The Settlers Online Adventures Guide

The Settlers Online Adventures Guide by BB_Azariel

Finding adventures

Your explorers are at your service here one more, as they will always bring you tasks from far away lands. In order to send your explorer on an adventure search, you will need to select him in the starmenu, and chose ‘find adventure’. You can now search for different types of adventures, depending on your level, and ofcourse the length of an adventures.

The costs for adventure searches are:

Short adventure search:
24 hours – 10 coins 50 sausage
36 hours – 30 coins 150 sausages
48 hours – 60 coins 350 sausages

Sometimes your explorer will find ‘map fragments’ on his search. These valuable pieces are stored in your storage. Once you have collected enough, you can trade these in at the Trader, where these will form an adventure. The Trader also sells adventures directly.

Starting and adventure

To start an Adventure, click on an adventure map in the starmenu. There you can see what exactly the objective is and how long the adventure will take. The adventure difficulty is also listed here, marked by a colourscheme. Click on ‘start adventure’ to begin your journey towards the goal. The details of the adventure can be seen at any time, by clicking on the adventure in the friendslist and selecting ‘details’.

Sending armies and visiting zones

Once the adventure is in your friendslist, you can click on it and visit the adventure zone to have a look around. If you want to take your army to battle, click on ‘Send army’, but make sure to first allocate units to your general on your home zone, as usual. Once you get a list with units to send, you chose your general and his units, so he can get on his way to the adventure map. You can send multiple generals to one adventure map.

Recalling your General and reinforcement units

Sometimes its necessary to get reinforcements in order to complete the adventure map objectives, but this does mean your general needs to travel back to your home zone. To do this, you first need to visit the adventure map. Once there, click on yourself in the friendslist, and select ‘send army’. Chose the general you want to send back home

Note though, that you can send units between generals on the adventure zone. If you leave units on the adventure zone while your general is getting new units, they will wait for their general to return.

Co –op adventures and inviting friends

Some of the adventures can be played with friends. As soon as you have activated an adventure (as described above), chose ‘invite friend’ in the friendslist, or use the ‘invite friend’ button in detailed view.

Adventure rewards

After you have successfully completed an adventure, you will find your reward in your mailbox.
Breaking off adventures and time-exceeded adventures

In the cases where the adventure has exceeded the time limit, or you had to break the adventure off, your general will automatically travel back to your home zone. Units that were left behind, specifically units without a general at that point, travel back to your home zone and are then placed in your Storehouse. You won’t get any reward in your mailbox, but you will get the experience points of the bandit camps that you have defeated till that point.

Trading adventure maps and map fragments

You can only trade adventure maps between friends. Once you have traded the adventure map, you can find it under ‘items’. Map fragments can be traded like any other normal resource in the trade.

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