APB Reloaded Advanced Tips and Tricks

APB Reloaded Advanced Tips and Tricks by RaxUK

I figured i would make a post about some of the things in game that your probably never knew you could do.

1– Pledging to contacts – As most people know you can visit a contact to pledge to them however there are much faster ways of doing it.
One way is to open up your map (M by deffault) and double click the name of the contact you wish to pledge to.
Another way is to open your Character Information (J by default) then go into the ‘Progression’ tab, select the gang you want and double click the name there.

2– Ressuplying ammo – Normaly you go to a Joker Ammo and press ‘T’ however there are other ways of doing it.
You can however resupply at contacts and car spawners. If you walk up to them and open your inventory (I by default) and then you can press ‘T’ to resupply. Why resupplying you can close your inventory and it will still ressupply which is very usefull if you are likely to get into combat.

3– Vehicle editor – Alot more people know about this but there are still quite a few who don’t/ When using the editor, instead of having to create your symbol on both sides you can just use the mirror tool to automaticaly copy your symbol onto the other side.

Select the symbol you want to mirror on the car and press the highlited button.
Posted Image
It will automaticaly copy so don’t press the copy button or it will waste symbol space.
Posted Image
This is what it should look like on the other side.
Posted Image

It does not mirror the image if you do it with writing so you will have to flip the image and move it slightly to the side.
This is what it will look like after you have mirrored it.
Posted Image
You should flip the image using the highlighted button and then move the image to the sides to get it into the correct place.
Posted Image

4– Customizing Clothes (adding more depth) – As you walk around looking at people clothes you may see people with their shirts tucked in or with their boots over their trousers and this is how it’s done.
Select the item of clothing you want over/under something else and press the higlighted button to move it down a layer or the button next to it to move it up a layer.
Posted Image
This is what my shirt looks like tucked in.
Posted Image

Combat Tips by Strummann

1Maintaining Situational Awareness – Let’s start with defence. Presuming you get to the location before the opponent does, take some time to scout it out. Find a place where you can exploit the third person camera angle, and also watch some entrances. Some of the best places are near kick-doors, because you’ll get sufficient warning from the doors getting kicked open. Try to maintain the high ground, but ONLY if there’s sufficient cover. Being above an opponent does nothing if he can shoot at you with ease.

Always look around. Don’t stare, you get tunnel vision and you’ll miss things. It happens to EVERYBODY.

On the attack, clear out the area first. Hide, and wait for your opponents to arrive. Clear them out and note their hiding spots. As you complete the objectives, check those spots with the camera as you do the objective: chances are high they’ll go BACK to the same spot.

Flanking – An excellent tactic. If you can’t get at someone straight up, have your teammates suppress them by firing on their position repeatedly. Then, swoop in from the side and clear the opponents out. Be quiet over voice chat, and don’t shoot unless you know it’s a kill, and you’re golden.

If you’re shooting at an opponent and they duck behind cover but don’t make a move to peek out after a moment, assume you’re being flanked. If you have a teammate, have them turn and watch your rear and side approaches while you continue to watch the front. If you’re alone, relocate.

3Suppression – Another good tactic. In a group, one or two people starts to engage the opponent with gunfire designed to keep their heads down, and focused in one one position while the other people in the group circle around behind the targets. One of two things will happen: the opponents will get killed through their own idiocy by trying to pop up and getting cut down by the suppressing fire, or the opponents will get killed by your flankers.

On rare occasions, your flankers get killed and then you’re a bit screwed.

In 1v1, suppressing fire can be used to bait opponents to where you want. You can pop out of cover, unload a mag toward the opponent and duck behind cover. Reload quickly, pull out your sidearm, then pop out and fire a few shots. Most times, they’ll hear the sound of a secondary and think you’re out of ammo. Duck back behind cover, switch to your primary, and cut them down when they show up. Or, fire a few shots out at the opponent, reload, but don’t pop out for a while. Eventually, they’ll think you’re either flanking (causing them to turn around and let you move up or kill them) or will try to come at you and clear your position (allowing you to ambush them).

43rd person camera exploits – Not what you think. The third person camera is a great tool. Use it to look around corners, over barriers, etc before you get close so you don’t get surprised. Remember to hit V often when coming at a corner you can’t see properly around: the switched camera angle can mean the difference between life and death if you can’t see properly around a corner.

If you have anything else you think i should add or this has helped you then comment bellow.

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