Golden Age Gameplay Tips Guide

Golden Age Gameplay Tips Guide by devilG

1. Choose faction

The knight one has more recruit soldiers each week. That means more troops, more attack/defense power, stronger overall in the game. But keep in mind knight’s wall is the weakest, and when everyone is in novice protection period, knight players won’t have all the resources to fully use recruit soldiers. They grows fastest when the novice pd 4 everyone is ended and there are some rhine guilds to provide enough resource.

Rhine guild enjoys resource output boost. Basically means They will most likely use all their recruit soldiers, and they have the resources to build up an army/defense.

the last defense one, its name explains it=,=. Don’t touch them for resources. Rob those rhine guild players.

2. Building

Here are some tips people won’t tell you:
a. Keep ur administrative hall lvl up all the time. Use all ur speed boost on this.
b. don’t build up 4 populations. Population is USELESS unless u r aiming 4 rank. Spending ur resources on useless building will reduce your army output, without support ur city after novice protection will not look good.
c. buy those construction orders. They are absolutely required if u wanna play the game.
d. don’t follow the quests strictly. Lvl 1 of ur resource first to get quest reward, then lvl other resources.

3. Sire, level and quest and lvl up

I believe u r stuck on lv22 by quests. Then u r going to lvl up using daily quests. it’s not really that bad actually. If u really wanna lvl up quick that bad, buy quest refresh things so u only do blue/purple quests. What are sire levels for? more salaries? about 10k more per day? build 2nd city? How about wait til u grab one of those abundance grain villiages then build a city?

Buy sire equips that increase ur reputation after lv20. They greatly increase ur salary.
Lvl up sire skills based on ur troop type. they helps.
earn ur salary @ 8pm, or after u r done with all daily quests.

4. Troops

for ATK: The infantry is supposed to be cheap. Rangers are little bit expensive but better @ attacking. calvary is fast but weak @ atk. mages are best @ atk but extremely slow.
Among all the attributes, speed is the most important factor @ the beginning. I’ll talk about why in army strategy sec. Believe me, u wanna get calvary even if they are the lowest on ATK. Only build 1 set of soldiers. 100 infantry is better than 25 of each.

5. Heroes

heroes @ 0 is useless. FIRE THEM.@ lv 15, u can get a government type to be the governor. @ lv 30, offensive/defensive heroes are good enough to be used.

A little bit about legendary heroes:
bad news 4 CB players, u won’t have 200pearls 4 free in OB 4 sure. good luck buying those pearls…

6. Tips 4 how to Survive

1. join a guild. No matter how much AP u spend, facing 15+ players is impossible.
2.Stay in novice protection til the end! even if u end it early, u won’t be able to attack other people, so what’s the point?

7. Army Strategy

Why did I say speed is the most important factor of troops?

Let’s say u have 1000 rhine archers and I have 300 rhine calvary. u attacked me, unfortunately i saw it, I moved out my troops before u attacked me, u defeated nothing, then I send my troop back just 1 sec after ur troop arrived my castle. U won’t have time to react; to my knowledge there are no browsers/internet/flash player plugin can react that fast u can move out an army in 1 sec. Then ur attack troops are forced to defense, look @ their defense attributes. not much. Oops!

Or, most commonly u robed my house, I sent my troops back to ur castle that only after 1 sec ur troop is returned. Again, ur attack forces are ruined.

So, if ur attack troops are archers/infantry/mages that is slower than my calcary troop, u have a high chance of being attacked back and ur whole troop will be destroyed. But what if ur speed is same/faster than mine? I won’t be able to do that.

u cannot develop attack/defense at the same time. u wanna focus on one attribute. So either build calvary troops 4 attack so u won’t lose all troops in one day, or ask ur guild members to send defense troops to ur city.

8. OB Development Guide

get in as soon as possible. keep building up ur admin. hall and city square. Before Fri noon, use all ur recruit soldiers on archers/calvary(probably not enough resource to get, though). After Fri, city square lvl can be slowed cause u won’t need that in about 3 days. focus on resource output than building up military. Don’t build up city defense unless you saw enemy guild city is around you, since after novice u can rob people (at least 20% will give up without leaving novice, trust me), resources are provided, then u wanna build up city defenses. Even if u will mainly build defense troops, get 200~ population of calvary/archers. keep 10~scouts in ur city. conquer small villages so u can see the enemy coming. Enjoy the game…

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