ACE Online Which Gear to Choose Guide

ACE Online Which Gear to Choose Guide by SoullessHunt

This guide is ment as a basic guide so you know which gear really fits to you and dont have to waste time leveling 4 gears to level 80 to find out that you dont like 3 of them.

Lets start with the Mgear. Why ? Because it’s last in the alphabet and doesn’t seem to get enough credit for its work (my opinion and no I’m not a mg).

Here are the txts from Ace: Ace Online – Free to play 3D Sci-Fi Shooter MMORPG! – ACE Online

I think they aren’t that usefull but it’s nice to read and some parts are true.

M gear
Your basic Tank/Paladin with “Druide” parts: Heal spells an Invulnerable spell and buffs.
High defense and an attack thats not to strong but cant be ignored.

Another big advantege is bach mach. Once you used it You’ll love it as it will let you win almost every dogfight. Or lets say not let him out of your crosshair.
He is even at high levels rather dependent on his buffs so pury will be an anoying ability.

Is an ok camper gear

Next goes the b gear.


Most important to know is: Even though some think the Ig is the dogfighter its the bg. With the ability to do terrifying amounts of damage in a single hit (acually 2 but nvm that).

AS soon as you hit level 86 you will be able to use the 520 engine so even with your speed you wont be alot behind the ig. Even though this gear is strong without buffs it is EXTREMLY SP addicted. Don’t get worried just saying. In the moment you can count is as more OP(overpowerd) then UP.

ALLROUNDER->Is a good camper gear

Now to the I-Gear
Not a dogfighter, what then ? Chasing and hit’n run is what you’ll be doing some dogfighting is requierd to.
Without his frenzy you can throw him away but else pretty good without SP.
Guess thats about it


And yes, a rather bad camper.

And last but not least the A-Gear

You’re beloved always wanted camper. No need to aim. No Dogfighting(exept if you’re going air sieging). A Barrier abillity to block of all kinds of missiles and a EXTREMLY HIGH DPS. But you will be using SP.

some ppl talk about a learning curve, I think it’s nonsense cause it really depends on how you paly but heres maybe an average:

Mg: slighty upwards to moderate

Bg: especially the tricks for abm will be what you learn and how to aim without moderate to high.

Ig: slight-moderate

Ag: here 1 or 2 tricks too but in total rather poor.

Hope I could help, have fun and don’t forget, You’re decision is only wrong if you make it wrong so just think it’s the right gear and you’ll have fun

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