Kingdom Conquest Monster Synthesis and Ability Stats Guide

Kingdom Conquest Monster Synthesis and Ability Stats Guide by Rorschach420

Gonna be a long work in progress, feel free to drop in stats and descriptions to help out, and after I log it in the thread, if you could please delete your post, if possible to cut down on spam.

Thanks, Will.

I’ll be also posting ability names and stats in this thread so people can refer to the same thread if they need a quick description of what each ability does.

Monster Synthesis is a risky but worthwhile endevour as long as you don’t fail an attempt. There are 3 different things you can do with synthesis: Enhance/Learn/Remove. I’ll briefly go over the gist of what each ones does and go from there.

There is also a cost to using Synthesis, either with DP or CP, the former is earned everyday just buy loging on, or from selling monsters to other players for DP. CP however, is obtained from either your starter quests, if you were around for that generous CP gift from the dev’s, or unless you dish out cash through itunes. The difference between the two, besides having to pay real money for one, is that, the CP that you actually pay for gives you a higher percentage for success, so it’s an incentive for you to use CP. Lets get down to business shall we?

It allows you to increase the level and % of a skill, depending on the monster. One important thing to note, you can only enhance 1 monster, with another monster of the same rarity. For Example: If you had a Common Goblin Cook, you can only enhance the skill level of that goblin cook, with another Common Goblin cook, an Uncommon goblin cook will not work.
Allows you to put any monster card/rarity in the add slot and add ONE of three different skills, depending on the monster and rarity. You aren’t able to choose which of the three you will learn, its based off percentages, ill go over it with more detail further in down in the thread.
Allows you to remove the second or third skill from a monster. You will never be able to remove the default skill of any monster, atleast that is what the help guide tells me. Personally never tried to remove a skill since putting one on is painful enough.

So the basic gist of it is, you take a monster card you want to enhance/add/remove, go to units tab, select synthesis, from the left side you choose whether you want to enhance/add/remove. that automatically dictate which cards are applicable with your base card. Enhancing will only show the same monster/rarity as the one in base to enhance, and Learn will add every monster in the window for you to choose from.
*note* Any monsters in a Unit or in the Auction house will be unavailable.

Below ill have the names of monsters and rarity ie:SR/R/UC/C followed by % stats on skills learned. Enhancing costs either 20DP or 50CP. not sure on % of success with either of these, since no numbers are given, unlike the ones given for learning skills.

Learning Stats and Percents
below are the skills that each monster has that you can learn, should you drop it into the ADD column of the Learning skill.

DP = 50% Fail chance and CP = 15% fail chance

UC Guytrash – DP/CP %
Knowledgeofpower 35/55%
Acid Mist 10/20%
Attack Aura 5/10%

UC Giant Bat – DP/CP %
Mad swamp 35/55 %
Speed Aura 10/20 %
Quick Shift 5/10 %

Speed Aura 35/55%
Warm-Up 10/20%
Rapid Trick 5/10%

C Orc Mage – DP/CP%
Brain Spike 35/55%
Refresh 10/20%
Smash 5/10%

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