War of Thrones Skills Points Farming Guide

War of Thrones Skills Points Farming Guide by Soladan

This is my guide regarding skill point farming… there are several things needed for these 1st tip for mining find places that you can farm materials that have “Peace” signs on the map… never go to places which are prone to “PK”…

If you have the money to spend on ingame, then be a VIP player so that you can enjoy farming skill pts without getting killed in places in which PK is allowable… for non-cash users ingame… you can have the initiative of collecting 20 vouchers per day just wait for 1 minute to be online and then just confirm it from online rewards… each day 18 vouchers = 3hrs of farming skill pts by autoquesting then go offline so that no one could touch you on PK areas…

2nd tip would be to utilize the titles… added bonus from titles gives edge when collecting skill pts when doing battle… hp and sp regeneration gives you time to regen sp and health, but the only thing needed for skill farming is SP so the higher the Title which is for example would be from Peasant ~ Corporal ~ Sergeant ~ Staff Sergeant ~ Knight… the higher the benefits never aim for passives skills 1st go with the skills with the least consumption of SP… but in terms of recovery skills you need to sacrifice the freebie potions of SP to get the 2nd skill to get your recovery skill farming going on an easy road… then after getting 1 or 2 skills for each category like Defense, Attack, Recovery find a place that you can use your Auto Combat then use “Support” function…

3rd tip would be to observe your char when attacking the monsters when doing Skill farming, never forget to remove Heal skill because consumption of SP is high you might end up SP drained and using SP powder and in the end losing valuable coins in the process… so when you think your char is already set, then leave the battle then enjoy by autoquesting … afterwards when you come back from more important things in your life, you can always enjoy the distribution of your skill pts at the end of the day and when you try again in battling instances… it won’t be so hard this time …

Hope i have helped you by reading my guide… and happy gaming guys….

Comment by aqu***m:

tnx for the info.. but I have a better suggestion.. which indeed I used to be doing it right now.. for farming skills, the best thing to do is to have a dungeon quests, example of that is the crimson valley, Lord’s path and etc.. if U have money to spend then go for VIP, make sure you have the support skills and healing skills..

first thing to do is get in to the cave or whatever it is, but dont forget to activate the autoquest, then be at the final boss, set your mode to support, make sure you have the right skills in the slots.

the time to beat up the boss is actually 999secs which is about 17mins , make sure you do not kill the boss before 0sec.. then it appears(DRAW).. and you will start all over again fighting against the final boss.. I got 32+pts for weapon, 65+pts for defense, 64+pts recovery.. a total of 161skill pts in 17mins, more or less 640skill pts per hour.. is it worthy?? try it

Happy Farming

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