APB Reloaded Battle Communication Guide

APB Reloaded Battle Communication Guide by n0oo7

Now you dont have to use combat chatter to talk in this game but you do hav to be knowledgeable of a few things to comunicate effectively.

I: Spotting and Locating.

When you spot an enemy don’t say “HEY THERES A GUY OVER THERE” use Cardinal Directions TO help use your compas, If it’s a spinning compas (bottm right which SHOULD) The Up-pointing direction Is The direction that you’re facing, so if you look at an enemy and the compas is north, than he/she/it is north. Now That’s the easy part.

II: Spotting in Relation to Objectives and Teamates..

Heres the hard part. You might confuse people by telling cardinal directions in relation to yourself, but if you use cardinals in relation to a teamate or an obj, they might understand and react quicker.

1.) Locate the enemy via radar/Visual
2.) Locate the target who you are gunna relate the enemy’s direction with
3.) Calculate.
a. In the picture i provided I have a purple dot with a compas on it, THat is you, and the blue dot is The
Objective, and THe green dot is a teamate. (imagine the other color dots being Enemys)

b. Imagine a compas on top of the object/person you wanna relate the directions to or use The cardinal directions of both targets and triangulate (requires some headwork)

Posted Image

The black blob is slightly WNW (west north west/ More west than north etc) and the blue dot is Far(will be explained later) North West, so by examining the pic you could triangulate that the black blob is SSE (south south east/more south than east) to the Blue dot ..

and the same blob is directly south to the green dot, Practice Relating the dots to eachother It should take no longer than 2 minutes.


a,) when you enter an area that you might be in for a while, defending or trying to attack a point or defending a drop off or one of your pre-determined camp spots, farmilarize yourself with the entrances/exits to the area.. Imagine a compas in the center or roughly around the center or around a focal point (a statue or something good for cover that’s around the center of the area that you are at) and relay The info to you teamates about stairs/doors/ladders/fences that are breached

for Ex: South entrance or North ladder or east fence in relation to the center of the location you’re at.

IIII: Near/Far/

a.) when you relay locations you could also Say near or far to tell your friends wether they can shoot them or not. It’s ovbious that near and close is for cqc and far is for sniper/obir/star fights… but also express extreme distance and extreme closeness (and be sure to tell if they’re on stairs or ladders and suck)

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