Kingdom Conquest Starter Guide

Kingdom Conquest Starter Guide by Embodiment

Welcome to the Kingdom’s conquest beginner’s guide and FAQ. Kingdom’s Conquest is an iPhone and iPod Touch game developed by SEGA that allows you to build your own kingdom, form alliances with or conquer your friends with many complexities in the mix.

The game can be intimidating and confusing for beginners, and the documentation is lacking in many areas, so to save newcomers some time and headaches we’re putting together this little guide to help in the process.
Once the game is installed and launched you’re taken to the title screen where you can now login. On the home screen, you have the option of using a Facebook account to login or not. If you’d like to use your Facebook account to login, simply tap the “Login” button at the bottom of the title screen. Pick whichever method you prefer, register, and login where you will be able to choose which server (world) to play on. Pick a server that is not full then push the Start button to continue.

First thing’s first: DO THE TUTORIAL

The game consists of two main parts: co-op dungeon crawling and overworld strategy. The game provides two fairly lengthy tutorials that can be skipped but this is not recommended.

** The in-game help is fairly comprehensive. This guide is meant to fill in the gaps on some basic principals for those new to the game **

002 Dungeons

Beginners guide to Dungeons.

So you’re going to a dungeon and trying to get some new/better equipment. Here’s a quick guide for beginners to effectively clear the dungeon.

1. Going solo isn’t always the best idea. You should try joining a room that has an open spot. If you’re unable to then create one and wait for people to join. You don’t really need all four slots filled bu it does help.

2. Playing your role is important. Remember, that each class has an advantage in certain areas.
-As a swordsman your goal should be to agro so that the rest of the team can deal out the damage while you’re using your shield to effectively reduce the damage you’re taking.
-As a Mage you’ll be dealing alot of damage while trying to keep the group alive. This can be difficult to manage but it can be done. Debuffing the mobs is also a good thing.
-As the warrior you’re goal should be to deal out as much damage to the mobs. You’ll be lacking in defense alot bu the dps makes up for it.

3. You’re probably asking yourself : what if no (insert class here) joins? Well that’s simple. Try thinking outta the box. Use what you have with you. Whether a full team of swordsman or mages. Take the initiative and figure out what can me done to maximize your teams survivabilty. Whether it be healing, dealing damage or jus plain aggro-ing.

4. Don’t forget to use your clear bonus to try to get better equipment or mobs.

If you’ve read through that then you have the basic grasp of it. There are other things that you should be aware of as well : You’re only allowed 4 dispatches (dungeon runs) per day, and every 6 hours you’ll earn 1 Dispatch until you max out at 4. You can have more dispatches via the shop menu which can be purchased with the in game currency CP.

At the start you’ll only have access to one dungeon, The Nameless Dungeon. As you increase your level you’ll have access to other dungeons. If you don’t manage to defeat the boss don’t feel bad, you still get a clearance bonus. Completing any dungeon will net you Exp, crystals, and a draw pack (2 draw packs for defeating the boss). Upon using the clear bonus or crystals you recieve equipment or monsters. More on equipment and monsters further down.

003 Quests

Quests w/ Rewards

Quests can be time consuming but beneficial at the same time. Certain quests reward you with resources, CP, Reign, etc,. I highly recommend you click on the link to plan ahead so you don’t waste resources. Certain quests are very easy to complete but can be time/resource consuming if you don’t plan accordingly.

004 Equipment

Equipment can come in a varity or rarities ranging from Common to Super Rare. Normally the higher the rarity the better the stats and bonuses. Equipment can only be gotten from using a draw pack or crystals. Each time you use crystals or clear bonus you only get class specific weapons. Equipment bonus can also be viewed within the Status menu. Within the menu just press on any equipped item and another shows up where you can compare rarity, and status bonuses. Remember certain items require a certain level before you can equip them, usually this has to do with the rarity of it.

Within the warehouse you can also view any items you have acquired. As of now you cannot sell/trade any unwanted/unneeded items so the best thing to do to clear up space is to ‘Trash’ them.

005 Monsters
Range and Unit Tactics Guide

There is a large variety of monsters which can be obtain after Dungeon runs.

005a Monster Synthesis/Abilities

This can be simple to do but luck has a big factor. Please read Monster Synthesis Ability for a more detailed explanation.

006 Conquering

Territory Guide w/ screenshots

So you’ve managed to get some monsters after clearing some dungeons or doing quests, now what? How about taking over some territory that is adjacent to you Castle. The easiest way to start would be a level 1 territory. Remember the further away you go the stronger the monsters will be that are within that territory. If you haven’t taken a look at the Guide please do so to plan accordingly so you don’t waste your time and resources in a failed attempt. Please read the Range and Unit Tactics Guide as well It’ll help you out even more.

Now when selecting a unit to attack over a territory the most important thing to look at is Stamina. Its always best to send units with full stamina as they will be fighting. If stamina is too low they will suffer from negative bonuses and they probably won’t receive any exp. No exp, no leveling up. As they receive exp they’ll level up. Once they level up they’ll be give 5 (five) stat points which can be distributed to your liking.

007 Building/Resources
-More info soon.

008 Character Stats/Info
Swordsman Guide

009 FAQ
How do I produce more monsters to attack?
1. Simply click on Unit.
2. Make sure that whichever monster you want to produce is placed in a unit, then click on the card.

3. Click on Produce.

4. Choose the amount you want. Be aware that it does take resources to produce. If you dont have a sufficient amount then you wont be able to produce any.

010 Credits
That was rad

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