Conquest of Thrones Basic Interface Guide

Conquest of Thrones Basic Interface Guide by johnpaulocapunpun

I dont know how can i start it but here we go

many player keep asking what is that where is that….

just look @ this all you have to know npc’s are here


Click and go….

Awards = all awards you can obtain by finishing some task or task the you already done…

Equip(click GET button) = epic gear = npc where you can get a epic gear(with certain rank needed)
Find wishing well = nearest wishing well in your place
GET Goddess tear = to purchase some Goddess tear in the GOLD shop

Relic(click GET button) = rank upgrade =where you can upgrade the rank of your relic(there are two class of relic upgrader)
GET relic arcanum(relic identification guide) using for upgrading high rank relic = to purchase some relic arcanum in GOLD shop
GET  relic scroll(identification scroll) used for upgrading relics

Fate = upgrade Fate = upgrade Fate to greatly improve basic character attribute(use life token to upgrade it)Click to transport you to wondering alchemist
GET life token = to purchase some life token in the GOLD shop
GET name token(fate token) used for changing Fate in wondering alchemist

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