The Settlers Online FAQ

The Settlers Online Frequently Asked Questions by BB_Azariel

Questions about the chat

1. How do I write things in the chat?

Below the chat you will see a list of the various chat rooms with a blank line underneath. Simply click in it and start writing. When you have finished, just confirm using Enter.

2. What can I do to learn all about the chat?

Just enter /help, and you will then see some commands; /version will tell you which version is currently online.

3. Why is the text in the chat shown in a color?

Color is reserved for the moderators (MOD_ yellow) and the BlueByte or Ubisoft staff (BB_ blue). Whenever your name is included in the text, your text will be shown in orange (this also happens if you type your name in).

Questions about the game

1. When can I trade with other players?

To do this you need a branch office, which you can build from level 17.

2. How do I trade with other players?

You can start trading once you have built the branch office. To trade, you must select a player in the chat or a friend with whom you would like to trade. Then double-click on the name in the chat (once on the name in the friends list) and select “Trade”. You must now set which resources you would like to release for sale and which resources you would like to purchase. Use the button in the centre to confirm the trade, and then wait for the other player to accept.
Before you offer a trade however, you should agree with the other player whether they want to trade with you, and which resources are to be traded.

3. How do I found a guild?

You need to build a guild house, available at level 17.

4. How regularly do I acquire more settlers?

You initially acquire more settlers through Quests, but please always ensure that you have enough residences, otherwise you will eventually just lose the settlers you have been awarded. Otherwise, you will receive another settler every 15 minutes.
You can view all the important information using the mouse-over function on the settler’s head at the top of the screen.

5. Can I increase speed up the acquisition rate of additional settlers?

You can only increase the rate of acquisition temporarily with bread and cheese! You can also obtain additional settlers by creating travelling settlers or by purchasing a foreign settler family.

6. Can I adjust the game speed?

No, you cannot change the game speed.

7. How do I save the game?

The game will be constantly saved in the background, so don’t look for the diskette icon. ;-)

8. How do I quit the game?

Simply close the browser/browser tab.

9. What happens when I am not online?

Your settlers will continue working as normal, but perhaps you should check that you have provided adequate storage so the settlers don’t have to stop work during the night because everything is full.

Questions about the map

1. How many players are on an island?

You are all alone on your island with the passive bandit camps.

2. Why can’t I build on the forest areas I have cleared?

This is to prevent you from having no more tree resources at a later date because everything is built up.

3. What shall I do when a mine deposit is depleted?

Simply send your geologist out again, who will normally find additional deposits.

4. What do I do if my fish stocks are exhausted?

Just produce some fish food in the provisions house and then apply these to the resource, or buy them from the trader.

5. Do the boundary stones remain?

Yes, the boundary stones stay where they are; only their colour changes when you capture a sector.

6. Do I have to build roads?

No, you don’t need roads for the moment, as your settlers won’t stay on them. They are more like decorative objects that cannot be demolished.

Questions about the military

1. How is the fog dispelled and how do I find the bandit camps?

Click the explorer in the Star menu to explore new sectors (spyglass). The fog will then lift and the bandit camps will also be visible.

2. When can I attack a bandit camp?

From the Quest in level 15.

3. What are the abbreviations for the individual units?

r = recruit
b = bowman
m = militia, vigilantes
lb = longbowman
c = cavalry
s = soldier

4. What happens if my General passes through the influence area of a bandit camp?

He will attack this bandit camp, unless you have already entered another General into battle with it. You should therefore watch out that the General does not pass through the influence area of a bandit camp when he is on his way to another camp!

5. What is the influence area of a bandit camp?

If you click on a bandit camp, you will see a light coloured area around the camp; this is the influence area of the bandit camp.

6. How do I acquire a General?

You can buy a General in the tavern.

7. How do I post my trained recruits to a garrison?

Go to the Star menu and click on your General, where you can use the slider bar to send the relevant number of soldiers to a garrison.

8. What is the best way of attacking the camps?

Please consult the forum for tips from other players. If you have any suggestions about bosses and camps, feel free to add them to the forum!
Here you can find some help and suggestions. The combat system may change however, as it has not yet been finalised. ;-)

9. Is it enough just to destroy the main enemy camp in a sector?

Theoretically it is enough. You will also be awarded XP for the remaining camps. However, you will not receive the bonus resources for the victory over the camp. The General will also attack all the camps en route to the main camp.

10. What happens if I attack a bandit camp with several Generals?

The Generals will be “dealt with” one after another. This means that the General who arrives first also fights first and the other Generals wait until the battle is over. The second General then fights and after this it is the turn of the third.

11. Can the General die?

The General cannot die currently; he can only be injured and then needs a period of 4 hours to regenerate.

Questions on the buildings

1. What are building licences?

Building licences are the construction sites you have available, so you should think carefully about whether you need a building or not, as when you don’t have any, you can only obtain them by purchasing them from the trader for 650 gems = 10 building licences, or by defeating leader camps = 10 units.
Wells, farm fields and buildings from the trader do not cost any building licences.

2. Do I get resources back if I demolish a building?

Yes, you can get these back, but not all the sums you have paid.

3. Do I get the building licence back if I demolish a building or when a mine is exhausted?

Yes, the building licence for a building that has been demolished or for a mine that is now depleted will automatically added to your stock of building licences.

4. What happens when my store is full?

Once your store is full, the relevant production processes will be halted. You should therefore ensure that you have enough capacity.

5. What do I do when a field is harvested?

Simply build a new one.

6. What does it mean when there is no progress bar in the Building menu?

It means that your settler is on his way to the store or from the store to the building.

7. Can I rotate buildings?

No, you cannot do this at present.

Production chains

• What is the ratio of…

o Foresters – Woodcutters – Sawmills (Fir wood planks)?
3 – 2 – 4

o Foresters – Woodcutters – Coking plants (Coal)?
3 – 2 – 2

o Foresters – Woodcutters – Bowmakers (Bows)?
3 – 2 – 2

o Foresters – Woodcutters – Sawmills (Hardwood planks)?
3 – 2 – 4

o Foresters – Woodcutters – Bowmakers (Longbows)?
12 – 8 – 3

o Mines/Coking plants/Coal mines – Smelters – Forges (Tools)?
1/1/0.5 – 2 – 2

o Mines/Coking plants/Coal mines – Smelters – Forges (Bronze swords)?
1/3/1.5 – 2 – 2

o Mines/Coking plants/Coal mines – Smelters – Forges (Iron swords)?
4/5/2.5 – 2 – 1

o Mines/Coking plants/Coal mines – Iron smelters – Steel smelters – Forges (Steel swords)?
4/6.5/3.25 – 2 – 1 – 1

o Mines/Coking plants/Coal mines – Smelters – Forges (Coins)?
4/4/2 – 2 – 1

o Farms/Wells – Stables (Horses)?
4/2 – 1

o Farms/Wells – Brewers (Beer)?
2/1 – 1

o Farms/Wells – Mills – Bakers (Bread)?
4/2 – 2 – 1

o Hungers – Butchers (Sausages)?
2 – 1

• How many fields does a farm need?

One field per farm is enough; you can also harvest a field on several farms or harvest several fields on one farm one after another.
Other queries

1. Where can I find out what has changed in a new version?

Simply have a look in the Change log area. Here you will find out which bugs have been fixed which production times have been changed, etc.

2. Where can I read about my current Quest if I have closed the box?

Simply click on the sheet with the exclamation mark (!) next to your avatar, and you can then refer to your Quest again.

3. Where can I find out how many XP (experience points) I need for the next level?

Simply move your mouse pointer over the semi-circular display under your avatar and the XP will be displayed there.

4. I have already captured a sector and still cannot progress to level 17. What am I doing wrong?

To reach level 17 you must capture two sectors, namely sectors 5 and 8; the sector in the middle and then the one below.

5. Why can’t I build any buildings in the captured area?

The first building you can build in a captured area is the storehouse. You cannot start new building projects for other buildings until the storehouse has been built.

6. Where can I find my geologist/explorer?

You will see a star at the bottom of the screen (Star menu), and you should find them there if everything has gone according to plan. ;-)

7. Where can I find the discovered treasure or the rewards for victory in combat?

You will find it in the Star menu, along with your geologist and explorer.

8. What are buffs for?

Buffs increase the productivity of your production chains for a certain time or give you resources or settlers.

9. What can I do with gems?

You can use gems to buy resources or certain decorative items at the trader (the treasure chest at the bottom right of the screen).

10. Where do I obtain gold coins?

You receive gold coins by carrying out Quests, the explorer’s treasure hunt, level-ups and sometimes as a reward after battles or later with a gold mine and a mint.

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