AVA Penetration Guide

AVA Penetration Guide by trainer771

IntroductionThis isn’t really a guide. Yes, really. It’s just an add-on to my armor guide. I just made this for the purpose of linking it to my Armor sticky, since it has the 20k character limit.

What is penetration?

Penetration is simply the rate of damage loss as a bullet passes through any solid object. Guns with high penetration lose little damage as its bullets pass through obstacles, while guns with low penetration will rapidly lose damage while passing through obstacles.

Penetration is similar to the range stat. Range determines how much damage is lost as a bullet travels a certain distance. The more range a gun has, the less damage the bullet will lose. Penetration follows the basic principals.


Obstacles that activate the penetration stat could be any of the following:
-wooden walls
-window panes
-concrete walls
-concrete barriers

And most importantly:

Penetration applied to obstacles

When bullets collide with obstacles, four factors affect how much damage is lost and if the bullet can actually make it through.

1. Initial damage upon impact. Guns with low penetration but high damage will still most likely go through obstacles purely from the fact that they had a lot of damage to start with. Most low-penetration sniper rifles follow this rule and can pass through weak obstacles and corners of walls.

2. Penetration. Guns like the SA58 para can wallbang concrete and wooden obstacles. These guns have high penetration so they suffer little damage loss as they pass through obstacles.

3. Type of obstacle. Obstacles made of glass, wood, or tin will be easy for most guns to pass through. However, a slab of concrete will only be penetrated by guns with both high penetration and high initial damage.

4. Amount of obstacle penetrated. A bullet from a veresk may be able to go through corners of concrete walls because the corners are only 6 to 12 inches. However, it cannot go through a whole concrete slab (roughly 2 feet in length) because the bullet loses damage at a linear rate as it passes through more and more solids. Likewise, a thin sheet of tin will be very easy for most low-penetration RM guns to wallbang.

Penetration applied to players

When bullets collide with people, the following things are taken into consideration:
1. How much damage did the bullet start with? This one is obvious and does not need to be explained.

2. Where did the bullet hit? If the bullet hit anywhere except for the chest or helmet, the damage is multiplied by the body part multiplier and applied.

3. If the bullet hit the chest, the type of chest armor and the amount of penetration is taken into account.
High penetration guns will lose a lot of damage as they pass through large-caliber armor until the large caliber armor is destroyed, but will pass through anti-charge armor like a hot knife through butter.
Low penetration guns will be unable to pass through large-caliber armor until it is destroyed, and they will lose a considerable percentage of damage as they pass through anti-charge armor.
Therefore, high-penetration guns are effective against large-caliber armor and anti-charge armor, while low penetration guns are moderately effective against large-caliber armor and weak against anti-charge armor.

4. If the bullet hit the helmet, the initial damage and the penetration is taken into account. Higher penetration and higher damage will make it more likely for a bullet to knock the helmet off, while lower damage or lower penetration will make it less likely for the bullet to knock the helmet off.

Guns with Penetration

PP2000*** (only with penetration mod)
Groza*** (not released yet)
Knight SR25**

Just a measure of how much penetration some guns have.

That’s my penetration mini guide, created in a record 15 minutes! I hope you guys enjoy it! Try not to flame~

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