AVA Pointman Guide

AVA Pointman Guide by TheOrangeThing

This guide will focus on the pointman class and the different strategies and tactics you can use to use him at his fullest potential. Everything from basic tactics to weapons will be covered. Also, please note that I will be updating this guide as time goes on.


Part 1: The basics
Part 2: What to do if you are spotted
Part 3: Mode specific tactics
Part 4: Pointman VS…
Part 5: Weapons
Part 6: Skills
Part 7: Netiquette
Part 8: Credits

Lets get started!

Part 1: The basics

The pointman specializes in close quarters combat. Their Sub Machine Guns (SMG) are great for this task. Combine this with the pointman’s mobility, and you have a very deadly class.

-Remember that the pointman is ONLY good for close quarters combat. Avoid long range battles like the plague.

-You can add a silencer to SMGs and some pistols by pressing “v”. Silencers reduce the range on your weapon, so keep that in mind.

How to play:

Since the pointman has very high mobility, make it a priority to flank enemies. DONT rush blindly into enemy territory, as you WILL die. Instead, try to take the route that is less-traveled, so that way you can creep into the enemies side and do some damage (This gets more difficult to do on small maps). Even if you walk into an enemies general field of vision, you will most likely get the first shot off, so no worries!

Also, I cannot stress enough how important the radar is. USE IT!!!!!! If an ally spots an enemy, he will briefly appear on the radar.

Quote by Sun Tzu: Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.

Lets have a look at this picture. You are the blue dot. The green dot is your ally, and the red dot is your enemy. The cones show which way they are facing. The enemies position is on your radar thanks to your ally, so you know where he is. Rather than attack head-on, attacking from the side would be more effiecient (and stealthy)

Most likely no one will be alerted to your immediate posistion, so taking out enemies shouldn’t be too big of a problem. BUT!!! Make sure you don’t stay in enemy territory for too long, or else they WILL know where you are after you start shooting…and they will shoot you and you will die. So retreat once you have done some damage. Not only will you stay alive, but you will help out your team.

Sun Tzu: If your enemy is secure at all points, be prepared for him. If he is in superior strength, evade him. If your opponent is temperamental, seek to irritate him. Pretend to be weak, that he may grow arrogant. If he is taking his ease, give him no rest. If his forces are united, separate them. If sovereign and subject are in accord, put division between them. Attack him where he is unprepared, appear where you are not expected.

You can also use your natural environment as camoflauge as well. For example, in the darker night time maps, you can hide in dark corners. Since most people don’t pay attention to things like these, the chances of getting spotted are low, and most people don’t run around with their NVGs on 24/7.

Taking out enemies efficiently is another thing that you should focus on. Headshots are very good for this, since SMGs aren’t very powerful. Consecutive headshots can be tough to pull off at first, but with practice, it can be done! Reflexes are also important. If you can master these two key elements, you’ll dominate everyone.

EDIT: Here’s a little game to brush up on your reflexes =P

Sun Tzu:All warfare is based on deception. Hence, when we are able to attack, we must seem unable; when using our forces, we must appear inactive; when we are near, we must make the enemy believe we are far away; when far away, we must make him believe we are near.

Part 2: What to do if you are spotted

Sun Tzu: He who knows when he can fight and when he cannot will be victorious.

If you are spotted, most likely the enemy will return fire. What to do from here depends on the situation:

-If the enemy is close to you, then find some cover (if possible) and return fire. If you kill the guy, fall back to your allies, because your possision will be blown if you don’t, as you are on their radar.

-If you’re getting shot at from a distance, run for cover! Your weapons cannot deal a great amount of damage at a disntance! If you are in an area with no cover, you can run back while shooting at your attacker. If you’re lucky, he may panic, and might even cease fire altogether!

Part 3: Mode specific tactics

Anihlation: The point of this mode is to cooperate with your team to get the required number of kills. The tactics above pretty much apply here.

Escort: Tactics depend on what team you are on:

-If you are on the “tank team”, then you can try to flank the enemy and buy your tank some time to advance. Your top priority targets are ones with RPG’s, followed by snipers (if they aren’t camping at their spawn). Remember to not stay in enemy territory for too long. Clear buildings as well. If you want, you can try to take out spawn-enemies as well, but if you do, expect to die a lot, but hey, at least you’re helping out your team!

-If you are on the Russian team, try to wait for your team to take out the tank before you advance, because some of the enemies will go to repair the tank. Rather than going behind the tank and shooting anyone repairing the tank (and probably getting yourself killed), toss a grenade behind the tank instead. Most likely you will kill one or two people. When the tank is on the move, clear buildings / take out any stragglers.

Demolition: The pointman shines in this category. The pointman is very fast, so he can get to a bomb site quickly and plant, or is the bomb is planted, he can quickly get to the bomb and defuse. Also, you don’t respawn until the round is over, so be REALLY careful about what you do. Keep in mind that footsteps can give away enemies (as well as yourself), so listen for them!

Part 4: Pointman VS…

Pointman VS. Sniper

If you are at close range, then you will win, handsdown. The sniper will most likely take out his pistol, or try to QS, but if you have the first to fire advantage, then most of the time you’ll win.

Pointman VS. Rifleman

Once again, the pointman dominates at close range, so you shouldn’t have too much problems. Even if the enemy has a high-powered rifle, if you have the first to fire advantage, you will win. If you are spotted by a rifle man at a distance however, then you’re pretty screwed.

Pointman VS Pointman

Generally speaking, the one who wins is determined by skill, health remaining, and choice of weapon.

Part 5: Weapons

Before I start, I would like to mention that scopes on SMGs don’t really have a purpose. SMGs are meant for close quarter battles, and should not be used over great distances.

Power:30 Range: 25 Accuracy:38 Stability:35 Mobility:80 ROF:75 Ammo:25/clip Price:Free

MP5: Your starting weapon. Its stats are okay. It has low power, but it has pretty good rate of fire (ROF), has a somewhat controllable recoil, and has 25 ammo per clip. It can get outgunned by stronger SMGs, but it will do its job well as a starting weapon.

NOTE: Although the MP5 may not seem like a good weapon, it has VERY cheap repair costs, and it will be a great weapon once ijji releases the MP5 mods.

Click the image to see the original size. (578x185)

Uzi: A very quick-firing SMG. Buyer beware, you will empty clips very fast, so consider getting the extra ammo customization, which will give you 32 ammo per clip instead of 25. It’s power is the same as the MP5, but it shoots faster, and it has a little more spread and recoil. Great for demolition maps and close quarters, not so good for anything else.

Click the image to see the original size. (574x223)

UMP45: This gun is somewhat powerfull. It takes around 4-5 shots to kill a person (excluding high-level armour). Accuracy is also pretty good, as long as you don’t spray and pray. The recoil has a bit of a kick to it, but most players should be able to use this weapon with ease. There is a mod for this gun that allows you to have 31 ammo per clip instead of 25, but it decreases power, so i don’t recommend it. Overall, this is a pretty decent gun.

Damage:31 Range:25 Accuracy:40 Stability:37 Mobility:82 ROF:50 Ammo:64/Clip Price: €39,000

Bizon PP-19: Not as powerful as some of the other weapons, but its got a decent ROF, and a very large magazine. When it comes to multiple encounters, this weapon shines above the rest. If you really love power, you can upgrade the ammo so it does more damage; at the price of magazine capacity. Also boasts decent range

Click the image to see the original size. (563x172)
Damage:30 Range:22 Accuracy:45 Stability:42 Mobility:80 ROF:73 Ammo:50/Clip
Price: €43000

P90: Not the most powerful in terms of other weapons, but it shoots fairly quickly, and it has a 50-round mag. It also has pretty good accuracy, so u can (maybe) single shot someone from quite a distance. For a small fee, you can upgrade to the P90TR, which gives it a permanent 1.5x dot sight, as well as the ability to customize the gun. Just don’t buy it for the sight :/ People have reported an increase in recoil when modding, but I didn’t notice too much of a difference.

Click the image to see the original size. (566x174)
Damage:85 Range:10 Accuracy:30 Stability:20 Mobility:40 ROF:15 Ammo:7/Clip

A pump action shotgun. Pretty much anything within a 5-7 feet readius is a one hit kill. Because it’s a pump action, you have to pump between shots, so aim carefully.
Try to play in smaller maps if u can, and stick to small areas and narrow corridors if you can.

Knife: When you’re out of ammo, and you don’t have a pistol (which you should), then you have no choice but to use a knife until you can grab another weapon. It has 2 different slashes: Left click will do a quick slice (takes away roughly 1/4 of the opponents Health), while right click with do a slow, but stronger stab. The stab also has a farther reach. Stabs to the head are always a 1-hit kill.

Part 6: Skills

Skills are givin to you when you aquire the corresponding ribbon. To get the ribbons, you must accomplish a specific task. Upon completion of the task, you get the skill, as well as 10,000 supply points.

Running Pointman
You have this right from the start. Your overall movement speed has a slight increase.

Running Expert
Task: Play as pointman for 15 hours. Upon completion, your movement speed increases even more.

Running Master
Task: Play as pointmann for 40 hours. Upon completion, your movement speed increases to the highest amount.

Trained Landing
Task: Sprint for half an hour total as pointman. Upon completion, the damage you recieve when you fall from a high place is halfed.

Task: Sprint for an hour total as pointman. Upon completion, your overall movement speed when crouching increases.

Trained Sprint
Task: Sprint for 2 hours total as pointman. Upon completion, your speed when sprinting increases.

Advance Knife Attack
Task: Kill 2 enemies with the knife. Upon completion, your range of your knife doubles.

Sharp Knife
Task: Kill 4 enemies with the knife. Upon completion, knife damage increases.

NOTE: The kills required for the knife ribbons are just rumors that I’ve heard. I am not sure if they are correct.

SMG Quick Reload
Task: Kill 800 enemies with an SMG. Upon completion, reload of SMGs goes by faster.

SMG Extra Ammo
Task: Kill 2000 enemies with an SMG. Upon completion, you get more ammo for SMGs.

Basic Field Study
Task: Scan a lot of enemies with the Binoculars. Upon completion, your radar scan range with the binoculars increases by 50%.

Advanced Field Study
Task: Scan even more enemies with the binoculars. your radar scan range with the binoculars doubles.

Part 7: Netiquette

This part is not very long, although, it’s still important nonetheless.

I’ve been away from AVA for quite some time now, but recently, I’ve starting to play again. Back in 2009, AVA’s community was very mature, with the rare spaz every blue moon. However, recently I have noticed a lot more butt-hurt pre-teens yelling profanities and spaming the chat box when they die, so I’d like to brush up in some Online Etiquette, or as I like to call: “Netiquette”

1) If you die, don’t yell out profanities. Say “nice shot,” or something among those lines

2) Getting killed continuously / around a corner / through a wall / headshot through a wall, etc does NOT mean that guy is a hacker. He is simply good or lucky. Even if your death is caused by an opponent’s horrible ping, swearing ain’t gonna fix it.

3) If your team ain’t doing something right (e,g, camping instead of pushing tank), just give them a friendly reminder to start moving.

4) If you get called a hacker, take it as a compliment; it means you’re as good as one =P

5) TALKING IN CAPS 24/7 IS SO OSSIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!…not. Please don’t do this too often, it makes you look like an idiot.

6) If someone is pissing everyone off, just kick him. Most likely he’ll get kicked. Don’t instigate him.

Part 8: Credits

Anyone who has contributed to this guide will have their names mentioned here:

Me: For making the guide =D

chiakinakamura: Some pictures were from his/her guide. Thanks chiakinakamura!

AyJay: Expanded on the knife ribbons.

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