APB Reloaded OSMAW Guide

APB Reloaded OSMAW Guide by SENTON

The OSMAW Introduction

The OSMAW is the weapon that can take out an entire team at the same time and place. However some players may find the OSMAW a weapon difficult to handle. To successfully use this weapon, you will need TIMING and PRECISION!

The OSMAW can be really useful in some missions like, Their Drop/Your Drop or Stop Deliveries, this weapon is best no doubt about it. As long as vehicles exist, OSMAW mass-killings exist! Also is good to drive alone but remember to switch to OSMAW before you step in to the car. Because if you got ”tail” (enemy car behind) you can just carefully step out the vehicle and blast them.
Sacrifice or Not

You need to use your OSMAW in a smarter way and think if it’s worth it to take yourself out or killing a team mate. In situations like for example: You just got down from your car in a middle of an enemy team and you see that you are surrounded then of course you stand no chances against them, you will die anyway, so just hit the ground with the rocket and take these souls with you. I call it ”Suicide Rocket”. Other example when team mates are near you and few enemies also near you fighting you must to take calculated decisions like: See how many enemies are near you, how many team mates are near you and quick imagine the impact zone and radius. Also it’s very important to co-operate with your team mates and let them know your next step. I created some rules for this.

Rules on Close Range

Situations Actions

1vs1 Switch to secondary + grenades
2/4vs1 Sacrifice Rule (Take yourself out together with them)

Rules on Long/Medium Range

4 + car Timing + Precision

The OSMAW Player’s Hideout

In this section of the guide I will tell you which equipment is best to have and why.
You will need only the OSMAW NFCP 1 (1 slot) as only 1 weapon modification is really working and improving the OSMAW, it’s 3-Point Sling III.

The Inventory

Posted Image

Weapon: OSMAW NFCP 1

Secondary: S-AS PDW ”Falcon” | Modification: Improved Rifling I -> Effects: Increases the effective range by +3m but increases the maximum reticle bloom slightly..

Grenades: Percussion Grenades (Exploding on impact)

Vehicle: Dolton Fresno D 300 (3 Slots) | Modifications: Mobile Supply Unit -> Effects: Deploys a field supplier but reduces cargo capacity by 3.

Explosives III -> Effects: Increases blast radius by +45%.

Steel Plating III -> Effects: Reduces damage from weapons by -30% but reduces max speed by -15%.

Character Modifications: Field Supplier -> Effects: Deploys a Field Supplier

Kevlar Implants III -> Effects: Increases player health by +30% but decreases acceleration substantially also decreasing movement speed by -2m/s.

Happy Landings III -> Effects: Reduces falling damage taken by -100% but reduces the falling speed which you need to brace for impact by -0.3m/s.

Now let me tell you why I recommended you the stuffs above

Well, I suggested you to equip percussion grenades because in combination with your secondary weapon, the S-AS PDW could finish of an enemy in close/mid-range

Why Kevlar Implants?

Kevlar Implants III as you read in the description it’s increasing your health by +30% and this is good when you shoot your rocket near you and many times without this modification you would be probably dead, but with this modification you increase your chances to survive. The down part with this modification is that it will make you very slow.

Why Dolton Fresno and these modifications?

Dolton Frenso is APB’s strongest affordable vehicle excluding the Dump Truck. This car also has a huge durability without any modifications. This is good when you shooting your rocker near yourself and the vehicle, it won’t explode at the first shoot.

The modifications I choose are with a purpose, all these modifications bring to your OSMAW and yourself many advantages. The Mobility Supply Unit is a most have because by using your OSMAW which has a reduced ammo capacity of 2 you will need supply very often. The Explosives modification will allow you to use your car as a ”bomb”, blasting everything around it. The Steel Plating will defend your car against bullets and the most important against your own OSMAW.

The only down side of playing with the OSMAW is that your budget will be much decreased as the rockets are quite expensive. A full supply of 100 rockets will cost you 10.000 $.

Final Words

I created this guide both for new OSMAW and regular players. There is always something new to learn while you experiencing more during your game-play.

I hope that this guide will help you in your APB game-play future and it will be useful.

Thanks for reading!
Best Regards, Senton

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