This value can be increased by the usage of energy stones. Energy stones can be purchased through Clan Dedication Medal exchange or by again being very lucky opening boxes during hunts. The main purpose of energy is it allows a certain number of runes to be placed into armor or weapons. Runes enhancement equipment even more. All runes have a favorite slot where they give a bonus to in addition to their normal effect. Runes can be refined in the same manner that other equipment is refined to increase their power. To equip runes into your equipment, refine runes, or create runes you need to speak to the Rune Traders found in Village1 and Village2.

Rare Weapon Improvement

Just a small note about any of the HuntSoul/HuntElf weapons that are rare rewards from doing hunts: They can not be improved by any means. More information on how to obtain these will be covered later


Fashion items are normally purchased through the Cash Shop, which can be accessed by pressing “F” once you’re in game, and give you a way to dress your character in the manner you desire. Fashion items also provide small benefits if you equip the set of them. You can show fashion over your armor or if you just want the fashion set bonuses you can show your armor over fashion. There are sets of fashion that cover all slots of fashion that provide an overall bonus instead of being multiple pieces. Wing fashion items are displayed in town, but not on hunts. You can purchase permanent or rent fashion items using Jade Shells, but you can only rent fashion items using tickets obtained through in game events.

Section 3: Weapon Mastery

A unique quality of Hunter Blade is that you are given the option to change to any weapon type you want. You can use all the basic abilities of all the weapon types, but you are given the option to specialize into weapons. Starting at level 20 you can choose a Weapon Mastery and at level 40 you get a second. When you reach level 65 you can participate in the Jade Crown Dragon Event for a chance to receive a Battle Scroll cash shop item, worth 3000 jade shells mind you, and learn your third Mastery.

Choosing a Mastery gives you benefits with that weapon as long as you wield it and gives you some unique abilities to use fighting beasts and players. Once you choose a Mastery you can’t unlearn it unless you have a special item called Scyhata Fruit or 3000 Jade Shell. Once points are set if you need to reset them you will need an item called Viper Fruit or 1000 jade shell. Both items are purchasable from the Cash Shop and obtainable from special rewards at the end of the hunt.

To use your abilities from Mastery you must put skill points, which are earned almost every level, into the Mastery skill of the weapon that is located in the top left of the skill menu, which you can open in game using P. Once you have points into that ability you can spend points into the other abilities in the tree. As skill gain levels they will require a higher Mastery of the weapon to improve them further. You can add points to the Weapon Mastery Ability every 10 levels starting at 20.

There are passive abilities, self buffs, and active skills. Passive abilities are marked with a blue background and increase certain attributes of the player with their rank. Self Buffs provide the player with special statuses to aid the player in hunts or PvP and have a gold background. Active Skills have a red background and allow the player to perform special maneuvers with an array of effects. To use most Self Buff or Active Skills you have to click and drag them down from the Skill book to your hotbar at the bottom of the screen.


Tier 1: Available at level 20

Sword Mastery
Passive Skill
Description: Requirement for learning other Sword Skills

Sword and Shield

Tier 1: Available at level 20

Sword and Shield Mastery
Passive Skill
Description: Requirement for learning other Sword and Shield Skills


Tier 1: Available at level 20

Wand Mastery
Passive Skill
Description: Requirement for learning other Wand Skills

Dual Sabres

Tier 1: Available at level 20

Dual Sabre Mastery
Passive Skill
Description: Requirement for learning other Dual Sabre Skills

Chain Hammer

Tier 1: Available at level 20

Chain Hammer Mastery
Passive Skill
Description: Requirement for learning other Chain Hammer Skills


Tier 1: Available at level 20

Claymore Mastery
Passive Skill
Description: Requirement for learning other Claymore Skills


Tier 1: Available at level 20

Crossbow Mastery
Passive Skill
Description: Requirement for learning other Crossbow Skills

Section 4: Items

There are dozens of types of items in the game that have various purposes. They fall mainly into two categories:

Consumables: These include potions, buff pills, traps, and bombs.
Crafting Parts: The items used for crafting equipment or for item synthesis.

Usable items are your main way of doing things on a hunt. For melee users this means things like sharpening stones to keep their weapons sharp or like the drinks that all hunters will use to stay warm in cold areas.
Parts are the things that will clutter much of your storage. Parts come from carving parts off beasts or gathering from the gather zones. Parts will be used in crafting armors, weapons and in the synthesis of items. The rare parts of beasts that you carve from them have a higher chance of dropping in higher difficulties.

Commonly Used Items

Sharpening Stones: This is used when a weapon’s sharpness decreases to increase it again.
Hot Drink: Prevents cold areas from draining stamina.
Cold Drink: Prevents the loss of HP in hot areas.
Potions: Restores HP.
Vitality Drink: Restores Stamina
Life Elixir: Raises HP above the normal 1000 limit.
Master Key: Allows the Player to open a gold reward box from the hunt regardless of score.
Super Lucky Sand: Increases the Success rate of Refinement
Protecting Sand: Reduces the chance of level loss during Refinement
Glimmer Sand: Increases the Success rate and lowers the chance of level loss during Refinement
Warmth Sand: Reduces the chance of level loss during Refinement


Carving is easy and most hunt related of all the gathering types. All you have to do for carving is kill a beast and then walk up and press Z. When you do you’ll gather the materials from their corpse. You’ll often need these materials for Armor and Weapon Crafting.


The gather zones can be accessed at level 20. You can talk to Rebecca in Village 1 and Rachel in Village 2 to enter the zones. To gather you will need to get Gather Boxes which can be claimed from Rachel or Rebecca. Depending on your level you will receive a different number of boxes. The higher level you are the more boxes you will get.

When you try and enter the sites you will notice that there are several sites divided by skill level. The skill level cap is determined by your level times 10. In example a level 20 character would have a skill cap of 200 where and level 70 character has a skill cap of 700.

Upon entering the site there are three zones of materials: Insects, Minerals, and Plants. Each area will have nodes that you can gather from. The nodes will deplete after a certain number of materials have been gathered from them and later will respawn after a certain amount of time. It is important to note that each line has a different collecting site so if all your nodes on one line are down you can move to another to continue collecting.

When you are trying to collect from a node it will look similar to this:

Small Stone
Iron Ore

What this means is that the Common drop from the node is small stone, the Uncommon drop is Iron Ore and the Lucky drop is Adventurine. You will gather the common and uncommon drops automatically, but the Lucky drops will bring up a pop-up that you will have to click to claim the reward. If there is a particular item you wish to gather a lot of normally it will have to be the Uncommon drop, unless you want the common item from the node.

For a helpful listing on what items can be gathered from the collection site please see:
Collection Site Drop List


Your main form of storage will be your warehouse box found in Village 1 and Village 2 areas. The warehouse can be expanded by spending Jade Shells. Your other form of storage is your backpack which is also expanded by using Jade Shells. It is cheaper to expand your warehouse than your backpack.


Synthesis is the process of turning items into something else. You can access the Synthesis menu by pressing N or clicking the button on the menu bar. Synthesis is a skill like gathering, but it requires synthesizing items to gain skillups. What you can make is dependent on your skill level, but the higher your skill the higher items you can create. When you click an item on the list it will show you the skill required for the creation and the amount of items required for the synthesizing. When you are ready to craft you can click the crafting item in the lower right to start the crafting. On the right side of the box you will see the synthesizing amount that you can enter the amount of items that you wish to create.

There are three main types of Synthesis:

Elixir Potion: The synthesis of restorative and buff potions for use in hunts.
Hunting Item: The synthesis of items to assist in the hunt like traps and sharpening stones.
Refined Item: The  synthesis of items required for armor and weapon refinement.


When a player reaches level 70 they can perform a series of quests for their Gather Mastery and another series of quests for their Synthesis Mastery. Gather Mastery allows the player to collect rare materials from the Master Gather site that could not be collected otherwise. Synthesis Mastery allows the player to synthesize items that can not be made without the Mastery.

Gather Masteries
Mineral: Allows the gathering of rare minerals.
Insect: Allows the gathering of rare insects.
Plant: Allows the gathering of rare herbs

Synthesis Masteries
Elixir Potions: Allows the creation of above average potions
Hunting Item: Allows the creation of hunting items that work on level 70 beasts and above.
Refined Item: Allows the creation of appraisal scrolls for identifying rare scrolls found in difficult hunts.

Cash Shop

The cash shop is where players can spend their Jade Shells to purchase an amazing amount of items. Jade Shells are purchased through the main site (this link ) for use in the in game shop. The Cash Shop can be accessed by pressing F or by clicking the shop option from the menu buttons at the bottom of the screen. The Cash shop has many tabs for sorting items:

Item Shop:
These items are purchased with Jade Shells.

Hot Sales: Items that are very popular.
Medicine: Items that heal or buff the player in Combat.
Refined Item: Items used in refinement.
Fashion: Items used for the Fashion equipment slots of characters.
Mount: Mounts for faster travel.
Ornaments: Decoration slots for the characters.
All: Displays all the items in the Item Shop.
Receive: Special items for that can be claimed by reaching certain requirements.

Ticket Shop:
Tickets can be earned from winning in Leisure PvP modes and claiming them from the chest after victory.
Hot Sales: Items that are very popular.
Medicine: Items that heal or buff the player in Combat.
Refined Item: Items used in refinement.
Fashion: Items used for the Fashion equipment slots of characters.
Mount: Mounts for faster travel.
Ornaments: Decoration slots for the characters.
All: Displays all the items in the Ticket Shop.

The VIP shop is currently quite bare aside from the items that can be claimed from the Receive tab in the Item shop.
Hot Sales: Items that are very popular.
Medicine: Items that heal or buff the player in Combat.
Refined Item: Items used in refinement.
Fashion: Items used for the Fashion equipment slots of characters.
Mount: Mounts for faster travel.
Ornaments: Decoraction slots for the characters.
All: Displays all the items in the VIP Shop.

VIP status can be purchased for Jade shells. There are three versions of the status:

VIP 1: Allows the hunter to claim a single Hunter Pack, several Route Flutes from Bunny everyday and see enemy HP without using a Sense Elixir. Also grants the player 3% self experience bonus, the Fashion Set – Swift Hunter and 4 weekly fatigue scrolls (500 fatigue). Costs 1200 Jade Shells and lasts 30 Days.

VIP 2: Allows the hunter to claim a two Hunter Packs and several Route Flutes from Bunny everyday and see enemy HP without using a Sense Elixir. Also grants the player 6% self experience bonus, 3% team mates experience bonus, the Fashion Set – Dominating Hunter, 4 weekly fatigue scrolls (800 fatigue), and increases the family collecting quest loops by 2.Costs 2400 Jade Shells and lasts 30 Days.

VIP 3: Allows the hunter to claim a Three Hunter Packs and several Route Flutes from Bunny everyday and see enemy HP without using a Sense Elixir. Also grants the player 10% self experience bonus, 6% team mates experience bonus, 4 weekly fatigue scrolls (1000 fatigue), and increases the family collecting quest loops by 3.Requires the player to spend 30000 Jade Shells and lasts 30 Days.

If a player remains online with VIP status for 240 hours then they will receive one month of VIP 1 Status. VIP status gained by spending 240 hours online can only be claimed once a month.

Hunting Packs are a interesting item that allows players 4 options when hunting. Each option consumes 1 Hunter’s Pack and can only be used during a hunt.:
Ctrl 1: Instantly restores 2000 HP. 60 Second cooldown.
Ctrl 2: Instantly restores weapons to Max Sharp. 60 Second cooldown.
Ctrl 3: Instantly increases the player’s stamina to 150. 30 Second Cooldown.
Ctrl 4: Instantly gives the player the Hot/Cold drink buffs. 10 Second Cooldown.

Section 5: Families and Clans

Familes and Clans are the social groups of the game. Families are what everyone starts in for working together to make something big. Eventually Clans form from a family and can adopt other families into the Clan. Overall working together is the main point of Clans and Families and later down the line it will be possible to fight other Clans for supremacy on the Clan Rankings.


How to create a Family

Family Benefits

Aside from being able to talk with your friends if they’re on a hunt or on another line, Families provide the players with some unique rewards. Every day the players can claim a Revival Coinpack, reward fatigue after they have spent some of their fatigue daily, and Fatigue Potions can be claimed from the Family Admin as well. The Admin also offers unique potions and runes that can be purchased using Family Contribution.

Family Contribution

Family Contribution is a currency used to buy things, but it is also what keeps a family active and going. There are two kinds of Contribution:

Personal: This kind of Contribution is spent on the family rewards that you can purchase from the family admin. It can also be converted into Clan Contribution.
Overall: This kind of Contribution is equal to the amount that each member makes. Overall Contribution is spent on creating Family Resources, leveling the Family Farm, leveling the Family Workers, and maintaining the activeness of the Family.

Every day the family will lose Contribution. The amount lost is based on the Family Activity. If the Family is unable to pay it’s activity cost then it will be disbanded (Still need to verify if it de-levels or disbands a family with a level higher than 1). Every time a member performs either the Family Daily Gathering quest or a Cohesion Medal quest it adds experience to the Family. When the Family fills their XP bar they can level up. Leveling the Family up allows for more workers on the farm, higher farm levels, and more members. This comes at a cost of requiring higher amounts of activity deducted each day. It is very important that all members participate in getting activity to help their Family and later their Clan to grow.

Family Farm

The purpose of the Family Farm is to collect resources. These resources will then in turn be used to create and upgrade portions of the Clan Scene. In order to use the Family Farm the Family Patriarch has to complete a quest. Upon completion of this quest the Family Patriarch and Vice-Patriarchs will be able to speak to the Family Admin in Village 3 on producing resources. When they speak to the admin can view the production of resources and choose which type of resource they want to produce, what level of resource to produce and which worker they want to use to produce it. Each level of resource requires a worker of equal skill to produce and leveling the workers is done from the Family interface.

Current Resource Types: Plants, Minerals, Insects
Level 1 – time 360min – output 100 – consumes 398 contribution
Level 2 – time 450min – output 136 – consumes 1536 contribution
Level 3 – time 540min – output 184 – consumes 3023 contribution
Level 4 – time 630min – output 250 – consumes 4865 contribution
Level 5 – time 720min – output 338 – consumes 7056 contribution

Farm Worker upgrade:
Level 1 – consumes 54 contribution
Level 2 – consumes 362 contribution
Level 3 – consumes 954 contribution
Level 4 – consumes 1864 contribution
Level 5 – consumes 3122 contribution

Cohesion Medals

There are two family events during the day that allow the player to acquire the quests for Cohesion Medals. The quests can be picked up as many times as needed during the event time, but can’t be picked up outside that time. Each time the player completes one of these quests they will receive:

At level 55 1 Medal, 100 Family Contribution, and 15 bound Silver Shells.
At level 65 1 Medal, 200 Family Contribution, and 25 bound Silver Shells.

When 200 Medals are gathered the Family Patriarch/Matriarch can turn them in at the Family Admin to open a special prize for the Family during the day. When the quest is turned in you can collect the gift until server reset in the morning. To collect your gift you have only to talk to the Family Admin and select the option to do so. When you open the gift you will receive 2 bound Gold Shells, a 500 Fatigue Family Energy Scroll and on occasion a Raw FLA Rune.


How to create a Clan

Clan Benefits

Clan Salary based on Totem Level
Dedication Medals for the top 3 Ranked Clans
Clan Shop providing various goods based on Totem Level
Overall sense of Awesomeness

Clan Contribution

Clan Contribution is very similar to Family Contribution. It is used in upgrading parts of the Clan, but unlike a Family a Clan does not have a daily cost. There are two types of Clan Contribution as well:

Personal: Personal Contribution is used by the Clan members to purchase items from the Clan shop. Personal Contribution can be earned by trading Family Contribution in, which does not add to the Overall Clan Contribution, and by doing the Clan daily, which does add to the Overall Clan Contribution.
Overall: Overall Contribution is used in building in the Clan Scene. Clan Contribution is only earned by Clan Members doing the Clan Daily.

It is important that if you are part of a Clan that you are doing your Clan Dailies. The Clan Dailies directly affect the growth of your Clan. If you want your Clan to grow and reach being one of the top Clans earning Dedication Medals get them done!

Clan Scene

Most buildings have no effect until leveled past one. Which buildings exactly is still being confirmed.

Clan Totem
Affects Clan Salary and provides a buff to the Clan Scene depending on the type of totem in Clan Battle.

Beast Totem:
Technology Totem:
Attack Totem:
Defense Totem:

Clan Shop
Provides various wares based on Equipment research Institute, Clan totem, and its own level.

Clan Warehouse
(Not implemented)
Clan Stable
Home of the Clan’s Beast
(Not implemented)
Archery Tower
(Not implemented)
Equipment Research Center
Adds items to the Clan Shop
(Not implemented)
Refinement Research Center
Reduces the costs of refinement.
(Not implemented)
Insect Research Center
Increases production of Insects on the Family Farm of Clan Families.
(Not implemented)
Mineral Research Center
Increases production of Minerals on the Family Farm of Clan Families.
(Not implemented)
Plant Research Center
Increases production of Plants on the Family Farm of Clan Families.
(Not implemented)
Clan Battle
Not implemented yet

Section 6: Hunting

Beasts are the main thing you actually fight in Hunter Blade. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes and hunger for human flesh. You can fight them alone or fight them in groups, but you will have to fight them to become a Master Hunter.


It is ill advised to walk into a hunt without preparation. There are many items that you can take on a hunt to make your job easier than what it normally is. Here are a list of a few things you should consider bringing along:

HP Potions: There is always a Chance you could get hit and having something to restore that damage makes it less likely you will have to use a coin to revive yourself.
Vitality Potions: Your Vitality is what allows you to roll out of the way or move quickly out of the line of fire. The max without using certain items is 150. Vitality slowly decreases over time so to make sure you have some when you need to avoid something that could kill you is quite important.
Sharpening Stones: Weapon Sharp determines how much damage you actually do to a target by a percentage. If the weapon sharp drops below into the chipped or red status you actually deal less than normal damage. For people that use melee weapons it’s important to bring something along to keep up the weapon’s damage.
Cold Drink: When you enter a hot area your HP will slowly start to decrease. To counter this you drink one of these and it will prevent the loss of HP for the duration of the drink. Desert and Volcano require Cold Drinks in many of the areas in them.
Hot Drink: When you enter a cold area your Vitality will be quickly drained away. To counter this you drink one of these and it will change the Vitality loss back to its normal rate. The Snowy Mountains require Hot Drinks in many of the areas in them.


When you try and enter a hunt you’ll notice that there are 4 Difficulty types:

Simple: The easiest of all hunts. Hunt objectives must be completed. Large Beasts normally come with a single health bar. Supplies are provided.
Normal: A bit harder than simple. Hunt objectives must be completed. Large Beasts normally come with 3 Health bars. Supplies are provided, but you get less than Simple.
D-Index: Harder than normal. Hunt objectives must be completed. You get even less supplies than Normal and Large Beasts normally have 6 Health Bars.
Challenge: The hardest of all difficulties. No supplies are give and Large beasts can have up to 9 Health Bars.

As more players join the hunt, the overall HP of the beasts will increase. As you go up in difficulty the damage and defense of all the Small and Large Beasts will increase as well. The last option for difficulty is Intrusion. Intrusion becomes an option for hunts at level 30 and spans up to the level cap. If you open Intrusions you allow the following:

Half the Fatigue cost of a closed hunt.
Better rewards.
Players up to five levels higher than you can enter the hunt to defeat you.

It’s always easier to tackle in groups, but sometimes groups will make Beasts even more difficult. The harder difficulties increase your score, as long as you’re not healing or being beat up by Beasts, making it easier to get higher rankings for better rewards. Play how you want and with who you want as difficult as you want.

Small Beasts

Snowy Mountains
W-Wyrm or White Devilsaur
Young Eel Lizard
Young Balas Lizard

Giant Crab
Y-Wyrm or Yellow Devilsaur
Sand Worm
Young Sand Ray
Young Ape Beast





Large Beasts

Ape King
Blue Wyrm King / B-Wyrm King
Boar King
Broad-Mouth Salamander
Chela King
Corpse Flower
Crazy Lizard
Crazy Wolf
Desert Worm King / D-Worm King
Ghost Peeper
Giant Crab King
Green Lizard
Ice Beast
Ice Wyrm
Lacerator Beast
Mammoth King
Oasis Beast
Red Wyrm King / R-Wyrm King
Sand Ray
Skeleton King Crab
Sting Bee
Swift Bat
Toxic Spider King
White Wyrm King / W-Wyrm King
Wild Boar King
Yellow Wyrm King / Y-Wyrm King
Yeti King

Star Instances

A Star Instance is a significantly more difficult version of a hunt. The damage and defense of beasts are increased above their normal value. You only get one carve during the entire hunt from the main beast you are hunting and that carve is comprised of various leaves for selling. The main reward you get for doing Star Instances is reputation, but you can also receive Spar Debris from the reward boxes at the end of the hunt.

(Small Challenge: First person to solo an entire star instance and make a video gets it posted here for posterity.)

Red Temple Yeti King
Silver Scaled Sand Ray
Rock Oasis Beast
Balas Lizard

Hunting Events

Jade Crown Dragon

The Jade Crown Dragon is a small beast that can only be encountered by taking quests from Ivan in Village 3. You can attempt to slay him once per day with a daily quest and you can try again during the Jade Crown Event. Overall you can slay him twice per day which will earn you a chance for what is called a “Scale Pack”. Inside the Scale Pack you can find three things: Bound Bladestone, Silver Shin Leaves and very rarely a Battle Scroll. The Battle Scroll is a unique item, worth 3000 Jade Shells, that allows a player to learn another Weapon Mastery.

Trumpet Event

The Trumpet event occurs twice a day and all hunters can participate by talking to the Hunting Trainers in their respective zones. By talking to one of the Trainers you can claim the buff that increases your defense, attack power and experience gained when on a hunt. When you actually enter the hunt you can claim an extra Trumpet Revival Coinpack. The event is only an hour so make sure to make the best use of it.

Section 7: Reputation

Reputation is earned by doing daily quests given out by various quest givers. By successfully performing these hunts you will be rewarded with Hunt Emblems and reputation.

How to earn reputation

When you reach level 70 you will be able to pick three quests up from Hunt Trainer Bush in Village 1:

Slay Swift Bat (Common Difficulty) 400 Hunter Mercenary Team Rep 5 Hunt Emblems
Slay Lacerator Beast (Common Difficulty) 400 Hunter Mercenary Team Rep 5 Hunt Emblems
Slay Skeleton Crab King (Common Difficulty) 400 Hunter Mercenary Team Rep 5 Hunt Emblems

These quests will provide you with reputation with the Hunter Mercenary Team. When you reach 16000 or respected status with the team you will be able to pickup new and harder beasts to fight from Rep Quartermaster Emily in Village 3:

Slay Red Temple Yeti – Kimo Clan 400 Rep 5 Hunt Emblems
Slay Balas Lizard – Kimo Clan 400 Rep 5 Hunt Emblems
Slay Silver Scaled Sand Ray – Jools Clan 400 Rep 5 Hunt Emblems
Slay Rock Oasis Beast – Jools Clan 400 Rep 5 Hunt Emblems

Each of these hunts are considered Star Instance Hunts and can only be performed twice a day. You also gain an extra 20 rep per hunt for their respective Clans for defeating the beasts.

Benefits of reputation

Using Hunt Emblems:
Buy the level 70 Weapon Recipes
Lacerator Weapons
Swift Bat Weapons
Skeleton Crab King Weapons

Buy the level 70 Armor Recipes
Lacerator Armor
Swift Bat Armor
Skeleton Crab King Armor

With Kimo and Jools Reputation:

Buy high level rune recipes
Buy the CMD Armor Parts
Buy the CMD Weapon Parts
Claim Fatigue

Current Reputations

Hunter Mercenary Team
Gold Gully Alliance
Kimo Clan
Jools Clan

Section 8: Player vs Player


Intrusion is a form of PvP where a single or group of players enter a “Open” hunt in order to defeat the players inside. The players inside the hunt must defeat the beast they are hunting and either defeat or avoid the intruding hunters. The intruding players are successful when all the hunters in the hunt are defeated.

The intruding hunters may not attack any of the beasts inside, but those beasts can still damage them. The intruding players may use Revival Coins to continue trying to defeat the hunters that hosted the hunt and potions to heal themselves. If the intruding players are unable to defeat the hunters, either by the hunters defeating the beast or being defeated, they are given a 3 minute debuff that prevents them from intruding again.

If the intruding player manages to defeat a player they gain Murderous Look and their name changes color. Murderous Look decreases over time when sitting in the village, but enough is gained the player will find that every hunt scene they enter will announce to the server that they have entered it and they will not be able to close the hunt to prevent intrusion.

How to intrude
Simply speak to the PvP Admin in village one or two and select the option to intrude (need to get actual option and who to talk to names). From there a list of hunts will appear that you can select from to intrude into. As long as you meet the requirements, 5 levels within your level, then you can intrude into the scene. It is common courtesy to leave the scene if politely asked.



Werewolf PvP

Werewolf PvP is a event that takes place all day where 20 players join to battle for top score. To start the event one person must make a room and then the other players can join the room. After at least 10 players have joined a countdown will start before the match begins. Once the Match begins no more players can join. The Werewolf King will be a player selected at random when the match starts. The Werewolf king must defeat other players and the other players must defeat the Werewolf King. When the King defeats a player they are transformed into werewolves and must defeat their former allies. The rounds of the match will end when either all the Werewolves are defeated or all the players have been transformed. Points are earned by defeating other players as a Werewolf or defeating Werewolves. The person who scores the killing blow on the Werewolf king is awarded 5 points.

The top 3 winners of the match will be able to open extra prize boxes. The prize boxes contain a number of useful things, but most importantly they contain Tickets which can be used in the Ticket section of the Cash Shop.

Section 9: Tips & Tricks

How do you set an AFK message?
You can add a message to let people know you are away by clicking the small gear in the upper left of the chat box. You can then enter the message in the prompted box and click the check box for auto reply. When you press confirm anyone who tries to message you will receive your message.

How do you know if someone is intruding on you?
A System Message will display across the screen informing you of the player name and weapon they are using.

What is Rage?
You get rage for defeating other players. It increases your attack and defense for a short amount of time.

What is Fatigue?
It’s the resource used up to for hunts. You get 1000 daily and 3000 a week.

If I reach level 40 and obtain a new Mastery, will that Mastery have full unused Mastery points?

What are Jadeshells? How do you get one?
Jadeshells are used in buying may awesome features as well as Cash Shop items. You can go through the main website to buy some using Paypal currently.

Why does my headgear not visible? How can I make it visible for others to see?
Try going Options-> Basic Set-> Display your own helmet. -Espher

What is masterkey? How will I know if I have one?
A Masterkey is a cash shop item, that you can use to open the best box out of 3 in the end of the hunt. You can buy one from player shops if they are selling it. The item appears in the cash shop tab in your backpack when bought. -Espher

What does xCMD mean?
xCMD is a type of item that can drop in any high level hunt that can be crafted into one of the gag weapons. The gag weapons are very strong level 70 weapons with silly designs. The Greatsword is a giant swordfish or the crossbow is a giant lobster.

What is HuntSoul and HuntElf mean?
Naming conventions for the Rare Weapons that have a very low chance of being rewarded to the player at the end of a hunt.

What does the Blue Exclamation on Bush’s head mean?
It means he has a chain quest you can do. Currently it does not go away even if you completed all the chain quests you can do for a day.

How do I turn off tracking for weapons and armors?
There currently isn’t a way to clear it.

Section 10: Pets

Pets are new companions for all players. All the details of pets are not known yet, but this page will be updated further as more information becomes available. What we know so far:

  • You will be able level pets.
  • Pets will have their own Equipment.
  • You will be able to breed pets.
  • Pets can help in carving.
  • Pets can faint in combat, but revive shortly after.
  • There are three generations of pets each with different stats
  • Pets will carry stats over from breeding
  • You will be able to trade bound pets with a cash shop item

Again this is just a few facts from the news update and this section will continue to get updated as more information is known.

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