Carte TCG Archan Tatiana Blast Deck Guide

Carte TCG Archan Tatiana Blast Deck Guide by Foreigner

HERO: Tatiana Camoranesi

[4] Apprentice Witch
[4] Alchemist
[4] Hand of Mia
[4] Chimera No. 42
[3] Master of Truthseeker
[2] Steam Armored Car
[2] Magmancer

[4] Fire Bolt
[4] Flame Blast
[4] Adventure of Little Witch
[4] Strange Care
[2] Ice Spark
[2] Volcanic Eruption

[13] Wisdom
[4] Gemstone of Imp OR Land of Secret

The Devil
The Emperor
The Fool
The Hermit

Above is my current deck in game. This deck is themed on controlling the field.

Alchemist, Apprentice Witch, Armored Car are good defenses and their effects are great for taking down puny blockers or pesky X/1s. They can also be used to set up a kill on a creature whose HP is greater than 2.

Hand of Mia is best used in conjunction with its second effect in this deck (blast 1). A 3/2 for 3 is also nothing to scoff at. If needed its pusher effect is also there for 0.

Chimera No. 42 and Master of Truthseeker are the stars of this deck. Chimera late game will allow you to ramp up your field when you’ve already gotten rid of your opponent’s forces. Master of Truthseeker will give all of your creatures blast 1; another way to get rid of your opponent’s field. Magmancer is a must, it’s late game power and a form of removal when it leaves the field. I’m considering dropping one or two Master of Truthseeker’s however.

Fire Bolt and Flame Blast are your main tickets to clearing a field for Archan. Adventure of Little Witch is super flexible. It can damage your opponent’s monster that you need gone by either attacking or using its effect (in case something will block), or even just attack your opponent! Ice Spark is a good form of removal and also deals direct damage to the opponent’s hero. Frost Wind is great! Although it only targets an opponent’s back row.

Strange Care is great draw power, it’s a burst magic so you can use it at the end of your opponent’s turn.

I’ve had some trouble with aggressive decks (eg Blitz), in this deck we only have single target hp whittling aside from Frost Wind, but this only affects those in the defense zone. I decided against Metastasis, giving 2 HP to the opponent seems a bit too much for 1 mana less than Flame Blast, but it’s more reliable to manage and combo with. The best way to get better removal is to splash Saike for cards like Sacred Shock, Call of Heaven, Blow of Judgment and Extermination. Adding in those cards would be great if you happen to go against Spirits.

Some other great Archan cards to mention include: Volcanic Eruption, a card I really want to fit into this deck, it’s the greatest form of removal Archan will have. Word of Denial is also great if you’re playing against Kaideron decks and their pesky spell cards.

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