ACE Online Basic Fighting Guide

ACE Online Basic Fighting Guide by TuvokCJ

This guide is to give you little pointers on how you should combat particular gears (usually 1v1 here)


BG VS BG 1v1 fair –
Generally fighting a bg consists of putting a 1000-2000 distance between enemy bg and looking directly at them. fly towards them and at the last moment activate Air Bombing Mode and fire towards the BG. As you do this, roll (make sure you roll AWAY from the enemy for example; bg flying on your left, you roll right).
As you both pass each other (generally you both roll and both evade the bawoo abm) you have to try and turn around. *use turn around skill*)

BG vs BG (getting chased) –

When you get chased by a bg, they will generally be trying to air bomb you or ground bomb you at a point blank range (since bawoos are slow and wont hit a gear flying in an oposite direction) – So the best thing you can do is either put a 800-1000 distance from them and use turnaround skill and air bomb them immediately. Another tactic you can use (this one that XxKESxX uses on me) is using the bach march which pulls your gear behind the closely taligating gear, turns the tables. – where you can gbm/abm at your disgresion. (this tactic works for ig followers)



I-gears will probably be the most annoying little things you will ever encounter (especially if you don’t know how to fight them). You may find (if you don’t know how to combat an ig) that IGs end up hitting you with rockets quite quickly and killing you off easily. This can easily be avoided, think about it… An IG uses a lock-on technique for rockets to auto-target and follow your gear. Distance is great for that lock-on technique and is probably the reason you are gettin’ pwnd.

Way to win:

– Don’t give the ig too much distance. They will ALWAYS be faster than you, but as a bg, at 460ms you can keep up to a certain degree. Keeping close to the ig will piss them off with the locking and give you the oportunity to bawoo their ass

-Don’t let the ig see your air bombing mode activate. If they see you activate ABM on a run up to their gear – they will roll and almost certainly dodge every bawoo you fire at them. If you activate earlier on and they are waiting for an activation – u will catch them off guard and you most probably will OHKO them. (remember, igs are like tin cans with a real fast engine and half decent rockets) – ig piloting skills are their main defense & their speed ensures evading weapons (especially slow bawoo rockets) **REMEMBER ACTIVATING ABM EARLY CAN WASTE A LOT OF SP – make sure you keep an eye on it – IF you run out of SP, as a bg vs an IG – u will get absolutely butt raped*** It will be like Wodan vs junior ig – total rapage.


Ags are probably the easiest to target and hit but they have HIGH HP and that damn bubble they are so fond of. Their lack of maneoverability is their biggest weakness. An AG with a bubble up is practically impossible to kill for a bg. so the only thing you can do is either use your invis skill or get out of range of their standard weapon.

Way to win:

With invis makes it a lot easier if its 1v1. You can decloak a short distance away and gbm them. re-invis if their bubble comes back up. (if you don’t have invis, you will have to count on your running technique & try and OHKO gbm them) – If you fly out their weapon range and they are waiting for you come back (especially in a den battle) – don’t approach the ag. His weapon will just slice you up on your approach. – Best way is to OHKO them straight out. It’s easiest to fight higher level ags in a non 1v1 since a OHKO is more unlikely (unless you have a real good bawoo)

Combating AGs becomes obvious as you fight them tbh.


MGs are made for supporting of other gears and using purify on big boomers. You won’t have too much trouble with an MG at all.

a 460ms engine should be faster than an mgs general engine. It will be shooting at you are you chase it. Try to use GBM since they tend not to move too much except in 1 direction. a GBM can OHKO them too.

a non-defense mg can get easy OHKO. Other mg with def builds will need a high pierce bawoo to take them out.

watch out for their purify as you activate GBM. It will throw you off as the effect is distracting as well as de-activating any mg buffs and missile shot/concentration you have. If you get purified – try and activate concentration and your gbm asap. (GBM most importantly to hit the mg).

Mgs wont hurt you if you use a type shield packs (usually)

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