APB Reloaded Newbie Tips

APB Reloaded Newbie Tips by Grunt

Here are some general tips for newbies:

1. Equipping grenades and the Field Supplier

Most newbies generally don’t do such, so here is how to do it.

After finishing the Tutorial or skipping it, go to a mail box and open the mails with the paperclip icon beside them, retrieve the Field Supplier and Frag Grenades from them. (Should be in separate mails)

Go to a Joker Vendor Machine (You know, that noisy ammo vending machine) or mail box or a contact and hit “i”, in the Character tab, you should see an empty Grenades slot, left click it and click Change and equip the Frag Grenades. Now click the Character tab, under Character Mods there should be an empty slot, click it, click Change and equip the Field Supplier.

You can deploy the Field Supplier by pressing “5”. You can access your inventory here to change weapons and ammo or just resupply ammo.

2. Use the 3rd person camera to your advantage

Most newbies don’t use this to look past small walls or around corners, this is a helpful little trick in battle. Press the “-” (Minus) key on your keyboard (Not the Keypad Minus) to zoom your camera out and “+” for vice versa.

Press V to switch camera sides.

3. Taking advantage of enemies hiding behind cars

As you can see, cars have small openings under them and don’t completely touch the ground, you can use that to your advantage against another newb that is hiding behind the car by shooting through that small gap under the car.

If you NEED to take cover behind a car, I would suggest backing up a few meters from the car so that the enemies can’t shoot your feet.

4. Cars’ cargo

You can put small mission items such as briefcases in the trunks of cars, this is useful in an item hold mission. Go behind the car and press F to store the item you are holding inside and vice versa to take it out of the trunk.

More experienced players’ personal vehicles have ammo boxes stored in the trunk, much like the Field Supplier, you can rearm there by going to the trunk and pressing “t” or change weapons by pressing “i”.

5. Leaning around corners

Hold right mouse button and press Q or E to lean around. This will automatically switch camera sides to the direction your character is leaning to.

6. Auto-ready feature

You can disable auto-readying by pressing K when the timer is counting down or you can permanently disable it in the options menu. (Press K to manually ready from there on out)

7. Contacts and unlocks

Pledge to contacts that you haven’t maxed out every time. There are 3 ways to pledge as far as I know.

– Open the map and double click the contact’s icon then click the pledge button.
– Press J, click Progression, select the contact’s faction, double click the contact and pledge.
– Go to the contact, talk to it and pledge.

Want to unlock that cool piece of gear but don’t know who unlocks it? Put your mouse cursor over the red padlock icon and it will tell you.

8. Car radio and VOIP

Press P to open up the car radio menu and change songs or stop the song. Other players can hear the music you are currently playing.

Other players with VOIP enabled can hear you over the mic when they’re close so watch out if the enemy is near and you’re coordinating with your team.

9. The F button… No, not the F word

The F button is pretty much used for every action you do, getting in cars, taking stuff out of cars, climbing over ladders and certain fences, doing objectives etc.

10. “Destroy” objective types

I’ve seen newbies not knowing what to do there since pressing F doesn’t work. It’s quite hilarious but quite sad at the same time… The objective literally means it, shoot the dang thing.

11. Crosshair

Simple rule about the crosshair:

If your crosshair turns red, that means you’re targeting the enemy’s hitbox and can hit him/her. That also depends on your gun’s accuracy anyways, it’s not insta-hit.


Now, now, don’t be screaming “HAAAAAAAAAXXXXXX” whenever the enemy is too good for you. There is literally way more false hackusations than true ones in this game.

There is no “recoil hacks” or “health hacks” or “speed hacks” or “jump hacks” or “shooting through walls hacks” (This is most likely caused by lag) in this game. Mainly because they will have to hack into the server itself to do those.

Now the worst hack you will see in this game is the dreaded aimbot…

13. Customization? Clothes?

There are multiple koisks at the Social District for those. Press M you’ll be able to find them from there on, make sure you tick the icon to the right for it to show up.

14. Punkbuster keeps kicking me! General Protection Fault crashes! RAWRAWRAWR!

Relax and go to this site:


Download the right installer for your OS and follow the on-site instructions.

15. Radar

The game has a “radar”, enemies that shoot or that are in a car are shown there as a red triangle. YOU are also shown on the enemies’ radar if you’re in range if you shoot or drive a car.

16. Groups, Friends and Clan

Press U to access the menu with those tabs, or if you’re a group leader, you can invite, kick or manage your group there.

17. Pay to Win!11!1!!

Well not really. Let’s put it like this, Armas Guns (You know, those “golden guns”) are only slightly better than their non-Armas counter parts and can be defeated just as easily by an experienced player.

OCA EW-626 “Whisper” – The main advantage of this is the lower recoil, higher range and the suppressor. The suppressor may not have sound BUT you can see the enemy on the radar anyways, plus, there is a red arrow pointing towards the hit. Remember to find cover ASAP when you get hit. A 2-slotter OCA EW-626 with Reflex Sight 3 and Cooling Jacket 3 will beat this thing in a frontal fight.

Colby CSG – Tighter spread, higher range more pellets. There is a downside to the tighter spread, it’s harder to hit the target at close range and the per-pellet damage is lower. A JG-940 (840 = no slots, 940 = 1-slotter and vice versa) with Cooling Jacket 3 will pretty much defeat a CSG if the JG is at it’s range.

Scoped NTEC – I don’t really see much of an advantage of this thing rather than the cool looks and slightly lower recoil than the normal NTEC. A 2-slotter NTEC with Hunting Sight 3 and Heavy Barrel 2 will stomp this thing.

18. I was ram raiding and then suddenly, out of nowhere, I got put against other Enforcers?!

It’s called witnessing. When you do crime such as raiding a store and stealing it’s stuff, Enforcers can witness you and try to take your money. Or if you’ve got over $1500 dirty cash (On the top left corner, the green cash numbers), Enforcers can witness you anytime even if you’re not committing a crime. This will start a mission against them where you have to get the cash to your stash before they kill you and get it to theirs.

19. Some guy just killed me even though I wasn’t in his mission? What the f…

The person has reached Prestige 5 (Enforcers) or Notoriety 5 (Criminals), P5/N5 players can kill anyone in the district and they get a bounty on their head (Around $400 I believe), although an Enforcer killing a P5 Enforcer will get penalized. An N5 Criminal is an enemy to everyone, both Enforcers and Criminals.

Well I hope these tips help you new players out and make you all less confused about the game. And yes, this game’s tutorial sucks

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