ACE Online Beginner’s Tips

ACE Online Beginner’s Tips by Monkeynucleosis

Okay kids. I’m your professor, Dr. Turnip (PHD in being awesome).
Today I’ll be teaching you about random ACE stuff.


Armors vary in type and class.

At the moment, there are 7 different types, and 4 different classes:


~Beginner Armors
~Intermediate Armors
~Unique Armors
~WarPoint (WP) Armors
~Legend Armors
~Boss Armors
~Slot Armors


B Gear ~ Veil
I Gear ~ Binder
M Gear ~ Defender
A Gear ~ Guarder

~Beginner Armors are the armors one gets when they’re first starting out.
Armors with the prefix of: Round, Raven, and Panzer
are the typical beginner armors. They have several variations as well
which can be acquired by combining your armors with minerals.
Beginner armors range in level from 1-40.

~Intermediate Armors are the armors one begins to have the ability
to use at level 43 and higher. They each have their own specific added
attributes depending on their class. There are 4 intermediate armors
for each class. Each have different build attributes. To truly know which
armor fits one best, they must try them out as they progress in the
game and see which they feel more comfortable with. However, when
it comes right down to it, the armor you use and improve will most likely
depend on what build (we will discuss builds later) you are.

~Unique Armors are usable from level 54 on. They can be acquired from mobs
or monsters with golden names (typically referred to as ‘Goldies‘,
or from a Boss Mob, as well as people selling them in town. Unique
armors will be named in Yellow, and are usually used for an extra boost
in Shield or Energy when one doesn’t have enough to buy or make better
armors. Unique Armors cannot be enchanted.

~WarPoint (WP) Armors are usable from level 43 on. However, they’re quite a bit
more difficult to acquire, as they require WarPoints rather than the typical
in-game currencies of SPI or Credits to purchase from the WarPoint Shop. To
acquire WarPoints, one must participate in official wars such as Strategic Points
and Mothership Wars, as well as participation in Arena battles, which give less
WarPoints than Mothership (MS) wars and Strategic Points (SP), but can be
participated in at any time, as opposed to waiting for a Mothership or Strategic
Point to spawn. Arena battles are preferably held and participated in during
WarPoint Happy Hours (HH – We will get more into this later). While WarPoint
Armors can only be purchased with WarPoints, this is not the only method
of acquiring them.

~Legend Armors are acquired when one combines an ‘Intermediate’ Armor
with a Seraphim Bible. Legend Armors are named in
Purple‘, and are named depending on their phase in the Legend process.
The phases are labeled with ‘S-” followed by a Roman Numeral. For example,
the first phase would be called ‘S-I’, the second would be ‘S-II’, the third would
be ‘S-III’, and so on. To upgrade Legend Armors to further phases, one should
combine their armor with a Metamorphose Mixture. To increase the
chances of legending your armor, you should make sure it is Version 6 or later.
To do this, you must combine your armor with the necessary minerals. When
you upgrade an armor to a later Version, all enchantments placed on the armor
are canceled. One should only enchant the armor when they’re ready to
legend it. A word of advice: Try to reach an enchantment of at least 10 before
moving on to the legending process.

~Boss Armors can be acquired from defeating the boss mob that drops it.
There are 2 boss armors for each gear. The dropped armor can be combined
with a boss item that upgrades it to its final ‘finished’ phase. However, for the
moment, the second set of Boss Armors (Episode III) don’t have an item
implemented into the game to finish them. These items will be implemented
at a later date. When a Boss Armor drops, it drops in its unfinished state.
Boss Armors in their unfinished state can be enchanted. However, unlike
Legend Armors, they do not carry over their enchantments upon completion.
If enchanted correctly, an unfinished armor may have better attributes than a
finished one.

~Slot Armors are a new feature that has been implemented into ACE Online
with the release of Episode 3.2. These armors can be bought with Credits, or
a friend can trade you one with the help of a GM. They are usable from level
8 and on, as well as upgraded to later versions, and enchanted. These armors
cannot be legended.

Another armor that I haven’t mentioned is the Watermelon Armor. This armor
is an Event Item and can only be acquired from a Watermelon Gift. Watermelon
Gifts can be acquired from Watermelon Island, by defeating the mobs. Have
patience with these mobs.

Enchanting & Fixing/Gambling:

Enchanting and Fixing/Gambling can be done by purchasing Enchant cards
or Gamble cards.

Enchanting is 99.999% safe up to an enchantment of 5.
Past this, one risks breaking, and thus losing the item forever. As the
enchantments progress further and further past 5, the chances of breaking
the item increase at a steady rate. Most players consider it enough to enchant
up to 10. However, some of the more daring ones go past this up to 11, 12,
13, and so on. Most fail. Some succeed. So far, the furthest possible
enchantment is 40. However, the chances of one making it that far without
help from Enchant Protects (Eprots) or a GM are slim to none. Enchant
Protects are items in the Item Shop (or Cash Shop as some call it) that
prevent your item from breaking when your enchantment fails, and sends it
back down to its 5th enchantment. Hyper Enchant Protects are used when
enchanting your item past 10. When used, rather than letting your item break
when an enchantment fails, it sends it back to its 10th enchantment. You can
buy Enchantment Wipes from the Item Shop if you wish to enchant your item
to focus on a different attribute.

Note: Engines and Radars are the only items exempt of the 5
safe enchantments rule. They can break with just one enchantment. Be very
careful when doing so.

Gambling/Super-Gambling is 100% safe. That’s all there is to it. You buy the
card, combine it with the weapon (armors, engines, and radars cannot be
fixed/gambled). The outcome is a Suffix/Prefix (depending on the card).
Each Suffix/Prefix has different qualities and attributes. You can buy Suffix or
Prefix Wipes from the Item Shop if you’re not happy with the Fix you got.
Each Gamble gives you a random Suffix/Prefix.

Stat Points:

As one progresses in the game and completes missions as well as growing
levels, one gets Stat Points, which are used to improve certain qualities of
your gear. There are 6 different Stats to improve:


Attack: Determines how much attack your gear has.

Fuel: Determines your gear’s weight, as well as how much time before its time
to refuel your gear.

Defense: Determines how much energy your gear has.

Agility: Determines how much evasion your gear has.

Skill: Determines the amount of Skill Points your gear has for use with
its skills.

Shield: Determines the amount of shield your gear has.

Depending on what kind of build (build is the type of main attributes you
want your gear to focus on) you want your gear to be, you’ll focus on
certain Stats. If you think you’ve messed up your build, don’t worry.
You get a free ReStat card at level 53. Most players base their gear’s build
to focus mainly on attack (especially M Gears) until about level 70 or greater.

This is all for now. I realize this is a rather big read, but I just want this to be
a quick reference for new players who are confused about certain aspects of
the game, and can’t seem to find answers.

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