Dragon Nest Moonlord Hybrid Guide

Dragon Nest Moonlord Hybrid Guide by unwantedy

Moonlord is a balanced class to play, they can do both physical (melee) and magical (range) damage as well as being “defensive” with [Parry] (+% block passive) and [Parry Stance] (100% block for a short period of time).

[Warrior Skills]

[Impact Punch] [Heavy Slash]
Both Lv1. (Default Skills). Raising them makes barely a difference.

[Rising Slash]
Lv. 6? Isn’t 5 good enough? Lv. 6 adds an extra slash in the attack which can combo into Aerial Combo. I made a video so you guys can see with your own eyes! :)

[Surprise Attack]
Important to have for when you got surrounded by mobs and even useful in PvP.

[Impact Wave]
Lv. 4 is enough since it is pre-req for [Moonlight Splitter].

[Circle Break]
Lv. 1? Yes, it’s an awesome AoE skill on early levels, but you won’t be using it much on higher lvls, and its cooldown is 30 seconds.

[Tumble] [Aerial Evasion] [Dash]
Those are a must have maxed as soon as possible.

Costs 0 SP and is really useful take it.

[Physical Mastery] [Mental Mastery] [Mental Training]
I like maxing them since there are many spare points into warrior tree, and extra life/mana and mp recovery is always nice to have!.

[SwordMaster Skills]

[Moonlight Spitter]
Lv11. This is one of your main DPS Skill. Also pre-req for [Ex Moonlight Splitter].

[Cyclone Slash]
Lv3 pre-req [Crescent Cleave]. Summons a tornado that goes toward your enemy, very useful for trapping opponents by walls @ PvP.

[Crescent Cleave]
Lv. 5 because it shoots out 5 waves. Great skill specially when fighting huge bosses.

[Halfmoon Slash]
Lv.7Great skill and great damage, slow animation though, but can use a plate to reduce animation by 50% .

[Great Wave]
Great Wave is a more standard Ultimate. Powerful, flashy, and destroys mobs. As afuture Moonlord, you’re gonna have to get this skill to unlock [Moonblade Dance].

[Triple Slash]
Lv1 Pre-Req for [Line Drive] Three quick slashes good for clearing several monsters spreaded out.

[Aerial Combo]
Lv.1. Pre-Req for [Line Drive] It’s a useful skill when combing [Rising Slash]+ LMx2.

[Deep Straight]
Lv. 2. Pre-Req for [Line Drive] Makes the enemy have an unbalanced footing, getting hit once in this state will make you float, an okay skill for PvP.

[Hacking Stance]
For PvE purposes, it’s not so great. In PvP if you can get it in, destroys your opponent. The hit-stun is low. Keep it at Lv. 3 Pre-Req for [Line Drive].

[Line Drive]
Amazing skill . You can getup to 6 hits with this skill depending on who or what you’re fighting. Against small mobs, not many hits. Against Nest-sized bosses, many hits. Also very important to have for PvP helps catching up your opponent.

[Dash Slash] [Dash Combo]
Both must be Lv. 1. This is why you don’t add any SP into Dash Kick. Cause this is the better of the two.

Lv. 1 is enough. This skill is awesome in decreasing the Super Armor of enemies. So you won’t be interrupted as easily.

[Heavy Hammer]
It’s amazing. It gives you an awesome damage multiplier. I keep it at Lv. 5 because the multiplier doesn’t increase as much after that.

[Counter Exile]
Lv. 1 is fine.Anything beyond is a waste of SP. Though it’s your main aerial recovery skill alongside with Aerial Evasion – Aerial Combo.

Lv. 3 pre-req to [Parrying Stance]. 11.6% auto-block.

[Counter Slash] [Counter Wave]
[Counter Slash] Lv. 2.and [Counter Wave] Lv1 they are pre-req to [Parrying Stance]. Those skills you press Left Mouse/Right Mouse after a “block” in order to use it.

[Parrying Stance]
Lv.1. Due not enough SP. Your survival skill. 100% chance to block for 10 seconds, can use a plate for extra 50% duration.


Magic and Wisdom
Life and Healthy
Defense and MDefense

Halfmoon Slash -50% Animation
Parrying Stance +50% Duration
Moonlight Splitter +20% Damage

[LvL 24 SwordMaster Combing]

[LvL 50 Moonlord Manticore Nest Solo]

[Moonlord vs Majesty(Force User Adv)]

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