Kingdom Conquest NPC Territories Guide

Kingdom Conquest NPC Territories Guide by Kzzz

Hi guys,

Here are some screenshots of conquering NPC territories that I have collected.

***Please study them before you decided to attack

***Updated to level 7 Territory and level 2 Tower.

***Bear in mind distance from territory does increase the no. of monster significantly for territory, ie I have personally encountered over 3,000 NPC monster count on a level 4 territory that is

***Watch up for more update

Level 1 Territory

-NPC monster level: 1
-NPC total monster count: 50+/-

Level 2 Territory

-NPC monster level: 3
-NPC total monster count: 200+/-

Level 3 Territory
-NPC monster level: 5
-NPC total monster count: 500+/- (up to 800)

Level 4 Territory

-NPC monster level: 10
-NPC total monster count: 1000+/-

*** Update on Higher level territories

Level 5 Territory

-NPC monster level: 15
-NPC total monster count: 4300+/-

Level 6 Territory – this looks real nasty. Check out the Machine race steam knight on the rear slot.

-NPC monster level: 20
-NPC total monster count: 9100+/-

Level 7 Territory

-NPC monster level: 30
-NPC total monster count: 13000+/-

I guess the rumors for secret race and monsters are true. . .

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