APB Reloaded JG840 Pump Shotgun Guide

APB Reloaded JG840 Pump Shotgun Guide by Anasasis

Just a quick guide on how to be a real weapon with this gun

FLANK- know the area the places to and not to get caught at, make a stealthy approach before unleashing the pain. Use corners to help you and take cover if shot at. Use nades or Colby if you are outranged and play it smart.

GRENADE- one of your biggest helpers for luring people out or clearing space to rush. Cook them appropriately to ensure a kill or some rushing space while they hide.

COLBY- unlock this at level 8 with blood roses, it is your backup and will save you at any range. This weapon is a must!

COVER- you aren’t Rambo so use it

EVASIVE MANUEVERS- strafe side to side between and during shots and mix up your movements, throw a few sprints in there. Abuse corners and potshot anyone who dares come close.

UPGRADES- savage,spray and pray, and rifling

TIPS- know the enemy weapons and use their weaknesses against them. Cars can only get hit 6 or 7 times from a close range before they blow. Most important, check for snipers they will put a swift end to your plans if you don’t ruin theirs first.

DRAWING – get caught up with the close range guns like OCA sit in cover and call the position out to group mate, 90% of the time they will attempt to finish the job, sit in cover and draw them to you.

BAITING- When you can’t get close enough pop in and out of cover, taking shots if necessary, but never enough to die, causing the enemy to waste their bullets on you,while you somewhat passively rush them. Great tactic for frustrating players into actually rushing you.

Good luck and I’ll see you when apb launches.

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