Kingdom Conquest Swordsman Guide

Kingdom Conquest Swordsman Guide by That was rad

This guide was inspired by the swordsmen I meet in the dungeons that don’t know what they’re doing, and for my personal love for the class. Proper use of the swordsman’s skills will make everyone’s dungeon experiences more fun and effective. Keep in mind that in order to keep this guide as short as possible, I have taken some liberties of generalizing some less important points.

First, one must understand that in order to have a successful dungeon dispatch, everyone must fulfil his or her role. Mages and warriors are the damage dealers, but they’re fragile. The swordsman’s job is to basically make sure everyone makes it out alive, and therefore is able to withstand many more attacks than the mage or the warrior can. The number one reason a dungeon dispatch is not completed is due to failure of the party member(s) to do his or her job. So do your job!

Second, one must understand how a swordsman performs his or her duty. Let’s examine the swordsman’s tools:

1. Chain Edge. One press of the large button will cause you to swing your sword; tapping the button will make you perform a combo. These strikes can hit multiple targets. Note that you can inflict only a fraction the damage that the mage or the warrior can.

2. Fatal Strike. This is one powerful strike that may inflict more damage than your usual strikes. If an opponent is paralyzed or frozen you are guaranteed to inflict bonus damage. This strike can hit multiple opponents. Note that as you prepare your strike you are exposed to the enemy for a moment.

3. Provoke. This allows you to draw the heat of battle away from the more susceptible damage dealers; all living enemies will immediately turn their attention to you and attack only you until the effect wears off. This skill also provides a temporary defensive or offensive boost to nearby teammates; you can see which boosts are in effect by looking for the tiny sword and armor icons under everyone’s health bar. Note that your speed is decreased until the Provoke effect wears off.

4. Shield Guard. Use your shield to dramatically decrease any incoming damage. Successful shield blocks have a chance of paralyzing the opponent. Shield Guard incurs an SP cost for every strike you absorb.

Third, one must understand how best to use the swordsman’s tools. The Provoke skill is your bread and butter; not only does it protect your teammates, but it helps them deal and take more damage with the boosts. And once all the monsters are focused on you, you can throw up your shield and take virtually no damage, or use your attacks to strike all the monsters that are now within the range of your sword. Causing your enemies to cluster together around you by Provoking them also makes them the perfect targets for your teammates’ powerful skills that affect enemies within a specific area, like the mage’s Flame Burst. In fact, they’re probably waiting for you to Provoke so that they can do the most damage possible.

But keep an eye on that blue SP bar; if you run out of SP, you will no longer be able to perform any of your skills and you are at the mercy of your opponents. You will learn that you can anticipate your enemy’s strikes and use that time to regain SP by performing no actions; this should provide you with as much SP as you need to do your job.

Once you have your enemy’s attention, pay attention to your teammates. Lead your enemy away from the less sturdy mage so that he doesn’t catch a stray blade. Make sure to renew the Provoke once its effects wear off so that the enemy doesn’t wander off after the warrior, and renew it when the bonuses wear off.

Fourth, once must use equipment wisely. As you continue victorious through the dungeons you will gain better and better equipment. While you may choose to use what equipment you want, remember that the swordsman is best at defense and that his party expects him to be able to handle having multiple enemies attacking him at once. If you choose to emphasize your strengths by using equipment that further enhances your defenses, you will find as I did that your enemy’s strikes, even without the use of your shield, become trivial knicks and scratches.

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