APB Reloaded Threat Level (Rank) Progression Guide

APB Reloaded Threat Level (Rank) Progression Guide by DinNarcotic

Threat (what many of you refer to as Rank, e.g. the icons by your name)

Threat is a fluctuating metric by design. This means you can go up AND down in Threat as you play. Normal behavior is that Threat continues to increase as you/your group win missions, however your personal Kill-to-Death (how kills you’ve made per time you’ve died) ratio also factors into this assessment.

It is intended that Threat fluctuates, and it should only decrease based on your personal and group performance.

Please note that Threat (the icons by your name) do not impact what weapons or equipment you have access to. Rating (listed in various interfaces) determines what a player can equip and only increases as you gain further progression.

Enforcer || Criminal
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Enforcer || Criminal

Remembering this chart will make it easier on you when you have dispatch opportunities. When prompted with the new ready system you’ll see on the HUD anywhere from one to four icons- each icon represents a players of the opposing team as the type of icon refers to their threat level. The higher the icon the more difficult the player.

These icons will also appear in BACKUP missions, in that instance you’ll see icons of the players that you will be assisting NOT opposing. Keep that in mind.

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